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July 28, 2008



The daily prompts will surely help, but I would look forward to realizing my potential to write more meaningful and emotional journaling.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Ummm - I would like to write more better and me things Amy can teach this to I or Me. Thank you for the opportunity!


I tend to (ok, always!) put off the journaling till last.... Some lo's sit for months waiting for their journaling to be added. So what struck me most was write NOW... Write, right NOW. This would be just the kick start I need to put the journaling first...

Krystal Kompkoff

I took this class the first time it was offered. I didn't do all of the journaling prompts, but wanted to--just ran out of time. This class definately gets your juices flowing when it comes to journaling--I saw an inmprovement on my pages right away!


I like the idea of daily prompts as well as "timed" writing. I know I should make writing a daily habit, but so often I don't. I could use some inspiration now!

Robyn W - Australia

yep i agree it them daily prompts that i would love too

Elaine Schwertner

I like the idea of the daily prompts and writing assignments. This is my weakest area. I have trouble putting my feelings and stories on paper. HELP!


I was drawn to the phrase "slim and trim, without an extra ounce of wordiness." I am a wordy writer. In high school my essays were always much longer than necessary because I have a hard time with precision. I use extra words and repeat myself. I say things over and over that I don't need to, trying to make my point clearly, but being repetitive and boring instead. I just keep writing and writing and hope that the important stuff gets across somehow...


Seriously, this workshop sounds fabulous and my scrapbook pages would seriously benefit!


"journaling that's small on time demands but big on impact"
This is exactly what I need!

Sandy King

I may be to late, oh no!
My favorite part would be "just to be able to write something and NOT not do it anymore


I would love to be able to 'catch their emotional focus' when journaling. Sadly, Amy's class description is more interesting than most of my journaling.

Leslie E

I could really benefit from this class. What really appeals to me is to have journaling with impact, the kind of writing that makes me say "I wish I could write like that". And, that you could actually do that in 10 minutes? Wow! Hope to win because I am in Have More Fun class right now and didn't think I should sign up for both classes at the same time, but hey, to win a spot, then I could do it!

Sheri Franklin

Journaling can be such a struggle. Any help would be welcome to make this process easier!


Oh my, this class is perfect for me. First, I don't really enjoy writing most of the time. Second, I am a procrastinator, so to get some writing done in 10 minutes would be wonderful. I am so tired of my journaling that can tend to state the obvious. 'We had fun' Blech. There has got to be a better way. I think this class is it!

Kristen B.

I can relate. I have a terrible time commiting my stories to paper. It can be a real bummer. I think the daily notebook writing prompts would give me the writing confidence that I'm definitely lacking.

Dana Buol

I am very bad at journaling and alsmot never do. I never know what to say. I like the fact that she says it can be done quick and meaningful!

tammy b

i want the big impact. to be able to vividly convey a feeling, a sentiment, a thought. i want to stop reading other's journling and wisih i could write like that!

Heather M

I like the idea that she will help with FAST writting. I can journal well if I take the time, but I don't always have the time I want, so this would be fab.

Allison Cope

The whole class peaks my interest. I think the journaling aspect of my scrapbooking is the part that I need the most work on. So regardless of a late start, I signed up today! Thanks Amy! Can't wait to start!!


I love the idea of being able to get something meaningful jotted down in 10min or less, it seems that right now I struggle with what to say and how to say it just right, need to get over that. I think the daily prompts would be just the perfect thing to get one started in the right direction and make it that much easier!


I am really bad with words and would love to know how to write better journalling.

Kris B. in Rochester, NY

I think the 10 minute journaling aspect of this course is intriguing...I can't seem to do much in just 10 minutes! That whole aspect of this course actually has had me considering journaling does seem to take quite a bit longer and I'd love to be able to quickly jot down meaningful content on my page layouts.

Kerry G.

The most appealing thing about this class is that it focuses on quick journaling. I love writing my journaling, but sometimes it take me a long long time.


I have so many pages with unfinished journaling... it makes me sad. I love the idea of quick writing- I obsess about it being perfect and then I never do it! I need help...

Verna G.

It's so appealing that we can actually get something meaningful written down in a short amount of time. Usually when I'm short on time, all I seem to get in is the who, what, where, where, whys.

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