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March 14, 2009


Nicole S.

I suppose I'm late to enter the contest, but my fav thrifty tip is this: I organize my embellies by color, in a practically free organizer created by yours truly. I cut strips of chipboard (just from the back of notepads) to fit inside the bottoms of ziploc bags, then put them inside the bags and punched a pair of holes. I threaded all the bags on some binder rings, and voila! I have a great circular organizer that really helps me use my stash!

Nicole C.

I like to use my scraps to stamp on and then cut out various shapes. Sometimes they are literal (tag stamp, tag shape) and sometimes very abstract (many stamps, odd shapes), but it gives me great inspiration for color combinations and makes my embellishment pile more artsy looking.

Sandy L

Ooh - this would be wonderful! If I am using 2 different cardstocks or papers, where one is laying on the other, I cut out beneath it and save that scrap to use on another layout or card. I also cut my own letters and make tear bears to embellish my pages. Every little bit helps, right?


Oh how I would love to win this class as I have a definite need to be thriftier. I do try to cut paper in the most economical way and I make cards out of scraps.

Malia in Seattle

I keep all the hang tags from the clothes & kid clothes we buy and use them as embellishments.


When I am almost done using up my letters in my alpha sets, I use the ones that I don't have any use for as a frame for a variety of things. I make colorful frames around journal entries, around pictures, and around mats.

Laura D

I hope I am in time, I use chipboard from the notebooks at work. I also get sales flyers at work that are on thick chipboard and I cover them and make them into something else. Every once in a while I run across acyrlic (sp) there also and my DH cuts it for me so it can be re-used. Thanks Laura D.


My favorite thrifty tip is to use the "negative" portion on the sheet of alphabet stickers. If I've used all the t's I just cut around the space where the "t" used to be and stick it on the page. The best part is the patterned paper or cardstock will show through and look really cute too! :)


When I've been short a letter or two on a sheet of alpha stickers, I have cut the sticker part that surrounds the missing letter (cut a rectangular shape) and used that in place of the letter in the word, so the cardstock showing through becomes the letter. Does that make sense?! It actually looks pretty cool, especially if used for the first letter of the word.

Melinda Wilson

Here are two of my favorite thrifty embellishments. One is the tags off of clothes, shoes, toys, home decor, etc. I love to use these, especially when I am doing a layout with these clothes, shoes or items in the pictures. My favorites are Levi's and Converse Shoes - my son always has these on in most of his random pictures.
Another great embellishment is using pockets, garment tags and buttons off of torn clothing. If it is something I am going to throw away anyway, why not use the Levi pocket on a layout with a tag hanging out of it with journeling!

Amy Louise

I scrap at my sister's house - as she has children and it's easier to read them good night stories & give them kisses and tuck them into their own beds - so I am always 'borrowing' her supplies! I am so blessed to have a sister who is so generous and shares everything (even her Basic Grey papers!!) Kind of a silly answer to the thrifty question, I know, but it does save me a lot of money (LOL)

Jena Baker

My favorite thrify tip is that I make my alphabets last longer by cutting/combining remaining letters to make ones I've used up. Like if you are out of "n's" and need one you can take a "m" and cut off a hump, or make a "p" to a "d", etc.


My best thrifty tip is to use what I have first. I have way more things in my stash then I can ever use. I've been looking through my things and rediscovering what I already have.

Robyn W

sounds like this is a great one for scrapping on a budget at the best of times... i try and make a card or two from the leftover of a know the papers and stuff work, otherwise you wouldnt have created that page...easy
would love to win..thank you


You can use the tab from soda cans to make ribbon embellishments. They can even be heat embossed to add some flair :)


I'm always scrappin on a budget and my tip is to use the cardboard inserts that come with paper to make my own chipboard accents and "coasters" for album covers. I made an accordian album (with hand cut cardboard covers) for a group of friends and they were amazed with what I did with stuff from my stash.


My favorite thrifty tip is that I save the strips of 12 x 12 patterned paper that I have to trim to fit Creative Memories pages, and then I use them as embellishment on the opposite page of a two-page spread. It ties both pages together nicely, and no waste!


This class sounds great :-)
My favorite thrifty page-making tip has to be making my own little envelopes to hide journalling in (and other embellishments like flowers using flower punches and bling) rather then buying them ready made. It's cheaper and more satisfying because you made it yourself!

rebecca k

I am really on a shoestring right now so it would be great to win this class :)


my fave thrifty tip: check out the dollar section at target for scrap supplies and use pens to doodle embellishments instead of purchasing them!


I think I need this class, beause I'm having a hard time thinking of a trhify tip. I do save all my scraps which is thrify, but I have a hard time figuring out to use them (so they just sit!).


Tina A

Shop at stores like Big Lots, Dollar General, & Dollar Tree for embellishments. You can find name brand products for cheap!

Joy G

My thrift saving tip is to always try and buy at shops such as the reject shop for lots of embellishments they always have some fantastic Bella products and other well known brands. Check every few weeks as new product comes in frequently.

Linda Darlene Ragon

For those 'gotta have' expensive papers, you can usually get by with a strip of the paper for your layout as a border or accent paper & therefore get several layouts from that one splurge sheet.

Jeannine B.

I love being able to print tags and other embellishments from my computer. It is easy to add type or change colors, and you can find lots of free digital downloads.

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