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April 05, 2010


Brenda in Sunny SoCal

Finding my son's blankie... you never know where he left it or what you might find while searching for it.


My everyday adventures are spent at the baseball fields----My son either has practice or a game EVERY DAY---


Scrappy Angel

My everyday adventure is riding the commuter train into work and then trying to navigate the busy underground pathways to get to the office.

Nicole Chaffin

Who doesn't need more fun and adventure!?!?!? Everyday adventures for me include just simple walks around town near my house with the kids or just taking a break during the day at work to find "water" (typically the Erie Canal or if I'm lucky, Lake Ontario or one of the Finger Lakes)...Water and sunshine are my source of calm and the key to my sanity!!!

Rita Timmons

I bought my boys copies of the "wreck this journal". It is always fun to see what we can do next with them. THe most memorable is when they took the books for a walk down the main boulevard where we live... they got quite a few looks. Oh yeah I almost forgot - I had mine and was walking to it. It was quite funny.


my biggest adventure every day is trying to convince my almost 7 month old he wants to sleep during the day, and my toddler to be quiet so he can sleep!


My everyday adventure is studying to be an early childhood teacher. I'm currently on placement in a daycare centre where I am concentrating on the under twos - it has made me a whole lot more observant, and I'm learning to appreciate the seeminly small things that are actually quite signifcant.


Right now my everyday adventure comes when it rains...trying to figure out where the water coming in the basement is getting in!!!

Amy McGrew

My every day adventure is serving as the cook, taxi driver, maid and home engineer of the McGrew household. At times it gets a little tiresome but deep down inside...I would not want any other job in the whole wide world!
This class sounds AWESOME and lots of fun! Can't wait!

Teri B.

My everyday adventure is being the family taxi driver for 3 little boys! We've seen and learned about all kinds of things from the family mini-van!

Amy Sullivan

I enjoy simple things as everyday adventures. Exploring the grocery store to find an ingrediant for a new recipe and actually eating it once its prepared!

A Facebook User

My everyday adventures consist of chasing after my destructive crawler aka Captain Cuteness and my barking dog aka Lulu. Its not stop action in my house with a little man constantly demanding and a dog barking at nonsense!


My everyday adventure is teaching 1st graders, then being a mommy to a preschooler & 2nd grader.

Kimberly Ann

Dinner is an everyday adventure for us - a little planning might help, but it's also fun to see what happens when we're spontaneous and helps add a little creativity to the mundane cycle of normal dinner food.

Melinda Wilson

My everyday adventure is driving 60 - 65 elementary children on a school bus so somedays it can really be an adventure!


I love the sound of this class! My everyday adventure involves walking the dog, trying a different route each day of the week plus trying to increase the pace so I can get fitter when the dog just wants to stop at every tree and smell all those lovely smells :)

Kelli Johnson

today I took a two mile doggie adventure with the kiddos, and went on a trail walk. It was great. the dogs were tired, the kids were tired, and I adventured home to finish laundry and dishes ;)


I have a son with Asperger Syndrome. My everyday adventure is figuring out how to get him out of the grumps. I'm pretty good at it.

Lately I've been focusing on Games, but now the weather is turning nice I want to have some outdoor adventures with green things.
Bare feet, green grass and ice cream cones. I'm so ready for that!

I'm looking forward to Everyday Adventures doing for me what I do for my boy!


Since taking over 200 pounds of weight off my body, every day is an adventure. I love to take off and go on 50 mile bike rides on the bike path. It is made in an old rail road bed and I love the birds along the way. One day I saw a fox.

amy kate

My son recently left for boarding school, so my everyday, is very different every day, as I learn to function without having to worry about his every move.

Heather G

My everyday adventure is often a trip to outer space, under the sea, or into wild jungles. My boys have great imaginations and turn our house, backyard and the woods behind our house into anything they can dream up.

Rachael Giallongo

With 4 kids, you never know what will happen next at my house. Last night's adventure included a "burial" for a goldfish that was 2 days old!

Lisa S.

Lately, my everyday adventures have involved finding the football stadium/tracks in several of the small surrounding rural towns. My 7th graders are running track for the first time.


I work in a jail. Every day something new happens. From female 'escorts' arguing about being called a prostitute to someone thinking he deserves release because he drives a lexus. Jail is never dull.

Mel H

My everyday adventure is getting the kids ready for school...there never fails to be a "disaster" and a few fashion faux pas, along with 6-year old drama.

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