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November 16, 2009


Kerry G.

I stopped going all out for Christmas a few years ago and it is awesome! I don't regret it one bit and Christmas is still fun and meaningful for my family, if not more so. I guess the one thing that I don't look forward to is actually driving to my parent's house, because it is a long trip. Being there is worth it in the end.


One thing I dislike is visiting so many people within a 12 hour time span. It's stressful and I spend most of the time in transit but I feel guilty if I don't see everyone on the list during the holidays.

Linda Snoek

This year I'm going to cross off a few things from my "should" list, and instead add a new thing or two from my "I'd love to" list! Traditions don't always have to be followed!!

Sarah M.

I'm always rushing around at the last minute! My second daughter was born Dec. 10th, 1994. If it wasn't done before then, it didn't get done. I was content with that. I remember that Christmas as my favorite. Now we have five children and it is even busier. This year I'm going to set similar goals so that I can enjoy my family! Which is what I really want to do.


I hate putting up/taking down the Christmas decorations...but I have 2 kids so can't skip it. I will just have a glass of wine and remember it is all for my babies!

Marcie Howe

I dislike having to buy gifts for people that we rarely see just because it is the thing to do. This year I've decided to give handmade calendars to my SIL's, candy to the kids, and gift cards to my BIL's. It's not that I don't want to get them gifts but since we don't see them often I have no idea what to get them. This makes the search for the perfect gift a crazy task and I'm not doing it this year.

Jennie Nelson

I am not a big fan of decorating, but my husband has always loved to be immersed in christmas. I am grateful my children are old enough to participate this year, delegation!!

Michelle Evans

I always stress over the "christmas letter", so I will skip it this year.


One thing I'm not doing this year is rushing about to get a family photo--which everyone complains about having to do. And I'm skipping the Christmas letter as well...just too stressful!


There is never enough time in a day...and Christmas...Bah Humbug! For years i have done the big major meal, used my allowance money to buy gifts for husband's family because he never budgeted for Christmas even when all they do is criticize me. And make special papercraft gifts for the neighbors who don't give us the time of day. The yrs of sending Christmas cards, the shopping, the baking, gift-wrapping, volunteering for food drives and church events, and the cleaning and rearranging for house-guests... It's exhausting esp. when all i can think about is the son i lost and his empty chair. And that the best gift would just be a warm hug. We will make time to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" again and love others. Some year (soon?)maybe i can pass on the torch.

Sandy L

One thing I dislike, that I’m not doing this year: is cooking the big huge dinner while everyone else is playing with new toys. Nope - this year - it's a buffet in this house! I will heat thing up - and free myself up to play, too! Hope you enjoy your book - as I will enjoy playing with my family on Christmas Day!

Melinda Wilson

If I must be honest, there isn't enough space nor time to list everything that distresses me the last couple of years about Christmas. . . but I will narrow it down to a couple.
It has always been my husband, sons and myself that have to go to everyone else's house on Christmas Day.
I spend too much money on presents for extended family. I would love to draw names or something but the sister-in-law (which has the huge family) gets her feelings hurt. That's why I love Thanksgiving because there are no presents and we just "spend time with family".


Good question! I hate trying to think of the perfect dish to bring to a holiday party. If a good idea comes to me that is simple and I have the time to prepare, I'm OK, but if it doesn't for some reason I stress about it even though logically, I know it does not matter. This year, if a situation like that comes up, I'll just bring a bottle of wine! Or bring cheese & crackers and forget about it.


I dislike sending Christmas cards to the ones who don't for years bother to send one back (or even a thank you note or anything, may it be in spring because they "just don't have time"). I always feel like a complete idiot when I'm sending those. I don't know if I'm able to break this through this year, but I would like to make a list and send cards only to those people who appreciate them.


Christmas fudge....I just make too much, and feel the "guilts" if I don't make it for everyone I'm visiting. (It's good, but I feel it's run its course since I've been making it for years). I know there are only a few that truly enjoy the fudge I make, who look forward to it. I'll make for them...and just tell everyone else I ran out of time.


I put my foot down on the goodie baskets for random people my husband works with. Last year they each got an individual bag with 7 different types of treats in them (and I made 26 bags!). This year there will be one large tray of cookies that goes to work with him and comes home when the cookies are all gone.


I really dislike being the family "rock". I remember my GGrandMom and my GrandMom being the family rock and now it's my turn, but I just don't always feel that I'm ready for the responsibility. At Christmas it's worse than ever, but I enjoy the season it's self


My mother in law gave me a Dept. 56 North Pole house about 17 years ago and it became "the thing" to get me. Now with over 100 houses, I dread putting them up and even worse is taking them down. It is an amazing and beautiful display but the up and down about kills me.

Erin Taylor

I hate traveling back and forth between my parents and my in-laws every year. I wish we could just do one or the other, but not both on both holiday. Now that we have kids, and really want to be more focused on their needs, which include relaxing a little bit on Christmas!

Ginia Roll

My big head ache every Chistmas has been that our strage area was only acsessed through our guest bed room. I would have to have absolutly everything out of there (but somehow keep it hidden from my little ones) or other wise I was constantly walking through or in on my "in laws" in the guest bed room. This past month we had to buy a new furnace and hot water gues what i did? Blew Out the wall WOOHOO New Door and never again walking in on gusets!


I gave up on all the things I hated about Christmas quite a few years ago. When I read this prompt, I mentally went through all the things I need to do for Christmas, and I really don't mind any of them. I guess the one thing I'm not looking forward to is sending presents to California. This is the first year, ever, I haven't seen my daughter at Christmas, and I will really miss her and her husband!


I procrastinate every year. Mainly because I'm a time-waster, or should I say I get side-tracked WAAAAYYY too easily. I am going to make a point to make a timeline/list of the things that are most important and WHEN to get them done so it's not a big deal. =)

PS. I also have the newest Wally Lamb book that I still have not read. First 2 novels were A-MA-ZING.

Marina, somewhere downunder

I find it a real chore to buy gifts for everyone. I feel bad about it, but I really don't enjoy it, so I leave it to the last minute, when I just have to make decisions.


This sounds bad, but I hate decorating, if there were not little ones, I would so like to just get a small Charlie Brown tree and be done..but I remember my grandma quit decorating and put just a small tree(like 4 inches) and I remember it not feeling like Thanksgiving weekend out comes all of the gazillions of decorations...Love the idea for the class! Thanks for the chance


I take on too much and get way too stressed :(

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