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May 31, 2010



I would love to be able to take all of these classes, unfortunately I have a budget. :)I'm just trying to decide which class I can't live without.


I LOVE BPS CLASSES!! What a fun line-up you have for this summer! I'd take any of them! Thanks BPS team for all that you do! I'll be your cheerleader anytime!

Kathy Salazar

I was thinking that Camp Scrap would be an awful lot of fun but the more I thought about it, I thought I would really enjoy Picture sounds just like what summer is about, relaxing and seeing things around me in a different light- hope it's me! I just recently started taking pictures of things around my yard and garden differently than I have in the past- maybe I'm onto something here? Thanks for all the fun you offer to us!


All of them! I've taken Tena's class before. Took Picture Spring and thought it was great (even if we didn't quite have spring yet). Want to take Camp Scrap becuase I love May's classes. Want to take Tami's class with my girls.


I would love to take Camp Scrap! I love that the classes are available forever. It makes taking them low pressure. I can always catch up later or come back and do it again. Thank you Big Picture!!!!


My choice is Camp Scrap with May...She is just FULL of fun!!!


I would love to be a member of the Camp Scrap group. I took a class from My called Going HYbrid and had so much fun, and I would love to be spending time with her once again. She has so much fun and that spirit is contagious.


I would certainly love to take part in the Kidding Around class with my girls. They would love it. I think Camp Scrap sounds like fun too.


Kidding around would be my pick! I live in Washington state and if our spring is any indication of what our summer will be like, we might be inside A LOT! My kids are 8 and 5 and love crafting with me, especially if they get to use my stuff!


I am taking the 52 card pick up and love it. Would love to take other classes :)


I'd love a seat in Camp Scrap! I'm not really the "camp" type, but if it's got the word scrap in it I'm willing to give it a try! LOL!


I'd love to take Kidding Around or Picture Summer! They both seem like perfect classes for summer fun. Today felt like summer fun with hamburgers, corn on the cob, a trip to the pool, etc.

Lynn Hamm

I would choose 52 pick up. Maybe learning new techniques will bring back my mojo.


DEFINITELY Camp Scrap!!!!! I love May's classes!


This looks like an amazing summer of classes this year!

Melissa Rydjeski

I would love to do 52 card pick up. I have learned so much in Nic Howard's class, I really up for learning even more techniques!


All the classes sound great! I'd most like to win a seat in the Picture Summer class. (I'm already signed up for Camp Scrap and I think Picture Summer would make a nice complement to that one. . .)



Stacy Ziegler

I want to let you know how much I LOVE Big Picture Scrapbooking! And how thankful I am for all your online classes, and not only all the ones I have taken. I love to peruse all the classes you have, even if it's to just get a new idea on what I can do with my passion of scrapping for my posterity. I was so thrilled to see your 52 Card Pickup class back this summer. Unfortunately it has come along at a time when I haven't been able to sign up. I would love to take it, every time I put together a mini book, I love to have a certain technique used throughout it to tie it together. My problem is learning how to do new techniques, without having someone at my side to show me the way. I think this class would be so wonderful, since I know all I would have to do is follow along, and if I have questions, I have no doubt Tena will be right there to answer them! I do so hope that if I am not able to sign up for it by the deadline, you will think about running it again sometime in the near future. Thanks so much for all you all do for this most amazing part of my life!

Outi Suominen

I would love the 52 Card Pick Up. Somehow I'm always in need of cards and I'd love to create them in advance so I would have them ready when I need them, but I need NEW IDEAS. All the old ones have been used over and over again. Pls, HELP!

Carol O'Brien

I am not sure where we are suppose to leave the comment. So here is mine . . .

I am thinking very hard about signing up for the "Picture Summer". I need a little inspiration in my photo taking.


I do have technique envy!!! I see beautiful pages and just can't seem to get my creative juices going to make my own. Would love to be in that class.

Scrappy Angel

It would have to be 52 card pick up for me. I love learning new techniques! They are SO MUCH FUN! It would be something that my 7 year-old daughter and I could do together. She's quite the little crafter! Thanks.


I'd love to take the Picture Summer class to get a little inspiration for my summer photo-taking. I tend to photograph the "events" and overlook the fun, everyday moments. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Jenny McGee

I have already signed up for Camp Scrap. It sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to take the Kidding Around one with my 8 year old son too. I am debating about that one. Thanks for a chance to win.

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