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July 03, 2009





I got my mail last week. THANKS!

Marcie L

What a great package, thank you so much for the Happy Mail!!!

Cynthia Pettigrew

I am so disappointed that I am not going to receive the kit.


I got my happy mail yesterday. I won't spoil the surprise, but it sure was fun and happy. :) Thank you BPS!


I got my happy mail today! Thank you so much! What a nice little package!!


how come I'm not a winner?! As soon as the link came up at 10 I registered...immeadiatley!!!

Dianne E

Yes, I made it, I am getting Happy Mail. Thanks. Can't wait for the class.


whoohooo! :) and congrats to all the winners. :)
Thanks BPS!


I am so excited....i WON and i get to have an awesome instructor! Sawheet! Cannot wait until September!


wow, I am so excited :) can't wait to get my happy mail


Like the class isn't exciting enough?! I win a prize too! Yay! Thank you for the giveaway!

Lauren H.

So how many people signed up? Just curious.

Christina C.

Even getting my registration in at 1 minute past I wasn't on the list! You must have super servers! Congrats to all who did win.

Jennifer McIntyre

We are ALL lucky winners because we have a phenomenal scrapbooker/teacher/every woman to guide us - GO Cathy GO Cathy Go Cathy!

Can't wait for class to start!
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Lynn F

Wow - I registered within the first 2 minutes and didn't make the list. Surprised the servers could keep up with all that activity!! Congrats everyone.


Congrats to everyone and me!!


HOORAY! I sat and hit refresh until it came up and I registered as fast as my fingers would type! I can't believe how far I am down the list, ha ha! No matter, I'm just so happy I'm on it, hooray! Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

Teressa Schumacher

YIPPIE!!!!! I WON!!!!! Congrats to all who won and who signed up for this class.... I wish we had mail service like on Bugs Bunny!!!! I will be waiting by my mail box.... I can't wait !!!!!

Amy Z in Franklin,MA

WOO HOO!!!! I am so excited for Happy Mail and this class. Cathy NEVER disappoints!


Congrats you lucky ducks!


Congratulations to the winners!

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