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June 20, 2008


terri d

I have about 40 of the supplies but I'd like to see how to use micro beads, glaze medium and paint texture. I'd also like to have refreshers on several of the other items... pick me! pick me!!!

Robyn W - Australia

ok so there is only two things i dont have on that list, do i use all the other things on a regular basis so would love to play along with this pack...thanks for the op


I think I have all of the supplies. Love the idea of the 52 cards! thanks

Elaine Waters

Wow! I have 33 of the items on the list!! Do I use them? NO! I need to know what to do with all my stuff!

I really want to know how to use the alcohol inks better - I bought ALL of them and used them twice. What a waste of wonderful product. I just don't know how to use them.


Hmm, I had lots of modge podge, the crafter's glue (ultimate), bone folder, heat gun, embossing powder-- I probably have a clorox pen but have definitely never used it for scrapping! I have card stock, paper punch, brayer, mini brads. Wow! A lot more than I would have expected. No glass microbeads, though! I'd really love to learn more about using all this stuff I've accumulated.


I have 20 of the products. I would love to see how Tena will use the alcohol inks. I bought them because so many people told me they were cool, but I have no idea how to use them! And I want to know how Tena will utilize transparencies...sounds awesome!

Dena Z Schnupp

I have about eight of the items. I use my bone folder often and some of the other things- stamps, modpodge, punches, inks - when I make artist cards and tags. I would really like to learn how to use the hear gun and embossing powder! I would really like to win a seat in the class and have all the techniques available to use as needed. Thanks for offering it.



I have 29 of the items. Wow! I would most like to learn how to use glass micro beads. I have been collecting these as of late. I keep finding them at discount stores and in clearance sections for great prices. I love them for some reason, but I have no idea what to do with them!

Thanks for this opportunity. Margie


ok wow - 35. and i'd have more but i just gave away my alcohol inks because i never use them. i'd really love to learn what to do with the bleach pen. never done that!


cori peck

Ok. So I have 28 of them. wow. Who knew? I'ld really like to know how to use my alcohol inks and the paint texturizers. Thanks for this chance!

Carrie Haines

I have 33 of the items in my tiny scrapbook room- not sure if I can find them all though. I love organizers but I am eternally disorganized :) I am most intrigued about using glazes and the bleach pen. I just heard about this class on Nona's blog.


I have most of the items, I'd like to learn to use the transparencies, the paint texture builder medium and the embossing tape sheets...sounds like an awesome class

Cheryl Anderson

I have about 30 items. I would like learn to use the alcohol inks and the glaze medium and pens.

Carol Thompson

I now have all the supplies because I signed up for the class.
I'm really looking forward to getting outside my comfort zone, learning new ways to look at things, and using new techniques.

I love new toys!


This looks like a great class!

I have 31 of the items. The one's I don't have and I'd like to learn to use are:

Bleach Pen
Acrylic Glaze medium


All I need is the acrylic medium texture builder.
I just picked up the bleach pen but have no clue as to what to do with it, so I am excited to see this:)


I don't have that many items from the list, but I would love to use them all! Thanks


I have most of the supplies on the list. I don't have the acrylic medium texture builder. I am also curious about the Clorox bleach pen. I can't wait to find out how we will use all of the products

Amy J

oh goodness- I have all of that stuff except for the glaze pens. Even though I have it does not mean I know how to use it (or use it properly). I would love to see what she does with the transparencies. I have a fear of all things clear. I have been wanting to take this class. I would LOVE to win a spot.

Guyland Gal

I have very little on the list but wouldn't mind buying the rest in order to learn some new techniques. Sounds like this class would help me branch out into some new territories.


I have everything but the Clorox bleach pen, acrylic glaze and the alcohol inks. Would love to win seat in this class.

Kathryn marks

I have 16 of the items needed for the class - I will have to borrow or buy the rest to do the class, but I have lots of scrapping friends!!
I can't think of anything better than having a ready to go list of 52 different techniques to use on a scrapping page or object!!! I often sit and wonder what I could do with my photo - easy answer - look in my 52 pick up book!!
Love all the classes but can't afford to do all of them!!

Heather Lynne

Wow-I have 27 items. Surprised me! I'd like to learn how to emboss. This would be a good excuse to buy the supplies for it. Also, I'm curious about the Clorox bleach pen.

Lay Hoon

I have 28 of the supplies listed. Yes...i would like to know how to use the bleach pen.

cheryl smith

I have 11 of the items on the list and would love to learn to use all 11 plus the items that I don't have....oh yes, I'm a beginner!

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