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December 30, 2008


Kelly R

I'd have to choose - I heart me.
I think I need a bit of that this year ;o)


January's theme of rise to the occasion, at this point in my life it is what i need to do


They all sound great. It is hard to pick just one--1) Pay Attention! 2) I (heart) me. Thanks for a chance to win.


I too would have been up for this one if the aussie dollar was not as bad....and i think May's Great Expectations sounds interesting.....please put my name in the hat for the draw, would lurve to win

Kathryn Whittaker

I have taken classes from Kolette at CKU before, and she is such an awesome lady. (So excited for their new little one that will be coming soon.)
There were two topics that actually caught and held my attention. The first one is "A Person of Influence", and the second is "The Essential Light". Both could have such meaningful lessons in them.
Thanks for the opportunity,
Kathryn W.


Hmmm, that's a tough one. They all look good. I think right now, I'm feeling overwhelmed by some personal challenges, so "Rise to the Occasion" sounds like the perfect theme to help me get going in 2009. I also think "Merry Merry" and Peace in December sound intriguing. I've never taken a class or anything from Kollette & Jason, so I hope to get to experience at least part of this class, at some point.


I'm intrigued by all the themes! To choose just one is difficult, but I'll say "A Direct Route". Very intriguing!

I am already in the full-year audio-only version, but would love to win the January class to give to my mom.

Ann Grounds

Everyone can benefit from hearing Kollette and Jason, they are so inspirational. I really enjoyed being in her Choose Joy and her Giving Well classes in '07. They really made a difference in my life.


All of the themes sound great but Comfort of Color sounds like the most fun to me! I'm a firm believer that people have certain colors that are a part of their personality and that each color can tell you something about the person who loves it.

Barbara C.

"A Person of Influence" sounds like fun. It just got me thinking about all the people who influence me - would be hard to narrow it down to just one!


I (Heart) Me jumped out at me right away. I need a self-esteem boost and this sounds like the right month for that.


So many good choices, it's hard to choose a favorite! Home again, Home again - I want our home to be a place where my children (and their friends) can always come to. Pay Attention also intrigues me because I don't often pay enough attention to the little things - I think I miss little clues and things - maybe I could be more aware with regards to what my teens say (or don't say :)

Teresa Helms

I am especially intrigued with the monthly theme for November--Home Again, Home Again. Our home is our family's sanctuary---our safe haven from the storms of life. I absolutely adore the Fall Season and Thanksgiving is without a doubt my favorite Holiday! I would love to win~~~thanks so much for this opportunity~~~


I love all the themes, however, I think the one that mosts interests me is The Comfort of Color. I would love to win the class- thanks for the chance!

Janet Ang

I'm already registered in this class and so far during the first day, I'm already loving the projects and the motivational ideas for life! WHOA!! I would love to win the audio portion of the class and give to a special friend who is not very crafty but could really use the class!!

Donna S.

I was intrigued by the topics "reality checks" and "pay attention". 2008 was a difficult year. I lost my mother and a good friend's 19 year old son committed suicide. Things like this really cause you to search inside yourself. I am reluctant to make a commitment to this class because i rarely keep up with assignments, but a free one month class would be great to see if this is something for me in 2009.

tammy Thomas

I think the topic "the essential light" sounds interesting and I'd love to win this spot but after reading the very first comment about her 1 mo. old niece passing away Christmas Day I hope she wins the opportunity to be uplifted by Kolette (and Jason) throughout the year.

So if you read this and choose my name let me know but give the class to her.


I am drawn to the December topic, "Gathering Peace." There is just so much anxiety in our midst, that it would be wonderful to wrap myself in a blanket of peace.

Delia W

For me pay attention works the best. I think with the hectic life with conflicting demands, I often forget to just focus on the simple everyday life items.


I agree about the terrible dollar exchange rate (Canadian dollar is not much better than the Austrilian one). I'm very intrigued about this class, but nervous about the year long comittiment.

Kathryn marks

I would love to win a place in this. I had my heart set on doing it but with the australian dollar the way it is - this class is now out of reach.
My fave monthly topic is I heart me, because I often forget about me, when I get so busy running a household, homeschooling my children and trying to start my own business! I need to be reminded to take time for me!

Marcie Howe

I'll be 50 in January and I want to refocus and think about what I really want to do with my life. The past 9 months have been a struggle so I want to put it behind me are choose to purposefully move ahead and not just get by. I love the Rise to the Occassion theme as a great way to start the New Year. I also think A Person of Influence sounds interesting.


Nancy S.

Actually, January's theme "Rise to the Occasion" sounds like the perfect way to start the New Year.


September's 'Reality Checks' sounds like something I need! :)

Sulieen A.

The monthly theme I like is the one that says PAY ATTENTION! My one month old niece passed away on Christmas day and we need to focus on the little things...we really need to pay attention the the things that we believe to be insignificant. Thank you for the chance to win. (Hey I am lucky number one).

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