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November 16, 2009


Lisa S.

Put me on the no christmas goodie bandwagon. I don't like doing it--it doesn't bring me joy.


Every year I make/create Christmas cards with my kids' pictures on them but I forget/don't have time to take them to the post office. I hope to find the time this year. Also, I shouldn't take a picture of each kid opening a present because that means a lot of pictures! I'll just take a picture before the opening the presents and then right afterwards.

Michelle W.

I sewed matching pajamas for my kids for years. Love having them all in homemade pjs, hate the stress of getting six pairs done by Christmas Eve. I'm currently on the hunt for some cute sleep wear I can just purchase!


I hate finding/buying gifts for my husbands parents. They have everything and are impossible to buy for. This year I am not doing it & leaving the job to my husband. I buy all the other gifts. He can be responsible for those two gifts.

Christine H

Love Wally Lamb- enjoy! Sending Christmas cards to only those close friends and family instead of everyone we have ever met in our lives.


My biggest thing is giving/finding gifts for family members that we never actually see...we really need to all agree to not exchange gifts in this case!


I am not waiting until after my birthday (12/9) to start decorating (family tradition). We will decorate Thanksgiving weekend when I have the time to enjoy doing it and it won't be rushed. And I won't hate doing it.


Family Christmas picture. It's so stressful to get all of us looking our best at the same time, and then all looking at the camera, smiling, and not have our eyes closed.

Shawn K

The big thing that I dread doing every year is the Christmas Letter. Always so much pressure to make it better than last year but if I don't do it, there will be some that are it's time to get started!!!

Lois Houston

One thing I used to love but realized last Christmas that I didn't love anymore was an annual cookie swap party that I hosted. It was our fourth (or fifth) last year and it had become this huge hurdle I felt I had to overcome before I could relax and enjoy the holidays.
This year, I decided I'm not doing it. I'm going to focus on baking for my close friends and family and trying to relax and just be in the moment during the holidays.


I love this class idea. I am headed to the information page now to find out more.

For me? A big time buster during the holidays is not planning out all the events we are attending. You know... What food/gifts do I need to bring? This year I am going to do a better job preparing myself and not making those last minute runs to the grocery store.

Jana D

Every year I drive myself crazy trying to find the "Perfect" gift for EVERYONE. I really hate that I feel pressured to do this. Sometimes the "Perfect" gift just isn't there. I would love to learn to just send the package of cookies.

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