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August 21, 2008



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Robyn W - Australia

so so many great things to do....i couldnt possibly narrow it down to one....thank you for all the new things i am trying and all the inspiration


This was by far the best event I've ever been involved in. The make and takes in the week ahead just made the whole event more exciting. I was scrapping alone, but got so much done - and enjoyed the online chat and LOVED the playlist. It was so great!!!


I enjoyed every bit of the crop and did as many of the make & takes/challenges as I could keep up with. The things I completed during the week & crop are: Lisa Damrosch's Product Playground, May Flaum's Summer Layout Recipe, the Big Mouth Challenge, the Big Strip, Scrappy Says This is Big, The Big Easy, and finally, Debbie Raymond's challenge about sayings. I printed out instructions for the others and definitely plan to do Georgana Hall's Summer Highlight Layout and Stacey's Colorful You book. As for favorites, I have three! I really loved the page that I made with May Flaum's Summer recipe and went right over to sign up for the class, but October is already totally full for me, so I hope it will be repeated! Product Playground was a fun challenge for me since I don't use very many embellishments. But the most meaningful challenge was Scrappy Says This is Big with Stacy's quotes. I really thought about it and ended up with a layout that shows my grandkids playing, but the journaling is about me never wanting to stop playing. Talk about meaningful. Thanks for such a fun time.

Barbara B

What fun prizes. Hope to win (and then maybe have more time to scrapbook if my 9 month old would start sleeping). barbara


Oh my would have to be Lisa's mini album!! I am mini album obsessed right now!!!!


Hey, Kimberly -

If you log into your account at BPS, there is a link under the top menu bar that says "My Galleries"

Click on that and you can get into any of the galleries from classes you've already taken.

Also, if you see your classes listed, and you don't see the old ones, there is a link to click on that will show your entire class history ;-)



Hey, Kimberly -

If you log into your account at BPS, there is a link under the top menu bar that says "My Galleries"

Click on that and you can get into any of the galleries from classes you've already taken.

Also, if you see your classes listed, and you don't see the old ones, there is a link to click on that will show your entire class history ;-)



Wow! This Bash was truly BIG FUN!

I had planned to do a virtual party with my BFF - we like to take the BPS workshops together and work at the same time, chatting over AIM. Unfortunately, her work schedule did not allow her to participate, other than just peeking in at the boards and galleries, and cheering me on in AIM.

My SIL lives nearby, and has been scrapping much longer than I have. Being very different, we don't have a close relationship, and tend to grate on each other's nerves. She is not online, thinking the the whole 'net thing a colossal waste of time.

Anyway, I debated for several days, and then thought, "Why Not!" and invited her over. To my great surprise, she accepted! She showed up Friday night around 6pm (ET), and stayed until well after midnight. She was back on Saturday @10 am with her husband, who kept mine entertained. They left well after 10pm. And I have to say that we had a BLAST!

As far as the make & takes, I had worked on several of them in the evenings throughout the week. Friday night, SIL-Debbie used May's recipe to to create a Halloween layout, and we made a couple of Nic's Embellished Pockets.

We played the songlist, and checked in wtih the hourly happenings. But we spent most of our time working, laughing, and learning from each other.

Coincidentally, we had both been wanting to work on Christmas Cards. She had already started a few, and I had been inspired by Kolette's Joy of Giving Workshop last fall.

So that's what we did on Saturday. I printed out Kolette's handouts on Cards and Gift Tags, and we each made 12 tags and 10 cards! I learned how to stamp, and Debbie learned how to scraplift :-)

We checked in on the BIG WIG happenings during breaks, and watched the galleries for ideas, jotting down things we wanted to work on later.

So. Did we do the whole BIG WIG thing? No. But we were inspired by it, and we did get in nearly 18 hours of scrapping!

Favorite Make & Takes?

Debbie's was definitely Nic's Embellished Pockets!

I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite. I really enjoyed the Embellished Pockets and know I'll be making alot more of them. I LOVED Georgana's Summer Highlights - too cute, and feels great to have documented my favorite summer memories already. I also LOVED May's pagemap for the Summer Layout Recipe - it's a design I know I will find myself going back to time and time again. Elizabeth's cards are the BOMB! I already have a handful of scenic photos printed out for Debbie Raymond's Postcard Mini-Album.

Ok. So you get the idea. Now if I HAVE to pick a fave, it has to be Lisa Damarosch's Product Playground! It was great fun to search through my stash for products to meet the challenge, and that particular layout turned out to be one of my best works!

Now, I did not mean to wax on and on, but I also want to echo Kimberly's comments.

The economy is hitting hard everywhere, and our household is no exception. Like Kimberly, funds to take classes and workshops are getting harder and harder to come by - so these free events are a Godsend!

They keep our skills honed, but more important, they keep us connected to friends that we've met in better times. They also teach us new ways to use the stuff we already have.

Every once in a while, we pick up some thrifty ideas that just speak to us - like May's reliance on kraft cs - reminding us to invest limited funds in basics that can be used in over and over with a fresh twist.

And, just like Debbie & I did with Kolette's cards & tags, workshops we've already taken continue to provide a return on investment, and keep the creative juices and fun flowing!


