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September 26, 2009



Spending the day in the kitchen making dark chocolate truffles for christmas gifts............taste-testing wayyyyyyy too many and then end up having to make more. Why am I suprised I always put on a few pounds every Christmas ? Hmmmm


I love taking my kids to see 'santa' and getting that priceless picture of them on his lap each year. Its so fun to see what each child asks for. Last year my 3 year old asked Santa for a Popsicle for Christmas.


My favorite tradition is on the day before Christmas. My husband and kids make plans to leave me alone (they go skiing). I spend the day making sure all the last minute things are done so I can go to bed at a decent hour. After everything is ready, I create a holiday dinner complete with never before seen decorations. When the family gets back home they shower and get dressed in their best holiday clothing and we eat by candlelight. The mood is magical and I'm calm because I know I'm ready. We then gather around the Christmas tree and share family gifts. There is so much love and sincerity to Christmas Eve!!

Marcie L

My favorite thing is definitely baking! Love to bake a huge variety of Christmas cookies and watch my family enjoy them all!

Teresa Lewis

I love to decorate the house...put up the tree with lots of lights...then, light a candle and sit in the living room with just the Christmas tree lights on. Maybe have a cup of Hot Chocolate with a peppermint stick in it. Possibly watch "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Christmas Vacation" with the family. Love that cozy feeling!

Debbie Raymond

Debbie Raymond, Cut the Crazy teacher here - If you don't win, come join the class anyway. You'll pay for the price of the class with what you save by planning early and not having to buy those expensive 'desperation gifts' or pay 'next-day air' postage for packages! The message boards are already filled with great ideas, and I can tell that the class participation will be great. We'd love to have you join us.

Christine Acosta

In my 41 years of existence, I have only missed seeing the Nutcracker Ballet in San Francisco only a few times. We (Mom, sisters, myself and my niece) go every year. Lately we've been getting box seats which is such a nice treat! I love this just wouldn't be Christmas to me if I missed the Nutcracker!

Robin Fontaine

The journey of the Three Wise Men are the basis of one of my favorite Christmas traditions. When we put the nativity set out, the wise men go at the far end of the room. Each day they get moved to a new spot, closer to their destination. It always helps remind me to "savor the journey"!


Most of my favorite holiday traditions surround food. One of my absolute faves is Christmas morning my family gets together by the tree to open gifts, we play Mario Lanza's Christmas cd, we drink eggnog and while we open gifts mom fries up some meatballs and we all get a taste!


Christmas is so my favorite holiday and traditions is one of the best parts! My absolute favorite is Christmas morning while we read aloud the scriptures of the birth of Jesus, the kids carefully use the nice nativity set to act it out.


Reindeer food on Christmas Eve is our matter where we are, we can put out reindeer food and the kids always enjoy the tradition...even as our oldest is getting out of the Santa stage, he still loves doing this simple its a tradition all to our selves in our family, as no one else really does it---it's become our "thing"

Fun Mama - Deanna

My favorite tradition is making a lemon cheese cake (yellow cake with lemon curd) for Christmas Eve and a red velvet cake for Christmas Day. This has been tradition in my family for years, and since I have not had Christmas with my natural family in ten years, it's what keeps me grounded during the holidays.


My favorite tradition is decorating the tree with the kids. It is so much fun to see their excited faces and hear their memories as each ornament is placed.


It is hard to pick just one but I think my favorite thing is going to the mountains to cut down our own tree.

Stephanie B

My favorite tradition is baking cookies with my friend and my sister.


I love decorating the tree with my girls. I do the lights, then it's a free-for-all as we pick out our favorite ornaments and arrange them on the tree. The girls then spend many hours over the course of the season playing with the ornaments and turning the tree into a big dollhouse for their toys!

Christine H

We go see A Christmas Carol (a play) every year, leave cookies for Santa (even thought the "baby" is 13) and wake up at Grandma/Grandpa's house.


Our favorite family tradition is hanging the ornaments on the tree, listening to Christmas music, and having hot chocolate and s'mores.


Love christmas lights and the music! But most of all is watching the excitement in my 5 year old and now my 1 year old.


Every year the kids and I make a gingerbread house. We have lots of fun and the kids love our tradition. In fact as soon as they see it in stores we must buy it in case the sell out. lol

Connie Hopson

I love everything about Christmas and tend to go overboard putting up at least three trees every year. Traditions are many in my family, from decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving to leaving cookies and milk for Santa. If Santa has been a good boy he gets a slice of Rum Cake instead of the cookies.

Bethany E.

Our favorite tradition is decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It's such a fun family thing to do together!


While we have many traditions, my favorite is one we started several years ago. We made an advent wreath and each Sunday of Advent, the kids light a candle and the meaning of Christmas is shared.

Missus Wookie

At the 1st Sunday in Advent and again on Christmas Eve, we watch "The Muppet Christmas Carol". Laughing, quoting all our favourite lines, snuggled up together on the couch. Thankfully as the kids have grown so has the couch... DS is over 6' now!

Just seeing the cover makes us smile and feel Festive :)

Nicole Snow

I love taking turns as each person opens one present on Christmas Eve. It's so fun to get our new PJs!

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