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May 24, 2010



I take my picture to start cooking my scrapbook page, and then I am searching for the good color of cardstock and so on, the patern papers and stamps, the embellies and after a while or more its a page or a double.
Its giving me so much fun.


I don't like to cook because off so much allergies for food made it so difficult to cook for all mouths.

Dawn F.

I usually bring a side dish. For my scrapping I start with some cool product I just had to have and build around that! This looks like such a fun class. Can't wait till Thursday!


I alternate between desserts and side dishes . . . I guess my scrapbooking is somewhat eclectic like that as well. I generally start with a story and then find pictures to go with it. I do better scrapping late at night every once in a while, but could get more done if I did a little at a time.


THis looks like such a fun class!

My scrapbooking usually starts with either the photos or the story (or combo of the two). For the most part I scrap at night or with friends if at a scrap retreat (try to go every 3 months). I am a project scrapbooker. I usually do groups of pictures, a mini, or home decor project.

I hate to cook, love to bake and am a chocolate and diet pepsi kind of girl! I am usually asked to bring potato cassrole or a dessert...I also have been know to show up with a bottle of wine or JELLO shots!

Kind of funny to compare the two philosophies...both of mine would be for the impatient and chaotic...I suck at long term projects (365) or cooking which takes lots of practice. I am an instant gratification kind of to bake, no seasoning just follow from a to z....guess this is why I love sketches?

Jenifer Pease

I love to bake however when I go to a family cookout I usually bring a side dish. Now when you talk about the holidays, well that is when I really do the baking.

I am not sure if or what my baking says about my scrapbooking. My 15 year old daughter and 2 and a half year old twin girls keep me very busy and I truly love to scrap about their everyday lives therefore I am always looking for new recipes if you will.

I try to scrap as often as I can during nap time or those rare days when the girls will let me. I would love to be able to scrap more but my scrapbooking shares the dinning room with my computer and the girls art station.

Jerri Silman

I usually start with journaling or pictures, then I pick out the products. Sometimes I have products that I'm just dying to use though so every time seems to be different.

Kathryn Whittaker

You know, I don't really like to cook, but I feel guilty if I don't bring something that I've made. But time...the foil of us all. Time usually makes my decision for me. I try to bring something healthy, so I opt for a veggie or fruit tray, or a green salad that I've doctored with some extra veggies. Yum!
My scrapping style is not like my cooking style. I usually start with my photos, then I choose my colors, and go from there. Sometimes I use a sketch, but my photos don't always fit so I alter the sketch to fit.
I guess you could say that I am a "semi-homemade" cook and scrapper.

Renee Toomey (italgal on BPS)

This is too funny - if I had to list my top two "hobbies," they would be cooking and scrapbooking! In my life, it seems I am usually focused on one or the other, and I LOVE them both! At parties, I am often asked to bring numerous dishes, or the one that no one else wants to tackle. As for my style: in cooking, I focus on the occasion, and plan my menu around it. In scrapbooking, my recipe always starts with the photos, and I plan my LO's and products around them. I would be happy, happy, happy to win a seat in this class!

Heidi Shaw

I love to cook, love to bake, love chips! And I love to scrap - but, with all of them, time is the constant missing ingredient. If I haven't the time I think I need to bake I won't, I will grab a bag of chips and relax. Same thing with my scrapping- I often haven't the time I think I need to create what's in my head, so I grab a sketch or lift an idea and relax- and you know what? I still have a great time, because its usually the journey and the company that is so great, not what you bring to the party! Now when I do have time, which with 5 kids,a wedding in the works, a busy dh with a table full of paperwork and a dear friend to comfort who has just lost her husband...ahh, then, the brownies, and the layout will be savored all the more:)
Its all about the choice of how to redeem the time....


This is a good topic. I love to bake and ocassionally will bring a side dish. HOWEVER, I am very poor on planning so I end up stopping at the store to grab a fruit, cheese, or veggie tray because I didn't plan enough to make what I wanted to make!

