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October 09, 2008



I really enjoy wrapping the gift. Whether it is simple or elaborate wrapping, I love sticking the paper and putting ribbon afterwards... Wish I could be lucky enough to win the class. :-)

Dee Dee

My favorite part of giving a gift is that I know the person I give it to is thought about. Gifts don't have to be big, expensive items. Just a little something to tell the person you are thinking about them, and you want to celebrate them in some way. I feels good to GIVE. ~ Dee Dee

Donna V

I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect gift for someone and making them really happy!

Audrey M.

I love watching the recipient's reaction when opening the gift. Nothing makes me happier than knowing how much the person likes the gift that I worked hard on!

Cate Proudfoot

When it is a handmade gift I love that people really appreciate the gift even more!


The best part of gift giving is finding or making THE PERFECT gift for the recipient. I love the feeling of knowing that what I give will be cherished.



The best gift I gave this year was a baby lullaby album to a couple of male colleges that had their babies only a week apart. The look on their faces when they opened their gifts and saw it was a handmade gift that had a lot of thought and care put into it made my day. They were truly grateful.


Other than watching the person open their gift, I enjoy wrapping the gift. I try to use as little tape as possible and wrap it Japanesse origami style!


I love curling or tying up lots of ribbon - my favorite part of gift giving!

Nanna W

I love giving a gift that is truly from the heart. It makes my day when the receiver knows I was thinking of them when I chose this gift!


My favorite part of gift giving is seeing the person's reaction to the gift especially if it something I made.


I love her stuff and the message she shares. The best part of gift giving is finding the perfect gift then seeing the person's reaction.


I love her stuff and the message she brings to all her classes. The best part of gift giving is figuring out what to give then watching the person's reaction.

 carla callahan

my favorite part of giving a gift is seeing the person's face (especially my kids) when they open the present.. such happiness and feel-goodness.

Kristyn Briggs

I love love LOVE giving random gifts for absolutely no reason at all. Just something small to say to someone "hey you...I was thinking about you". In all the craziness of today's world it's nice to show someone you are thinking of them and it wasn't because you needed something. :)

Julie Johnson

I love making someone feel treasured, special and pampered. Giving a gift well does all of those things!

Angela W

My favorite part is seeing the person's face light up! It is just so great to make someone's day!

Adriana Puckett

The best part of giving a gift, especially a handmade one, is seeing the look of happiness on the recipient's face. This year I am concentrating on a "less is more" mentality, so I want each gift to really be meaningful.


The best part of giving a gift is knowing that you brightened someone's day. By making the gift, you just add to the giving by adding more love to it.

Lori A

The best part of giving any give, but mostly handmade gifts is the reaction from those I give to. I love to see their eyes light up with excitement that they just received a gift that has a part of me in it...not something bought at a store, but something I've personalized with me!


i love seeing a gift be incorporated into the recipient's life somehow... i'm a big fan of giving meaningful gifts :) oh to be in that class! :)

carol :)

I love knowing that the other person knows through my gift that I love them.

Amy Mo

My favorie part of giving a gift is finding something the person will love and getting the reaction.


Ooh, ooh, I know, I know! (waving my hand in the air) Making a gift is at least 3/4 of the fun, and the other fourth is giving it! I just made my mom an album for her b-day. I asked my kids all these questions about her and then put their responses in the mini-album. My favorite question: "How are you and Grandma different?" Jobe: "I'm a rock star, and she's Grandma!" Too cute!

tammy b

while i enjoy the expression on people's faces when they open a gift, the real thrill for me is giving the perfect gift. whether i've made it or found it, the thrill of the hunt is just as imperative as the reaction ;)

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