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June 27, 2009



My favorite vintage trearsure is an old school desk that my Grandma used to have in her home. My sister, cousins and I spent many hours playing school at that desk, now it sits in the corner of my dining room and holds many memories!


My favorite findings are old recieps! The one I´ve tried most lately is a gingerbreadrecipe with cayenne pepper, from the 1850´s.


I'd love to find some unique apothecary jars. Just love the look! My fave find is an old typewriter in great condition.

Kristyn G

The greatest treasure I have found is the amazing assortment of really old family pictures I recently came across at my great great Aunt's house. The pictures stretch across 7 Generations!!! We had 5 Generations alive until this past March!


The greatest item i have found would be a bunch of vintage buttons. I love them, but am reluctant to use them at this point. They sit in a glass jar so I can look at them!
I would love to find some vintage boxes - wood, metal, etc... I saw this really cool project using boxes and would love to duplicate it for an art piece on my living room wall.


My family pictures are my greatest treasures (other than my family, itself). My grandmother also left me her family Bible that traces our family back many, many generations.


I am looking for the perfect 1950's prom dress to put on a mannequin in my craft room!! I am still searching for the right one still haven't found it yet!!! But the thing I treasure most are the 2 pieces of my Grandmothers Fostoria that have been handed down to me!!!

Bethany E.

I found this amazingly beautiful vase at a thrift store for a VERY cheap price. Now I use it in my decorating every single season...just changing up the flowers in it. Thanks for the giveaway!

Laura Melohn

My favorites are buttons...of all kinds, but especially blue!

Dana J

I would LOVE to find an old rocking chair. One I could repaint and make our own. Of course I'd also like to find an old house with a great big porch for that said rocking chair! :) Thanks for the chance to win!!!


My favourite vintage find was a 1940s cameo which had been repurposed into a pewter setting with tiny seed pearls and strung onto a necklace its so beautiful and everyone always comments on it. Plus it embodies my favourite saying about vintage "its old but new to me!!"

Emily Barklage

My favorite treasure found is my china. Found at an antique store in Arizona - 12 place settings. Blue flowers on white with silver trim - LOVE!

Angie Kyle

I would be thrilled to win a seat in Jenni's class! I am always looking for vintage board game boards to hang on the wall. I also would like to find vintage laundry room supplies to decorate and hang up.


I so love Jenni Bowlin! She has provided so much inspiration to me through her products. I would love to continue to be inspired by her as a teacher! my favorite vintage item is lace and crocheted doilies. THe simple beauty that women created with their hands is breathtaking!


One of my favorite treasures found was a thimble in my husbands grandmothers sewing box from quilting that was left in her house for trash after all the children and grandchildren had taken what they wanted. She was an avid quilter and was 90 when she had passed.


My favorite find ever was a gorgeous vintage rhinestone purple and white. It is one of my favorites!

Michele T

Oh I would love to be able to take this class! I would also love to find a vintage printer's tray - I just love old vintage stuff!!!


Something that I would love to find: I have been hunting for many years for the elusive glass cake stand with the a beaded rim. A friend put the idea in my head. Can you just picture a beautiful southern coconut cake displayed on a beaded cake stand for Sunday dinner? Well it is worth hunting for. Meanwhile there are so many other treasures to find while hunting. I would love to win a spot in Jenni's class so that I could get some ideas for what to do with my treasures, not to mention improving my badness!


a treasure box of old family photos is my most treasured holding! Going thru those photos of long ago family members from my dad's side of the family was an exciting journey for both myself and my children.
We discovered the passport of my grandmother's brother- filled with stamps, his photo, and the record of his travels between Eastern Europe and the US. We also found the birth certificate for my uncle whom I never knew- as he died in infancy. Letters, old postcards...
It was an afternoon where I felt very connected to my ancestry.


Thanks so much for the opportunity for a free seat to Jenni's class. My favorite items is my grandfather's camera and an old Underwood typewriter.

Lisa T.

There are a number of treasures that I inherited when my Oma passed away. Her antique knee pedal Singer, her Melrose china, and more for memories than value are the bread boards we always used when we went to their house to visit. Cinnamon/sugar toast would be served on them with breakfast. I even have the old Domino cinnamon/sugar shaker elephant from her! Just looking at them brings back memories of times with them.


This is going to be a really unique class. I am definitely going to sign up. would be nice to have the seat for free! Thanks for the opportunity!

Shannon McPheeters

I found my Mimi's 1950's cat-eye glasses! I love them and they are how I remember her! I'm actually thinking of having lenses made in my script so I can wear them.


My favorite treasures are my two daughters... =)

J. Harmon

I didn't exactly find it (my mother gave it to me), but my favorite treasure is lace that was handmade by my great-grandmother.

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