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October 28, 2008



I usually wait till the week before to shop, get the picture of Santa, bake cookies and sometimes figure out what we are going to eat and who will be invited to join us. Wrapping the presents, writing Santa's note to our daughter, and Cleaning wait till Christmas Eve.


Wrapping. Always the wrapping. DH and I usually end up wrapping "SC" presents on Christmas Eve.


I would have to say wrapping presents.


My big procrastination-prone task is going to the post office to mail gifts. I'll shop early, wrap, box & address the packages... and then for some reason they'll sit here for weeks. And the PO is only a mile away so it's not like it's inconvenient. Anyway, despite all my early preparations, gifts from me always arrive late.

Dana Buol

Always wrapping presents. I get caught up in baking and making the house pretty that I forget I have to wrap the presents!


I, too, get distracted by card-making, which makes a huge mess in the living room, and wait to the very last minute to wrap (so I won't forget what's in those pretty boxes), but my biggest procrastination is decorating the tree. Each year I buy a beautiful ornament, and can't give up buying a beautiful, live tree, but for the last 4 years the poor things have been lucky if I get lights up! So, when my family arrives for Christmas dinner, always the same question: what's with the bare tree???

Barb K

My last minute task....stopping to be thankful and reflect on what Christmas is really about!


I always am up till like 2am wrapping gifts. I do really great at buying ahead of time, but not the wrapping part. One year I will get it done early. lol

Gina Jackson

Wrapping gifts!!! I'm always up until late on Christmas Eve wrapping presents even though I've had the gifts bought by the middle of December.


I'm always sending cards out at the last minute. For years, I've been trying to cut down on our card list...but then I feel guilty when I receive a card and don't reciprocate. I'm usually rushing at the last minute to the post office, trying to beat the Dec. 25th deadline.

Kerry G.

I'm always making presents up until the last minute. It seems like I always think of "just one more thing!" to do to make Christmas extra special. Problem is, I stress myself out doing this and taking the fun out of making gifts.


What DON'T I leave until the last minute?! My cards/letters always go out late, I am always shopping and wrapping at the last minute, and baking rarely gets done at all!


My annual Christmas letter gets pushed back until the last minute. Last year I wrote it on Christmas Eve. I began it with a self-portrait--a picture of a The Grinch. That's how I felt by the time Christmas had arrived!

Becky Grewe

My last minute Christmas task is always wrapping the presents. I love all kinds of paper; So the wrapping paper is important to me. I will spend the whole month looking for the perfect paper to coordinate and wrap my gifts in...and then suddenly it is too late and I end up using old, used stuff I already have. Sounds like I need some tips from this class!


with a curious and rambunctious 3 year old little girl who loooooves to open presents--we have to leave wrapping presents to the very last minute--So the tree is bare of presents until the morning of Christmas.


OMG, being preggo this year, Christmas and the idea of getting everything completed on time is a little intimidating.

I am FAMOUS for finding a last-minute project inspiration that I MUST make for someone, which usually has me up all hours of the night the week before Christmas to complete it..

My biggest last-minute activity is definitely WRAPPING GIFTS!!!

Sherry Morales

I could've posted this exact post! I don't mean to put it off...every year I say it will be different and every year I am running around like a crazy lady. The shopping, baking, the cards? ugh. Don't even mention the cards. LOL


I actually leave almost everything to last minute, except the shopping. I dread most the wrapping and doing the holiday cards.


Oh, definitely wrapping. Christmas eve, late at night, usually watching The Christmas Story over and over!


I could really use this class! It would be great to finally be organized and relaxed at Christmas!


This class would be a lifesaver for me. I am usually leaving a lot to the last minute for Christmas. The task that I usually leave until last is shopping for my husband's presents. I always have a hard time figuring out what to get him!

Kerry R.

Glad to know I'm not the only one leaves WRAPPING until the last minute ... I really need this class!


Let's see...wrapping presents Christmas Eve has turned into a "tradition", so I'm usually trying to remember what I bought and where I hid it because my kids are old enough to run "search and destroy" missions. Stocking stuffers can also be last minute and cards, cards, cards...I start the card making, some I even get written in, but then I get distracted more cards get sent out :( Was I supposed to say one thing?! Sounds like I am in need of this class :P


For me it's the cleaning of my house that's last minute. There's usually tissue paper, ribbons, sparkly bits and not-quite-gift-worthy-so-you-have-to-eat-them cookies all laying about. So much to do and never enough time. I think this year it would be nice to relax in an already tidy house and maybe give out a few misshapen cookies.

Michelle M

I too procrastinate the wrapping, which my family hates, since that leaves them little time to shake gifts and speculate.

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