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October 11, 2007



Erm...can anyone tell you have to do all four or can you just do one or two of these 4 expert classes ??
Elle x


I want all of them! So excited about Cathy Z! I'm putting BPS Gift Certificates on my Christmas List! There are sooo many good classes coming up in 2008.


What a great year! I am thrilled with the subjects and teachers, and I'm even more thrilled that we can do them separately (Don't have to pay all at once!!) Love it!

katie scott

Plus I want to take LOM w/ SJ again. When can I sign up for that?

katie scott

I want to take this class, when can I sign up?


WOW!!! I am so excited, can't wait to sign up for all four! What an amazing line-up! I have lots of questions: Will there be an enrollment limit for any of these classes? How much (doesn't matter, because I'm in!)? How soon can we sign up? Is Tene Springer still doing a year-long class as well?


Here, Here!
What a great idea to give those of us who have folder after folder filled with wonderful BPS classes a little break or some kind of reward for all our participation. Does that sound enthusiastic? I am thrilled with the lineup. Can't wait...


Whoo-Hoo! I am so excited to hear that Cathy Z. will be teaching here! Thanks BPS for making my day!


What a BIG spread around the responsibility of the entire year so it doesn't all fall on one person--poor Heidi this year. Fantastic line-up of teachers! I hope I get in. Thank you BPS.

kim Loewen

I'm so excited!!! I don't want to miss out on that!


A question: I scrapbook almost exclusively digitally, though I enjoy a hybrid project now and again. Will these classes work for me? I don't want to have to buy lots of kits or materials I would rather not use if I can do it digitally, but I love learning about scrapbooking. Thanks.


This is exciting news. Looking forward to '08!

Kathryn Booth

oh my goodness this sounds soooo much fun!


Woohoo! Can't wait!

Lisa M

Oh yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!!!!! I am SO excited. And let me just say up front (not that I don't plan to sign up for all of these), but thank you for giving us the option for not signing up for one of the elements because some of us are just too busy during one or two quarters of the year and also thank you for letting us break up the cost of the class. I can't WAIT!!! Happy 2008 to us!!!!!

Celeste Richardson

Hi My Favorite Ladies!
Have you ever thought of an early registration for those faithful BPS class-goers -- especially for those hard to get into courses (which I bet this upcoming series will be)...just a thought.

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