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August 01, 2008



My next mini album project will be about my son's recent trip to Italy. I've bought everything to do with, just need to print the photos and get started!

Sue in Alexandria VA


I would love to make a mini album about our upcoming trip to Colorado. We will be hiking and going to a national forest/park and visiting with family. I think that would make a great mini album!


Would that magazine!!! I want to make a mini album of our summer fun for my boys. They want to look at their pictures all the time, and a little album for them to hold would be great!
Amy in CA

Audrey M.

I love the look of mini albums, but I've never created one myself. Looks like this issue would be able to get me started!


I never was much of a mini-album fan until Kiwiscraps -Sydney when I indulged in not one, but about six! so cute and user friendly for my little ones!
I think my next mini will be an ongoing project that will house my altime favourite that will grow with me ... hmmm

donna k

I love working on mini books. They are a complete story when you are done without all the middle stuff. My parents recently bought me a house and I would love to do a mini book about the whole remodeling process for them as a small Thank You. I have 473 photos to go through so I am not sure where to start. This book just might be my ticket to getting it done. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

Sharon F.

Wow - love the mini's. I would like to make a mini album about what I learned from my Dad. He has since passed away and was not very close to my siblings and I for most of our lives. Towards the end I reached out and saw a different person and realized that I am who I am because of this relationship...he was quite a smartaleck and had many quotes (goofy ones) that go through my head that would make excellent titles for pages.

Also like to make a mini album of the milestones in my dog's life. His first bath, obedience class, friends, etc.

thanks for the opportunity!

M.D. Richardson

LOVE mini's - luv luv luv
;) Mart

PS working on my minis for FUN class - The Zoo is my story - the interview is reflections on our new "OLD" house.

Jo from Australia

I'm keen to do my next mini-album - a gift for my youngest brother who lives in Europe - about a few of the things his nephews have been doing the last 2 years. He doesn't get to see my boys very often - he's only been back to Oz twice in the last 9 years - so this is how I try and make him feel like he's not missing out on anything :)


I'm really keen to make a mini-album of highlights of my son's basketball season for his coach. She does such a fabulous job, and all on a voluntary basis.


What an adorable idea for the keychain album... an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny album! I just bought 2 yesterday during the Northern Cali Sizzlin' Summer Paper Chase and planned to stick 2 little pics of my sister's triplets in there. Now, I'm going to make a bitty album on random pics I took since they were born...from their stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, to their first pics in their car seats, and to pics of them sleeping in their cribs. Thanks for the awesome idea! Triplets don't come often, especially in my family, so this tiny keychain album will be perfect to share with others. I can't wait to start...

Melissa Bove

I have been wanting to make a mini album of my sons first Christmas! You have now inspired me to go ahead with it! Seems like an awesome book! Keep up the great work!! Hugs....


I want to make a mini album of cousins and relatives so my kids can keep track of who's who. Also want to make one about my recent weekend getaway with my sweet husband (we drove 1600 miles just for an American Idol concert--crazy, but what fun!)

Betsy Partridge

I want to make a mini album of my nephew's first year and do another for his soon to be born sister!


I'd love to make a mini-album of the monthly photos I took of my son when he was a baby. Each month I would take a picture of him with the same teddy bear to see his growth. Those photos need to be combined in one place!
Thanks for sharing!


i would love to make mini-album of all the pics i took from all the crops i've been to and numerous scrappy events!

Jeannine B.

I want to make a key chain mini album for my kid's backpacks with our phone numbers, address, and little messages of love and encouragement! I have 1 1/2 weeks to get them done before school starts here!

I would also love to make a couple of mini albums with all of the Christmas card photos that our friends and family send us throughout the years. It would be fun to have a basket filled with these mini albums that we could put out each Christmas and look through to see how everyone has grown and changed!

Michelle P. from Spokane, WA

I love mini albums because they are the perfect way to create a gift for someone that they can carry with them whervever they go. I love to create them as gifts for family.


I love mini albums. I would like to make a mini album of our recent vacation.


I've been meaning to make a mini album titled, "Mini Me" and document all the little ways my daughter is just like me.


I would love to be able to do a mini of my daughters birthdays so far, it seems events are the hardest for me to scrapbook and I love the idea of this book in making projects doable!! Looks fabulous!

Kirsty B

I adore mini books, I have a fruit bowl full of them on my coffee table - the fruit goes in the fridge!

I would just love to win a copy of this! I'd love to make a mini-felt book of items around my home. My flat how it was before my boyfriend moved in and this was my bachelorette pad!

Gabriela Duclos

I would love to make a Summer mini album. Everything we did this summer (going to the pool, park, BBQs, etc). In fact, it would be cool to make 4 mini albums, one for each season of the year. Oooh, I can see it now. Thanks for the opportunity to win this blog candy... the buttons are just adorable!!


tammy b

i want to do one about my garden this year. not only will it be great to 'memorialize' it, it's a good way to remember where i planted things, how well they did, yields, etc.


OOOH, this book looks fab! I have tons of ideas for mini albums, but I have always wanted to do one featuring the funny things my kids say, so a quote album it would be! Sue

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