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October 13, 2008



All that glitters is my most used category. I just love bling, and anything else that is shiny! I would love to make a mini album about me, because that is something that I rarely scrapbook.

Kelly Slattery

I can't wait for the totally transparent class. I think I'll make this one of my hubby's 50th.


I took PP2, but haven't signed up for the Albums.

laura t.

on the edge has me intrigued! I am putting off creating minis for me 3 kids - would love to try it. Thanks for the chance!


'Stuck on you' would use some supplies I have, 'Totally Transparent' is one I would love to try but I work with print and would love to make a mini-album about my work history to date so 'Printing Press' is the one that really caught my eye.

Debbie O'Neal

I Love this class ! So much fun already with the Edges. I am looking forward to the Softer Side and will make a mini about my granddaughter.


Love the glitter ( the more the better) and anything transparent! Would love to make some albums for the upcoming holidays.

Debbie O'Neal

I love this class already after only 1 week! It has gotten me organized so I can find all the supplies off the list I already have in my stash :) !!!!

I am most looking forward to Printing Press and the Softer Side. I want to make an album about my favorite colors using the Softer Side.

Trisha H

I am excited about doing the Totally Transparent book. I bought an acrylic purse album a year or so ago and it is still sitting in a drawer. I think I will make a present for my Mom of her favorite people: her grandkids!

Sherry U

So loving this class. Lisa is a great teacher and expains everything so well!


I'm interested in Totally Transparent because I've never worked with anything transparent and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Guyland Gal

I am most interested in the Totally Transparent album. I buy transparencies but have yet to put them to use. I think having Lisa walk me through the process would be a benefit.

Susan L

I want to use **sparkly** stuff like bling, glitter, Glimmer Mist, etc. for a mini album about one of my rescued dogs....because she's a princess and her eyes sparkle! :-)


I'm looking forward to the softer side. My thought is to do an album of my son's 3rd birthday party at build a bear where they have all of that fluffy stuffing flying around. He's now 6 (as of last week), so it would be nice if I could do something while he still remembers the party himself and add some of his thoughts to the journaling. As for supplies to use up, do the pictures that I have loaded in memory boxes count? I want to "use those up"!


All that sparkles appeals to me! I have a mini album to create about a close friend's wedding that I want to give her. I've known her for *gasp* 22 years and want to give her something just for her just from me.


I'm curious about On the Edge - just sounds exciting! I'd like to start a mini-album for my friend who recently retired. I was her personal papparazzi for the day and need to get the album finished (and started!!).

Daurene Turpin

Well I have two, All that sparkles, and the transparent album. I love bling and I so want to make a transparent album but they scare me. Need some guidance on that one. plus I would love to win a spot in this class. Lisa does a really good job with using up your stash. Thanks for this chance.

Dana Buol

I like the Totally Transparent week. I have never made that kind of album before. My son just played in his first year of soccer so I want to do a mini of that.

Karen B.

I love the Totally Transparent. I would make an album of my son't recent soccer games and how determined he is to make a goal each week!!


I would love "all that sparkles". I don't think that I have a project that I HAVE NOT used my quickie glue pen and glitter on. I would be so most without glitter. I am a mini gal and would love to take this class. I need some new inspiration and ideas to push me out of the box a little.

Ciqi Lundin

I'm eagerly waiting for the Totally transparent week. I love those acrylic albums, but I have never dared to make one myself. The topic I have chosen, so far, is an ordinary day with my 17 mo old daughter. The pics isn't taken yet- I will take them tomorrow (Wednesday).


I think Totally Transparent or the Printing Press both sound like stuff I'd like, not too sure I'd use sparkly stuff with my 3 boys but I could stand to learn a few new things. As for the mini album, I'd like to create one about the weird things my kids collect.
Thanks for the contest!
KellyM in MN

Marcie Levine

Totally Transparent! I have a transparent mini album that I need to make, I have the album, but I'm nervous about putting it together. I want it to be about my 2 boys and their pluthera of stuffed animals, aka their "guys".


I'm all about the bling bling. I love the instant gratification of mini albums...I have about 10 mini albums I'd like to make, so this class would really help me organize and complete these ideas floating around in my head screaming to be put to ink, glue and paper---help the voice in my head...PICK ME!

Kari D.

I'm so psyched about this class. My next mini album will be called All Stitched Up and will chronicle all the trauma and drama around our house this last year. I can't wait to use up a bunch of my products that I've been hording!

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