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November 17, 2008


Lisa Steger

Mine is driving my kids to school each day. They have a bus schedule (which they use at the end of the day) but that extra time first thing in the morning is especially sweet.


I can't function without breakfast! I've tried--on days I was running behind and didn't have time. Ha!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Fonda Darter

Morning kisses and hugs from my 3yr old. He was gone for a whole week last week on vacation with Daddy and I thought I would go into withdrawls!!! :) They are home now and my days are back to being complete!

Lisa Steger

Mine is driving my kids to school each day. They have a bus schedule (which they use at the end of the day) but that extra time first thing in the morning is especially sweet.


Our family breakfasts! We can not leave the house without it and our wishes for a good day.


A cup of coffee in the morning with cream and brown sugar. I love it - it's in my everyday routine :)


i would have to say the first snuggle of the day with my 7yr. old daughter. She comes into our room and climbs in bed and says "snuggle" and then tucks herself in real close for a good long snuggle.

Bethany E.

I have lots of little daily essentials, but I think my most important are being with my family and doing something creative!


This is a great question that I will definatly have to explore in far more detail. Music has always been an essential factor in my life. In the last few years I would say that the internet and all the wonderful things that go along with it have become an essential part of my day. What a wonderful way to think about your life.


In the last year my daily essential has been to leave work at work when I leave at the end of the day. I am working at not checking my messages, leaving at a decent hour, and being in the moment wherever I am after I leave. If I am cooking, I enjoy cooking, reading or talking to my husband that is where I need to be focused at the moment. This is essential to my wellbeing. As a social worker this is hard because I worry about the children and families I work with, but know that I will do a better job if I take the time in life.


Daily essentials of late are lots of cold, clear water to drink, at least 30 minutes of head clearing exercise, mocha protein smoothies, hugs from my boys and music.


My daily essential is a kiss from both of my kids. It is a MUST have.

Dana N

A cup of tea in the afternoon is a must for me. Sounds like a fun class.

Wendy in MD

Water. I drink it all day long. I think it's a security item LOL. I just want a cup or bottle of water next to me at all times...just in case. :)

Stephanie S.

A daily essential for me is talking to my sister who lives in a different state. We talk everyday on our way to work. Thanks for a chance to win! This class sounds awesome!

Stephanie S.


How can I tell you about the daily essential if the class walks me trough the discovery of them. It sounds like an awesomely fun class. It's got me seriously pondering my daily routine and what puts a wrinkle in my day when it doesn't happen correctly.

Jennifer McGuire

Some of my daily coke, breakfast with my kids, a little reading time, lots of water, and email. Need to add exercise to that and make it completely essential.

Nancy T.

My daily essential is a nice, hot, bubble bath in my 100 year old antique claw-foot tub before I go to bed. This usually takes an hour, as I read while soaking. The water seems to melt away the stresses of the day, while the quiet time prepares me for sleep. I like my tub so well, I've specified a new one (still cast-iron so it will hold the heat) in the house we will build next year. I would love to win a free class - I've enjoyed every one that I've taken.


I hope this is where I can leave a comment -- if not please let me know. The class sounds very interesting. My daily essentials start when I wake up - I have to put on my glasses! Without them I can't see a thing but with them everything turns clear. I can look out the window to see how the world has changed since the day before or just get up and start my day by getting my glass of milk (okay - some people need coffee - I need milk!!!) reading the newspaper and putting on the radio to play softly in the background. This routine makes going to work each morning a little easier.

Michele T.

One of my daily essentials is Starbucks coffee and reading blogs - I can't function in the morning without either of those things!! Thanks for the chance to win!


I truly enjoy taking the walk outside to get my newspaper. It is the first breath of fresh air and the view in my yard that takes my breath away each morning! Thank you for reminding me of this.


I have to have my morning cappuccino...

connie melancon

My daily essential is a my Kiss in the morning from my granddaughters before I leave for work and their "I Love you Mawmaw see you after school."

Marlene Moore

Being English (even though I now live here in the USA), I have to start my day with a cup of hot
English tea.


As I was contemplating this, it occurred to me that I have to check email everyday..and any scrapping specials online. Wow, I just learned something about myself (LOL!)

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