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November 26, 2008



I would like to give a word-gift to, well, just about everyone! My husband, my children (to be read in the future, too), my mother-in-law, my grandparents, even a couple of dear friends who live far away.

Belinda J.

I would like to give the gift of words to my husband of 20 years. As the children grow and we get so busy with the day-to-day responsibilities of a large family, we can easily lose the art of communication.

Moira Byrne

What a wonderful gift idea - something really special.

connie melancon

I would love to do this for my mom, children and grandchildren.


It's interesting how many of us want to tell our mother or grandmother. My mom has been ill most of my adult life. I think it would be the only gift I could give her that she would really care about. She is 84 and may not be with me much longer..but I would not know where to begin.


I think the real question is who wouldn't I like to write a beautiful, heartfelt message to? My friends and family are always a the top of the list. My surviving great-aunts and uncles who are all in very poor health this year. My parents especailly for all the things they do to make Christmas a wonderful time of year for their family and all the people around them. As well as, remembering all the things they have done for me over the years. This sounds sounds like a thoughful and timely class for the holiday season! Thanks!


I would love to give a gift of words to my sweet 85 year old grandma. She really means the world to me, but it seems like I have no idea how to express that fully to her. I wind up finding some gift that is nice, but never really communicates how thankful I am for who she is and how much she has blessed my life. Thanks!

Jan S.

I would love to be able to write a meaningful and honest letter to my Mom who is not doing well. She had a stroke and is "down in the dumps" for lack of a better phrase. I want her to know how much she means to all who love her and I would like her to understand her worth.

Tran Quach

I would like to give the of words to the love of my life, my boyfriend and future husband. I am horrible with words... so this class might help. :-)


I would love to give my husband a word gift for Christmas. We have agreed that we would not exchange gifts this Christmas. We already have everything we need, and decided to just focus on enjoying the season with each other, rather than purchasing things to demonstrate our affection. This class would be would not violate our agreement, and would probably mean more to him than anything I could buy at a store, for any amount of money.


I would love to be able to tell my daughter in law what an incredible woman, mom and wife she is. There are so many things I admire about her and love how she makes my son happy and know she is raising my grandkids to be happy, secure, loving children. Clearly I can't write all this on my own...


I would love the do this for my mom.


I would love to give the gift of words to my amazing aunt. She has stage IV cancer - and I know she would cherish genuine words over any traditional present.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I plan to give my husband the gift of words this Christmas along with one item off of his wish list. One of his love languages is words of encouragement so this seems to be a fitting gift. I would also like to give the gift of words to my grandfather. I am so blessed to be able to spend another Christmas with him this year who knows how many are left.

Kerry R.

I want to give the gift of words to my husband and children. I think words are the perfect gift -- they bring comfort but never go out of style!


I would like to give the gift of words to my children. I would like them to know that they matter to me more than anything else and anyone else, no matter what.

Kristen S

I would like to five the of words to my mom.

Kristen S

I would like to five the gift of words to my mom.

Francis C

I would like to give the gift of word to my husband and my family, because I enjoy write my feelings in a card, specially in a christmas season. I really hope to take advantage for this BIG opportunity. I´ll write in spanish!

Renee D

I would like to give a word gift to my children and husband.

lisa d

i need to give the gift of words to my husband. it is sad that we have gotten so confortable together after over 14 years of marriage, that I assume he knows my feelings. i need to take advantage of a class like this to make sure he hears and knows how i really feel about him.


My grandmother, who is sadly getting up there in years and I may not see again since we recently moved to the other side of the country from her. She's always preferred an old fashioned letter to electronic communication and I think that the gift of words would touch her heart. I would like to tell her what an influence she and my grandfather had on my life and how much I love her because lately it seems that all my mother and uncles do is complain about her.


I would like to give the gift of words to my grandmother. I would like to tell her how much she means to me.

Jeannine B.

I would like to give a word-gift to my mom and grandmother, to share with them how important it has been to have such strong, female role-models in my life. I am proud of the wife, mother, friend I have become because of their guidance.

Tricia Wilson

I would like to give the gift of words to my husband. I would like for him to have a document that shares my feelings and deep love for him.

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