Had the best time! I made the embellished pocket and quote and am working on the keychain ablum (so loved this!).

Just one fave?! One of my favorite parts of the Bash was that the activities weren't all layout challenges.

Hope you'll do another!
Angi (aka Angi13)

Karen Poirier-Brode

Like most folk I have saved the make and takes for later when I have a free moment. I just got to spend a short while and contibute a couple of LO's to the gallery because of my overbooked weekend schedule but look forward to doing more. Love looking through the gallery to see everyone's contributions! Keep adding 'em when you are done!


I enjoyed all the make and takes. My favourite was Lisa Day's mini-album which was perfect for a set of photos of a production of Grease my daughter was in last month. Couldn't make the crop itself because of other commitments :( I hope you'll do this again sometime!


My favorite was Georgana's Summer Highlights make & take, it was great getting 3 months worth of photos scrapped at one sitting! Thanks for all of the great ideas!!

Angela Hodgson

I was quite busy this weekend but tried to partake in some of the fun through the summer cards and embellished pockets. I hope to have time to try the other make and takes soon!
My favorite part of the crop was the handouts and the fact that there was something different every hour - just wish it was longer!!!!

Can't wait for the next one.



I forgot to mention, my favorite part of the crop was the message board and chat room! It was great interacting online and the participants were so funny! I also loved getting feedback in the gallery on my projects. It was the first time I have ever posted a project in my life!


Well, I tried to participate in everything. But I was able to complete the Sunny Summer Photo cards, which I sent to my mother, the Mini Layout keychain, which now holds the key to my mailbox, the flip top album (no big deal) which I sent to my girlfriend, and the word embellishment which I plan on adding to a scrapbook page. It was a great crop and I learned so much! Thank you.


The Big Wig Bash was a BLAST! So far I have only created two of the make and takes, Lisa Damrosch's supply challenge and May Flaum's recipe challenge but I have downlaoded and intend to do them all! Work and home life really got in the way of my scrapping this week! ;) My favorite part of the crop was probably the make and takes, loved getting a peek into some of the classes being offered and getting a sense of each teacher's style. I also loved the downloads that the Key Lime girls shared with us, what amazing party planners they are, I certainly hope to host my own crop in the near future! Thanks for everything girls!

Kimberly Galbreath-Fleming

I felt I had to add to what I said in my last blog-comment. I understand the Big Wig Bash and other activities you sponsor are supposed to be promotional in nature - but they mean more than you even know. On a personal note, our family has been hard hit by job loss and economic hard times this year. Funds to take classes and attend crops have vanished and that has made me sad, as this serves as personal therapy for me ( and as Marriage and Family Therapist I know I need scrapbooking for emotional wholeness).

Your free classes and project ideas, the Big Wig Bash and free downloads have been a salve to my soul, allowing me to continue to learn and grow as a scrapper....even though I can't afford classes and such right now. The fact that you offer these delights and treats FREE to me means more than you can know...and when we have the money again, sometime in the future, you can be certain I will look to spend money for classes and workshops here, at Big Picture. Not just to honor the gifts you have given - but to honor the spirit in which they were given - free so that EVERYONE could have access to this hobby and art-form we love so much - a sense of kindness and the joy of it all! That is really BIG! THANKS!

Kimberly Galbreath-Fleming

I loved the whole event - it was great! I had fun with Lisa Damrosch's make and take and worked TOTALLY outside my comfort zone....I also loved the Summer Highlights Layout by Georgana Haal....and the key chain by Gretchen Schmidt....Nic Howard's EMbellished pocket....the Summer cards...oh and the Embellished Quote....hmmmmm...I guess I can't pick just one!!! And I loved doing the SPlenda ad was a scrapilicious weekend and way so fun!!!!

I like working with your quotes Stacy and what I learned from you....and my definition of BIG which I am still working on to make a 2 page layout of "Words of Wisdom" ...and I am definitely scrapping a layout (at least 2 pages) of the whole event!

I want to post to the galleries....but I can't find my way back in...can anyone help me with that?

Kim in FL

Veronica Burnett

I participated in most of the Big Wig crop. However, at hour 29, I had to go to a family gathering, (terrible!) :( I tried loggin in right now to see all the wonderful prizes I won during the last hour. I can't get back in! Is there a list of winners posted on the site?? Pls help.

Kim K

My favorite is the two page layout of summer highlights. I just got over 200 photos printed from this summer. I started this layout last night at a crop, and I am finishing it this afternoon! Such a time saver and will use a bunch of photos!

CIndy Trimble

My favorite so far is the keychain! How cute and looks like fun!


It's a toss-up between May Flaum's and Georgana Hall's projects. Loved them both

Havin' a blast!!!

Angie Kyle

I really looked forward to the make and takes each day. I printed them all out and completed and uploaded to the gallery the Product Playground one and the Summer Highlight one so far. I would LOVE to win the prize!!!!!!!!

Amy V

I too am a mini-album FAN! I am working on May's layout make and take. I have Nic's pocket done.

This is a fun crop - love all that is going on! Lots of inspiration and page ideas!

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