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July 29, 2009


Nancy L

This is a simple and elegant breakfast I had at a B&B years ago.

Take cereal such as oatmeal crisp and crush to desired consistency. Add pancake syrup to the mix until the cereal binds together.

Form into small cups and place in oven to set. When lightly browned, take out of oven to cool.

Add french vanilla yogurt in these cups and fresh fruit on top. I prefer strawberries and blueberries.

Yummy and the perfect sweetness.


I'm a pizza junkie. Would eat a whole one by myself if I could. So to prevent that, I make snack-sized pizzas by spreading a tortilla with pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce) and sprinkling some shredded cheese on it. Any finely chopped vegetable can go on also. Then microwave for about 30 seconds. Oooo! Yummy!

Kristen Butler

My family loves French Dip sandwiches. Easy. Buy sliced roast beef from the deli, heat up a powdered Aujus packet (just add water and heat), put beef in aujus, place on french rolls, add a slice of white cheese (we use Provolone), broil just slightly to melt cheese and warm rolls. Then eat. Good stuff.

Crafty P

Sweet Potato Burritos (we just can't get enough of these this summer!)

3-4 large sweet potatoes- roast 'em and smash 'em
can of refried black beans (I like Amy's organic)
shredded monterey jack cheese
whole wheat tortillas

Take a tortilla and spread the beans on it, then add a healthy spoonful of sweet potatoes down the center. Sprinkle some monterey jack cheese on top of the sweets and roll it up. Place seam side down on a foil lined baking sheet. Bake for about 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Serve with fresh fruit or a green salad.


(for pictures visit my cooking blog at

ps. I adapted this recipe from cookbook.

Kerry G.

My favorite snack is chips with a mixture of equal parts cottage cheese and salsa! No cooking involved.


A great, fast and easy appetizer

a wheel of brie cheese (rind on)
A tube of crescent rolls
a favorite jam

lay crescent sheet on non-stick baking sheet, place brie in center, top brie with a couple of spoonfuls of jam (raspberry and cherry are amazing) fold crescent over the cheese wheel and bake at 350 for about 25 minutes until the crescent is golden. Serve with bread, crackers and apples YUM!


My favorite summer treat:
Faux Ice Cream Sandwiches (Weight Watchers style - 1 point)
One lowfat graham cracker (broken into two equal sized squares)
Fat free Cool Whip
Put one cracker down and put a large dollop of Cool Whip on top. Top with second cracker. Wrap in plastic wrap trying not to squash them too much. Make a bunch and throw them into a large ziploc bag. Freeze until firm. Even the kids love these quick portable treats!

I would love to get a scrapbooking recipe that is as easy to throw together...

Kathryn Whittaker

Shepperd Pie

Brown 1 lb. super-lean ground beef

In bottom of casserole dish, put ground beef. Layer with french-cut green beans, then 1 can of tomato soup that has been mixed well with 1/2 can of water. Add a layer of mashed potatoes (or my kids like tater tots), then top with grated cheddar cheese. Bake in 350 degree oven until hot and bubbly.

My mom used to make this when I was a kid. You can change up the meat and use ground turkey or chicken, and change up the veggies, and the soup too.

Thanks for the chance to win,
Kathryn W.


I'd love to take May's class! With that, an easy fave I found on Allrecipes. Easy with ingredients on hand (I sub Italian dressing for the French), goes good with some fettucine alfredo on the side. Sweet and savory dinner, and best of all easy!

12 chicken thighs
1 cup apricot preserves
1 cup French dressing
1 (1 ounce) package dry onion soup mix
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F .
2. In a medium bowl combine the jam, dressing and soup mix. Mix together.
3. Place chicken pieces in a 9x13 inch baking dish. Pour apricot mixture over chicken and bake uncovered in the preheated oven for 50 to 60 minutes.


A quick Chocolate pie favorite of ours.
1 baked pie shell (Cooled)
1 the big sized hershey bar (any flavor)
8 oz Cool whip

Break up hershey bar in glass bowl. Melt in microwave 1 min then 30sec until melted smooth. Add 3/4 of the tub of cool whip mix together quickly. Pour into pie shell. Top of pie with remaining cool-whip. Chill 2 hours. Quick and easy and usually gone in one evening. Family favorite.

Kristin r

Leftover pasta!
I cook up some pasta and then while I'm waiting cut up all the veg I have to use up fry it with garlic and any meats I have to use up then add a jar of pasta sauce and let simmer. Add a little cream and then mix in with the pasta! Super yummy and never the same everytime!


Right now we're on a kick of using up all our zucchini. We've come up with a neat, healthy way for our kids to enjoy "chips". Cut the zucchini potato chip thin, add any seasonings you might like, and then stick them in the dehydrator overnight. Sauted zucchini is good too. Just chunk it up, saute in butter and garlic and it's a wonderful side dish. ;)

Dawn F.

