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June 26, 2009


Marcie Howe

I have been thinking about making a layout of daily life during my elementary school years. Life in the 60's was so different from today's technology driven society that it makes me feel old to say we didn't have VCR's, microwaves, portable phones, or cable tv. Just to mention a few things! :-)

Kelly Ranae Miller

I need to do a layout that tells about my journey through the ups and downs of my childbearing years that ultimately led to my becoming a midwifery student/apprentice at 40.


I need to do a layout about my passion...I had a job I loved and gave it up to follow my husbands career.

Luz Maria Martin del Campo de Newton

Hi! I want my kids to know how her mother really was as a woman, because they almost always see "the mommy side"


I want to scrap my own story of how I have come through Bulimia and my plans to help others.

Mariam Marhoon

I'd layout my baby moments since birth till now ..


I am heading back to my hometown in July for my 20 year class reunion. I have plans to return to my former home, school, and favorite hangouts as well as my college town and other points of interest. I am alread planning in my head the pictures that I want to take and how I want to scrapbook my personal history for my children to see.


I have a very hard time doing pages about myself, other than a yearly birthday recap type page. I'd love some inspiration!

Wendy  T

I need to tell the story of the journey we took to get pregnant and have a family. It's just one of those things that I have not taken the time to do!


I would like to do a layout about my fave books and candies as a kid and compare them to my kids today. I laughed because my oldest asked me if I had double bubble chewing gum in the 1950s, he's only off by a couple of decades!


I need to document my current weight loss journey. While we all HATE our fat pictures... I need to put them in a layout to see how far I have come... think inspiration for the rest of the journey!

Kerry G.

I want to make a layout about where I was when I found out about all the big news events of my life: the Challenger explosion, the OJ verdict, 9/11, Obama's inauguration, and now Michael Jackson's death. They are just distinct moments in time where I remember not only where I was physically the moment I found out about th news, but also captures very different times in my life. First elementary, then high school, then as a young professional, and on to where I am now in my thirties.

Dana J

Me? I need to document the journey of my daughter (her cancer diagnoisis at the age of 3) and how that has changed the way I look at life and her. Sounds like an AMAZING class! Maybe the kick in the pants that all of us need to start scrapbooking about ourselves, which most of us tend NOT to do!

Jenn B

I would like to tell the story of my wonderful grandmother, who passed away 2 years ago. She was a wonderful and creative person whom I loved very much.

Heather P

So far I only seem to do goal pages for me, so there are many many more pages I could and should do.

Mary S.

Looking through all the pages I have made I have almost none about me! This is SO sad and I know that I need to start taking time to do pages about me...I can start with my first 5K which I just completed!!

Nancy Hyland

I really need to do a layout about how much motherhood has surprised and pleased me


I need to make a page about Michael Jackson dying! And one about my love for Coca-Cola!


I really need to do a layout about the fulfillment of my dreams of becoming a mother and the long hard road that it was to complete our family.

Debi Wind

I have been on a journey for a long time looking for me. I think I have finally begun to find and discover who me is. I feel like a diamond in the rough and the jeweler has begun to shape the diamond to be...I am becoming the diamond to be.


I would like a defining moment can be getting married, going off to college, sitting on top of a cliff looking out at the water but it is a day where you had a special moment that caused a change in your life.


I have so many stories waiting to be made into a scrapbook page! Just today reading a blog made me want to make a lo on the city that I've been living in most of my life.


I need to do a layout of how I felt on 9/11. I put it aside at the time because the emotion was too much. I haven't gotten back to it and even have the paper and some photos from then that I want to use.


When I scrapbook, its never about me. Its about all of the wonderful people in my life, and although I love doing it, I think that its time to focus on me for a little while. Tell my story, and have this for years to come, and something for my children when i get old =)


All the previous posts are deserving reasons to take this class. I am not sure on a specific layout, but I recently felt that I had lost myself and the past ten years. If I can rediscover myself and story, then maybe it will bond me closer to my loved ones better then ever and building even better memories w/ each other.
Good luck to all. Thanks for the opportunity.

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