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March 22, 2009


Kelly in Canada

Hi there,
Oh, I would so love to win this class as, after reading Karen's blog I am sure it would help me to scratch through to my 'authentic voice' which I have such a difficult time getting from my head to the paper!
Kelly V

Kerri  Norrod.

I think I sometimes skip the journalism part because it will not be perfect and I get writer's block. Thanks for a chance to win this class.


As I look through my pages, I realize that there are lots of photos and next to nothing in journaling. I hesitate to write anything (other than identifying who is in the photos) because I do not know if others will find it interesting.


I think that I sometimes skip the journaling because I'm afraid it won't be "perfect". I know that that is an unrealistic expectation, so I need to learn to just do it.


I love to write, but I have trouble getting the stories from my mind to the page. I get anxious about the other aspects of the page and don't always plan enough space for the extent of the journaling I want to have.


I know journaling is the purpose of scrapbooking - to remember the stories, but it's always the last thing I do. I usually just tell the story in the picture which the picture usually says by itself (does that make sense) so I don't know what else to add to make the story better.

I love Karen's classes, so I would love to win a spot!


My "storytelling" is usually rushed and unfortunately bits and pieces are left out either because I am in a crunch for time to get the words down on the page or because sadly I've forgotten many of the details that made the story so important in the first place. Journaling was actually my new year's resolution and I've made several different journals to help me make 2009 the year that I don't forget anything, even if it's 2019 when I finally get the pictures onto pages!


Oh pick me, pick me, pick me. Journaling and storytelling is the one area I would like to improve in my scrapbooks. Plus, it may make me a better storyteller around the dinner table too.


For me at the moment it is finding the time to sit and record things.

Hannah Wilde

Journaling - I attribute my stumbling block to the fact that I think of journaling as in a diary/journal. I am baring my soul to those who read it, do I really want that???? This would be a great class for me to overcome that perception


This would be a great class for me. I always struggle to journal anything beyond the "Who, what, when and where".

I also have two sets of twins. I find it hard to journal because I'm never sure WHO I'm writing to and how to write to more than one child at a time (if they are all in the same picture).

karen Hobbs

My journaling usually feels formulaic. Christmas morning...because I don't do it right away when I really remember the details...I also feel embarrassed to write my true mushy emotions all over my pages, I am too private a person for that but I also want to share how I feel..!


My biggest problem is that I have a great story to tell but can't seem to convey that in my journaling. It also doesn't help that the space I have to journal in is small most of the time.

Monica B

Renee T.

I love to write, and am always looking to improve my ability. My biggest stumbling block is that I always seem to have too many pictures to scrap, and I never seem to allocate the space for the journaling. Even though I value the journaling, I treat it like the stepchild on my page, and I think this class would help me reprioritize.


Except for the story of my children's birth, I have 0 writing in the books, the block is there, but empty... I don't know where to start, sometimes I just put names and dates and that is it, I know I want to remember this moents, and when I look at the pictures I do, but I don't know what to write so that when future generations ask, they can read what I am feeling and remembering...

Jessica Segui

Depth, not breadth. Maintaining focus and searching for meaning below the surfaces. These are my challenges.


Sometimes I think I may write too much..which might slow down viewers of my layouts, but if I am not here anymore I want to be sure that whomever is reading my memory get the full story. I really would like to learn different ways to journal so it is just not always plain ol narrative.
Many Thanks!!


This class would be great. I'm all for telling better stories to match up with my love of photography.


I can talk, but I can't write. I have a problem with telling a story in small space with a few meaningful words that gets the feeling across.


Sometimes I have too much to say and not enough room to write it. Sometimes I have alot of room to write and not enough to say.

Jeannine B.

I just always go blank as I try to find something meaningful to say.

lisa d

My problem is that all of my journaling is so generic. You seriously could pick up what i write on most pages and slap it into anyone elses page. I lack all creativity in my journaling!
This class sounds delightful!!


My stumbling block is that I either can't think of enough to write or I write too much.


My biggest problem not getting intimidated by the blank page. I want my scrapbook pages to be authentic and something that my family is going to want to read and look at all throughout their lives. I want them to have details and little tidbits about myself and them that let them know that I valued every aspect of being a wife and mother!


Making my memories/stories sound interesting is a challenge. I have gotten better at journaling in general, but I think my stories are lacking *something*.

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