I think I'm gonna print these comments! These recipes sound yummy! My favorite recipe right now for summer - Zesty Chicken Dip - 1 pkg. cream cheese, 8 oz. Ranch dressing, 1 large can of chicken (drained), a couple of handfuls of cheddar cheese - microwave until it stirs and it is blended - add hot sauce until desired heat is achieved - serve with tortilla chips. Thanks for the chance! Dawn


Love the idea of scrapbook recipes - cooking? not so much. Here's a very easy chicken casserole that is my family's favorite:

boil 2 or 3 chicken breasts, dice meat
mix with 1 can cream of chicken soup, 8 oz sour cream and 8 oz shredded cheese. Pour mixture in 8x8 pan and top with crushed crackers. Cook at 350 for about 30 minutes - until crackers are brown and everything is warm and bubbly. If you want to be healthier - put cooked broccoli on the bottom of the pan and top with chicken mix & crackers. Great "comfort" food!


Recipes and scrapbooking my favorite things.

Scrappy Val

Here's my recipe for some soul warming food: Fast Chicken and Rice Soup

Fill large pot with water, add 2-3 tblsp Chicken bouillon (has to be the powdered one with yellow/green pkging and chicken on outside), let simmer while you dice up some fresh celery, add celery to pot let boil, in separate pot boil diced chicken until cooked then drain, add chicken to large pot once cooked and let boil, once boiling add garlic salt, onion powder and 4 cups of Minute rice .. turn heat off and let stand for 5-9 minutes and be sure to stir once or twice but keep covered most of the time .. then fill a large bowl with the yummy stuff and add black pepper to taste .. YUM and it's fast :)

I would love a seat in May's class :)

Cheers ~ Scrappy Val


I just created this quick meal earlier this week....

cooked pasta
cooked meat
cooked vegetables
salad dressing
sliced cheese

I used bowtie pasta, cut up turkey pastrami, whole pea pods and ranch dressing. I heated it all in a large sauce pan and topped it with sliced provolone. It was yummy in my tummy and a "recipe" that I will use again.


Melissa LaFavers

I started making this dish after being inspired by Daisy Fuentes, who made a similar one on Rachael Ray. I changed it up a bit to suit my particular preferences.

Ground meat browned in a skillet with garlic, cumin, cilantro, a little cayenne. In another pan, I mix rinsed green olives with green and red bell pepper, onion, more of the same spices, maybe a little black pepper, and black beans. I mix the meat with the veggies and serve it over barley, instead of rice, and add some shredded cheddar or Mexican blend cheese on top. Oh, yeah.

Robyn W fave easy thing, melted cheese on toast....not a big chef person here Kayce...and then there is always the meat and three veg if i have too.....but would LOVEEEE scrapbook recipes a lot more


All these recipes sound so good...both the food recipes and the scrapbook recipes. My quick and easy recipe is nachos...

Open a can of refried beans and through them in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Put tortilla chips (any brand from the grocery store works) in the bottom of a pan.

Dollop(?) teaspoons of the refried beans on the chips (not too many).

Add lots of cheddar/monterey jack cheese.

Then another layer of chips, then more dollops of beans and more cheese.

Throw in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

I'ts so yummy and it's got lots of protein.

Just an added hint...if you line the pan with foil before you put in the ingredients it's a real easy cleanup...leaving more time for scrapbooking.

I can't wait for class to start...have a GREAT day everyone!

Grandma Shelley


I'm not much of a cook, but my favorite lunch time recipe is a quick and easy
Margherita Pizza -

Take one flour tortilla and spread on a teaspoon or two of olive oil. Sprinkle with a light dusting of garlic powder and basil (use more if you're using dried herbs). Add a couple thin slices of mozzarella cheese (I just cut up a piece of string cheese!), and a few slices of fresh tomato. Place on a foil lined pan in the toaster oven at 375* for about 6 minutes! So yummy!


My favorite :) Not food but just as good LOL

Key Lime Martini (in pint glass) muddle 2 sugar cubes with juice of 1 lime. Pack with ice then add 1 shot Vanilla Vodka (Stoli Vanil) and 1 - 1 1/2 ounces of pineapple juice. Shake, strain & enjoy.


Eskimo Cookies

4 c oats
1 stick butter/margarine
3 TBSP cocoa
2 c sugar
Optional 1/2 to 1 tsp of flavoring, mint, raspberry, almond or hazelnut are all excellent additions.
Mix ingredients together. Roll into balls and roll in powdered sugar...serve chilled. Yum.

Dana J

My favorite recipe? Hmm, I have lots! But i LOVE Muddy Buddies. You know, those rice chex mixed with peanut butter and chocolate then covered in powdered sugar? Mmmmmm, may need to make some this weekend now! :)

Laurie T

Quick and easy? Take 1 bag of Hershey Nuggets candy bars, any flavor. My favorite is dark chocolate with almonds! Melt them in a glass bowl in the microwave. Then just add a 1/2 bag of Fiber One cereal. Mix together and drop by rounded teaspoons onto wax paper. Put in the freezer to "firm up". These are wonderful and are only 1 point each in Weight Watchers!

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