My scrapping is like that too. I have all these ideas and plans swirling around in my head but usually need the page or album right now so I go for something easy like a template or a page kit!

renee Lecatsas

I'm eclectic in both my cooking and scrapping choices. I like to make crab muffins for hors d'oeuvres, or at Christmas I love to make tons of cookies with different tastes and textures, or if I'm waaay busy I'm not above a quick grab of chips and dip. Same thing with scrapbooking sometimes I'll choose a sketch and work from that, sometimes I'll pull out tons of papers, and embellishments and mess around until I have the taste and texture of the page built, and sometimes I'm a keep it simple girl.


Amy Sullivan

I usually bring something I cook. I love to try new recipes. Actually I am the exact opposite in my scrapbooking. I usually stick to a set of papers that I like and build my pages around them. I usually work on a specific album, but have a few going at once.


I love to bake and cook and love to try out new recipes. My scrapbook style is similar in that I tend to follow a recipe. I pick out my pictures and then pick the paper and embellishments to go along with it to tell the story. I do like to look at different layout ideas in order to try a new recipe with my scrapbooking at times. I tend to crop at retreats and occasionally at home. A baker's dozen would be a fantastic class to take!!


I love to bake, especially muffins. So I guess my scrapbooking style is a bit like my baking. I start with a basic muffin recipe (my photo) then I choose my flavours....choc chip, banana, blueberry, depending on whatever I fancy, or I choose patterned papers, brads, flowers, ribbons etc. Whatever I use, the result is usually pretty tasty! Mmmmm!! And I would love to make a baker's dozen!


I'm all registered and ready to start The Baker's Dozen...can't wait! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in this class.


I had to think about my scrapbooking style and only really realised my process writing this down. I always start with photos - could be anything it's pretty random there's no logic or order (unless it's a mini album). I usually do it at night but I've spent the day getting it all organised (ie going thru my stash & making a mess) using the natural light - I've also spent the day thinking about what I'm going to do. I'm always trying different receipes for pages - I like experimenting, trying new things and being 'me'. Complete opposite to my baking and cooking style where the receipe is followed to the letter !!!

ana smith

I don't cook, but love to bake, so I would be a dessert bringer. About scrapping.....well I'm all over the board. Love paper & products, but I want to try the latest and greatest too. Oh well, as long as I'm scrapping.


Now that you mention it, my cooking and my scrapbooking do hsve some parallels! I get more wrapped up in the side dishes and extras and then think about the main dish later! I am a product or kit person first and photos last... just find photos to match favored product!

Stephanie G

I'm definitely the dessert bringer -- though not just any ordinary dessert will do. It has to be "over the top" as my friends like to describe them. I love trying new recipes, combining various parts of recipes with others to come up with new creations. Scrapbooking has a similar approach for me, I find certain things I like about layouts and combine various tidbits into my own creation. I tend to start with the photo and enhance or support the color scheme, event, or mood that the picture portrays.

Kimberly Ann

I love to cook, but bring mostly baked goods to share with others, unless I'm pinched for time and buy something! I think that's pretty similar to my scrap style - a little of everything :) I love a weekend crop at my LSS, weeknight scrapping for an hour, or a marathon movie accompanied session. I usually start with some journaling or a picture and build from there. I'm already signed up for Darci's class, but wanted to participate in the fun question :)

Cherie McGuire

I bake and/or cook. I never bring chips. I tend to scrap in the same style - somewhat shabby chic, mostly heritage style, but I like to try some new styles as well. I usually don't scrap in the ultra simple, clean lines using mostly squares/rectangles. For me, that's too sterile. hehe I have to have curves in my design. I love to look at various galleries and get new ideas. Sometimes products inspire me.

Jenny McGee

I usually bring the side dish. I am doing Layout a Day in May and it is define your style. I am learning a lot about what I like and don't like. I am fairly simple, but do not like a lot of white space. I use embellishments and pattern paper. I have signed up for a Baker's Dozen and am looking forward to it beginning. Thanks.

Melinda Wilson

I bring the side dishes and desserts. I have a sweet potato casserole, broccoli salad and red velvet cake that I usually have to take to all family socials or I am in the doghouse - LOL!
I usually scrapbook a page at a time and start with the pictures. I will find paper and embellishments that match the pictures.

Monique Nugent

I am a beginner baker! I scrapbook at home, not as often as I would like. I usually try and get some in when the kids are at school and I am not at work. I am getting better at scrapbooking the stories rather than the events (thanks LOM), and if I find a good design I am more than happy to stick with it and use it again and again.

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