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May 14, 2009



I would love this!!


I just signed on to Twitter. What do I write?


Pick me, I'm FB shy!


Get me in and I'll tweet all over this motha!

Elizna Parsons I can learn to twitter, too! Hope my streak of good luck is still working...{?}


Into Facebook and needing something to bring my mojo back!!


I'm a blogger, not a Tweeter or a Booker- but I am a Cathy lover!

Mary Mitchell

Facebook: May 18

" I find it a bit annoying to be woke up by a doctors office wanting to know why I'm having my records transfered....then to say they won't do it until I pay them $20.00"

I'm new to facebook and twitter...but I think it's going to be good therapy"


Wow, Don't have a blog or even know what Twitter is. Am I out of the loop or What? Guess I should take this class Huh? Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll pick me!


Laura P

This class would be a great way to say more in fewer words. Plus, I idolize CZ!


I'm already in the class, but would love to have a friend who can't afford it join me!

Laurie Weaver

I've checked Twitter out and have an account, but I'm not quite sure what to do with it. This class would help.

Emily Barklage

Cathy is a card and a class with her must be fun!


I would love the chance to be in Cathy's class. She rocks !!


Saying "Hi" and giving a friendly wave from down under (Australia).


I LOVE Cathy and her classes rock...I would so love to win!

Renee Dorrian

I know nothing about Twitter - but I'm game. I Love BPS classes and well Cathy is just the best.


I don't know about Twitter but I would love, love to take this class! I just found BPS.Looks like a new adventure for me.


Ohhh, I would love to take this class! I'm a teacher who is getting ready to start summer vacation. This would be perfect!


me: omg! did you get scratched by a bear? a: no me: then what happened to you? a: i got scratched carrying the bear out. me: sigh
8:53 PM May 14th from web


Sending ya a sweet tweet from sunny So Cal. Love ya BPS!

Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

Love this class! Have some folk who'd like this class and would make a gift of it to one of them if I'm picked.

Veronica Berkey

Need a class to escape from the chaos that is my life...writing about it. vb

Melanie aka browneyedgirl

Glad the weekend with the family is over. After a visit to them I always need a vacation. LOL


is going to spend an Hour with my boyfriend George Stroumboulopoulos. What? He said "hi, I'm your boyfriend"

(it's a Canadian thing, google him.)

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