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June 26, 2009



I'd really like to do a layout about a childhood memory of mine. I don't have one in particular, but I haven't scrapped much of my own childhood. I think it's something my kids would appreciate.


I'm already enrolled in the class and it looks fantastic! The LO I'd like to make is about my struggles with weight and why it's such a struggle


This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time...I always wonder what my girls would remember about me or what others would tell them. I want to record my story so that they can know their mom better.

Angela W

This just sounds like an awesome class, truly a learning experience. I scrap my 2 boys, but I haven't done anything about myself yet. I would love to have that for them. I wish I had more on my dad to reflect on and share with my boys.

Brenda in Sunny So Cal

I just found out my coussin is having her first child and for some reason, the first thing that came to my mind was my bizzare craving for cinamon raising bagel with lox, cream cheese, tomato, onions and JALAPENOS! I had completly forgotten about this one I had it with my second about 4 years ago!
I never scrap about me, I need the push because I feel obligated to scrap about my kids.


I never think about myself as having "stories". But I imagine my kids would regret it if I don't work harder than that. Will this class help me come up with stories about me? Thanks for the offer!

Andrea C. in IL

I done a mini album of that day in time, but never documented my opinoins and feelings about tough choices. I hope I could through this class.


Right off the top of my head....I'd say our engagement story. It's fun, beautiful, clever and the kids would just love seeing it in print. I've had it in my mind for awhile.... but, you know how that story goes!


I need to tell the story of my every day life - not the one of my kids, not the one of my husband, but MINE.


I need to make a layout descriping how every year in the first part of June, as soon as we got done with school, my mother would take us blueberry picking. I can still feel the Florida sun beating down on me and taste the blueberries we ate (faster than the ones that went into the bucket).

Dana N (MissD)

I would love to do a layout about my first car. It was a huge, beat-up Buick and I could barely see over the steering wheel. I was so short that I needed to put a pillow behind me so I could reach the gas pedal. What a sight I must have been!


What a great project idea! I need a layout of some of my "career" pictures...the few that
I have. And I need one layout in a chauffeur hat taking the teens from here to there :)


One layout that I really need to make is on my girlfriends and how they have influenced me over my life. Just finding pictures of us over the years has been great. This sounds like a great class.

Kimberly Colledge

I really need to tell the story of me, of how I became comfortable in my own skin, of how I chose to move 2500 miles away from my hometown and all that was familiar to me. I just need to share with my children who their mom really is. Plus I would love the challenge of working with a different size.

Gwen Hesson

Okay, I left a comment but it doesn't look like it took...thunderstorm in the area may have messed that!

I've never done a page just about me...

This past 16 months has been a huge journey for me. 1) Had a baby; 2) Developed Post-natal depression; 3) Became a SAHM; 4) Gained way too much weight (as if my self-esteem wasn't bad enough)...

Scrapbooking has been a very therapeutic tool for me recently. It helps me to focus on the positive aspects of my life. It helps me to realize the reasons that I have to feel blessed and to keep going on this journey we all call life...with all of its ups and downs.

I've been going through some major changes, learning about who I am and who I want to become...This is something that I want to have for my daughters to look back on too. (I don't really want them to remember the mom I've been, but the mom I'm trying to be.)

Okay, I did it again...TMI...but I do want to be honest here because (as I tried to say in my unsuccessful comment attempt)...I {REALLY} want to win this spot.

Thanks again for the opportunity.


I think I need to do a layout on how much I love music!


I need to document my move to Pennsylvania at the tender age of 23. Quite intentionally I found myself in a small town 1500 miles away from my childhood home and the friends and family who supported me for the first two decades of my life. It was quite a change -and one I was none to pleased with in the beginning - but one that set me up to venture through graduate school, meet and marry the man of my dreams and plant roots that allowed us to bring two babies into our world. It was a good move :)

Sandy L

I need to tell the story of being a Navy wife. Spending years alone, raising my two toddlers. Being poor, creative and thrifty. Reading and making up stories with my sons. I need to leave them this story so they will know... that I have always been there and I WILL always be there for them.

Wendy Parent

Me...a work in progress.


I should scrap the story of how my husband I met.

colleen F

I am always scraping about my girls life and what they are doing, that I have never done anything about me. There is so much that needs to be recorded. My relationship with my parents, how I met my husband, my beliefs, and other things that make me tick.
thanks for the chance to win.


I just created my first layout about myself 2 weeks ago and I need to do so many more; why I joined the military, how I met my husband, why we decided to adopt....


I want to document random things about my lifes/dislikes right now...


A layout I need to make ---- who am I? what am I about? not surface-y stuff, but the down deep stuff. The things that make me tick ----- and ZING! and those things that I am NOT too. that's part of everyone's story too.


one of my layouts would be about my depression because i don't know how to tell a story like that.
Also i want to remember who i am at the age or 17 right now, i this class will help me with where to start.
Megan P

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