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July 16, 2008


Heidi Y

Great updated site! It's nice to see how much easier it is to navigate :) I'll be keeping watch of the new things coming!!


I like the new simpler look of the site.


Great Job! The site looks wonderful! Congratulations on your new partnership.

Ellen Coker

Clarity and simplicity are two words that surfaced when I visited the new site. I love the rolling quotes.
Nice colors

Jennifer McIntyre

The new look is great and more manageable. My computer is loving the compatibility - no logging on EVERY single time! My dream wish would be to have the colour/quote combo e-mailed to me daily with the capability to forward it FAST to a friend! Love the new site - keep up the good work! Jennifer


Great fun stuff!! Love the look of the site!


I LOVE the new look!


I love the new look. The partnership with Shutterfly is a wonderful addition. I love how the classes are flashing on the home page. Good job on the design.


Great new website! I have to admit the "old" one wasn't bad either. Just keep offering those wonderful classes! Loved Baker's Dozen with Darci and I'm looking forward to Product Playground. Keep it coming!


Great job! I do web design so I understand the work involved. It looks great and I love the rounded corners on the images. Everything loads really fast for me. Congrats on your new "baby"!


Love the new face of BPS. Staying logged in is great, navigating is so easy. It would be cool if when in the gallery looking at the comments and who made them, one could click on name and go to their personal gallery. Just a thought, that i'm not attached to. Thanks for always looking ahead, moving forward. ( the addition of the digi component is brillant.

Pam Cooper

I like the new look and also the added digital studio. Am looking forward to trying a digital class soon.

Would enjoy a mini-album class in the future.

Your new partnership with Shutterfly looks like a good venture for everyone and look forward to seeing what else that partnership brings.


Wow--love the new look and new content! I'm a Shutterfly fan, and not (yet) a digi-scrapper, but am interested in learning... so I'm really pleased to see a BPS/S'fly partnership! I'll be hoping to see more digital kits/classes for newbies like me!!


I love the new digi section!

Jennifer McGuire

I like the new site. I like that I can show and hide classes that are already finished. I like all the pictures with the class links for registration.

Within the classrooms, I really like that we can comment on items in the galleries.

I don't do much digital, so I haven't explored much, but I have registered for the free classes.

I will complete the survey soon. The $25 will help with the $99 Cathy Z class I'd like to take!


I love the new digital section with the free digital designs. Thanks!


This sounds so good! I love the new style of the website and I love your workshop. It is so much fun! Regards from Germany!


Carol Darlene

Loved it before and still love it now! I'm really enjoying just spending time browsing the site and dreaming and planning...


The new site is great! If I were you though, I would slow down the quotes a tad in the first page.... I find it is difficult to read that fast before they switch to a different designer quote. It sure does look nice though!

New free classes are nice, but my favorite thing is the thought of the upcoming class with "the great Cathy Zielske". (Now, I just have to come up with the money to pay for it... better find a new job soon! Although, if I were the $25 winner, that would help, too.)

Keep up the good work!


Awesome job on the site! It looks great :)

Gloria King

Wow, The site looks new and fresh.. Feels like spring cleaning and its pretty amazing. I like realy like the look you chose. I am looking forward to spending alot of time on it. Thanks Gloria

Irene Savakis

I love the new layout especially the fact that you can hide classes that have already been completed! That's awesome!! (or should I say...BIG!!) :)

Amy Ulen

The new layout is fantastic, and I really love the free digi-kits! I downloaded them the first day they were available and can't wait to take some time to play with them. I also appreciate how reasonable the cost is for the digi-classes; that makes me more inclined to give one a try.

Jeannine Brenner

Abolutely love BPS!!I love your new fresh, calm, inviting look! I am signed up for quite a few classes and I am having a "FUN" and productive summer...I look foward to seeing what comes in the fall when the kiddies are back in school.I am so excited about going digital. I love the message boards and the galleries... LOVE YA BPS!!!

Joyce in Perth, Australia

Wow!!!! What a great look!! I'm new to scrapbooking and BPS has helped me a lot to get started and gave me lots of inspiration as well. Great job!

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