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April 05, 2010


Bea Medwecky

Having three cats is always an adventure. Just yesterday they were using a live mouse (eek!) as a hockey puck. Does having a live mouse in a house with three cats say more about the mouse or the cats?


Trying to find some creative time everyday. Is that an adventure or a challenge? Or a scheduling issue?


Adventure and Spring time goes together!!! I have Keri Smith book seating on the shelf waiting to do something with it. this class will be great THANKS! deb

kim danielson

My everyday adventure begins each day with 3 teenagers, I never know how old they will be each day. Sometimes they need me, most of the time they don't. I enjoy nature and my life so this is where I retreat to clense my soul. God has graced us with beauty all around. kdan4


Right now my adventures include finding what is planted in our new yard since I have no clue! Usually there's at least one interesting walk with the twins to get their sister from school at least once a week too.

Bethany E.

One of my everyday adventures is exploring the new city we live in. Whether it's finding and trying out a new park or stopping in to shop at a new place!


I'm a "stay-at-home" mom to 2 girls (and another baby on the way) so it's hard to avoid adventures! Just walking to school or going to the park can be a crazy lot of fun. This class looks like a blast too!


Today my adventure was quite exciting... I drew the Easter bunny and Santa on a sled delivering candy for my 2 year old (in sidewalk chalk no less). He totally refused to believe that a bunny can deliver presents without does one argue with that?

Thanks for a chance to win...looks like a great class.

Cathy Trapp

My everyday adventure is to make work fun, come home and cook and clean and hopefully find time to scrap and have fun doing it. I try to keep expectations of my teen- young adult daughters reasonable and be able to have fun and enjoy the time while they are still live at home!


I have a lot of allergies so my life lately has been revolving around only using fresh ingrediants. I cannot eat anything prepackaged. After watching Avatar on the weekend I have realised that I need to connect more with Mother Nature and that I will no longer buy meat from the supermarket. Now I am busy trying to source animals for our land and clean out the chicken coop ready for some hens. Not the life I was anticipating but an adventure that I am embracing. Thank you for the chace to win. It is greatly appreciated :D


My everyday adventure involves food. Today my daughter and I went to the farmer's market. We move a lot so seasonal fruits vary from place to place. Today's fruit was some ripe yellow mangoes and I really enjoyed preparing them for her the way we used to eat them as kids.

Claudia McDaniel

My everyday adventures usually involve chasing after my three boys, whether it be for baseball practice, a basketball game in the driveway, or learning to ride a bike.


My everyday adventure is adoring my fifth baby while still getting things done and loving all her siblings. Oh, and trying to fit in some scrapping as well.

Lisa K

My current every day adventure is to convince my five year old daughter that the "smoke protectors" in every public building will not go off while she is on the toilet. Try, just try to convince a five year old of this!

Marilyn S

My adventures include learning how to grow old gracefully from my fabulous 85-year-old mother! BTW...I want that tee shirt!!!

Balinda Lewis

an everyday adventure for me is making myself get on the treadmill..ughhh..


This class just sounds great! My everyday adventure is training for my first triathlon coming up in August!

lynne moore

Lots of everyday adventures start in my coffee pot. But almost everyday I try and take the big dog for his walk. You never know what it will be like. Sometimes it's a stroll other times it's a jog. Usually he like a particular path, but sometimes he suggests other shortcuts.

Jeanne S

I need a little adventure to spice up my life at the moment...this sounds like a great class!!

Hannah Wilde

Oh wouldn't this be fun? thanks for the opportunity to win!

Ronnie Crowley

Me me I want to win a spot


Looks like a fun class!


My every day adventure currently is chasing around a 4 year old who wants be a Broadway star (Taylor Swift but one who can actually dance) while also having a day job of being a doctor. That'll be interesting.


It looks like it would be such fun!!!

Sherry G

I teach college students: adventures in early childhood education happen almost daily, especially if you toss in a group of preschoolers.

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