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January 11, 2010


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my greater purpose is to provide my son a glimpse of his life starting from when he was a child. I am an "older" parent having started at 46. Growing up, my generation didnt take pictures. it took us awhile before we even could afford a camera. With both parents gone know, I wish I had a a mini documentary/scrapbook of our lives together. It would help sometimes ease the pain of missing them.

Lucy :)

I'm not married, I don't have children - yet scrapbooking is important to me. I enjoy the creative outlet but most importantly scrapbooking enables me to combine my love of all crafts in one place AND keep the results! I get to incorporate bits of quilling, lace making, papercrafting, embroidery & so much more. I log the things that are important to me, right now, as well as recording the things that will soon be forgotten - Mom is gone, Dad is getting old & my great aunt is now 90 ...
Oh, and I get to live events & moments twice - once when I take the photo & again when I scrap it!


I would love to know the freedom of scrapping photos that I absolutely love and not being burdened with all the photos that are so-so. I want to be organized and feel the relief from that in sitting down to scrap a page that really captures something I want to tell/share. I want my two daughters to have keepsakes that they will treasure. I want to scrapbook more regularly so I'm not down to the wire trying to get an album done (high school graduation, etc) and not enjoying the creative process.


My greater purpose in scrapbooking is to document life with my boys and husband. I want to look back and have them look back and have all the fun and everyday things in our lives come back cleary like it was yesterday. I seems so intimidated and stuck with my scrapbooking over the last few years. I want to dive into it, I pull our papers and pictures and then I FREEZE.


I've always thought that I scrapbook for the same reasons that many people have mentioned - as a creative outlet and to preserve memories for my two boys. But over the years, it has become more of a collecting hobby. I have too much paper, tools, paints, stamps, ink, idea books, stickers, rub-ons...stuff! I'm now a hoarder, not a scrapbooker. And at some point, I've become more concerned about creating a beautiful, award-winning page (nothing wrong with that really) than about telling a story and reliving a memory. I need to find a way to combine the two.

Heather Smithson

I want to share the stories of OUR LIVES and just maybe in the sharing BECOME MORE, too.

Kate McKenzie

My greater purpose of scrapbooking is sharing. Sharing the knowledge that you don't have to be "creative" to do this, everyone has some creativity in them some of us just need a kickstart to get those juices flowing and that is perfectly okay! Sharing our family memories, past and present with current generations and future. Sharing my much too busy life with myself...making the time to do something for myself so that my life shares my time between work and personal. Hope that made sense.

dawn p in st louis

my greater purpose is to put the story with the greatest issue is that I am a "messy" crafter and I don't have a zone to scrapbook in that isn't on public view so to that end I just don't crop. and when I do scrapbook i am torn between telling my story and doing my son's me stacy help me!
*i have tried posting 3 times today so if this a dupe - sorry*



I scrap to tell stories, remember everyday events and to preserve memories.


The whole reason I ever started scrapbooking is to leave a legacy for my children. Some how I lost that and now I feel so overwhelmed by it all I feel as though I may never catch up. I need to loose the guilt that I feel because I am so far behind and get the drive to continue to leave a legacy. I lost a dear friend earlier this winter in a car accident and I am so glad she had 12 scrapbooks finished for her daughter that is only 3. My kids have not even one. I need to get back on track! Thanks for the opportunity to take this class!


My purpose is to record stories that may be forgotten and not be overwhelmed by the desire to have every page or album be perfect. Life isn't perfect is it??!!

Janet White

To me, scrapbooking serves many Greater Purposes:
· Recording the days as they pass forces me to focus on what happens in my life each day. That helps keep one of my phrases in mind that I use to guide my days: Live Deliberately. Be active in the day rather than just letting it pass by.
· Creating pages and journalling helps to refine my thoughts – selecting photos and words distills the days into a concentrate of the event. That in turn reverberates back to recording the days – allowing me to better notice life as it happens.
· Scrapbooking also allows me to connect more deeply with family and friends. I say things on my pages they might not already know, and my pages often jump start conversations about events in the past giving me a glimpse into their thoughts. My pages also help to overcome the distances that separates them from the intimate details of my life.
· Looking back on pages done previously, I more easily recall events that, had I not recorded them, would have drifted into the abyss of time that swallows up so many details of life.
· And, the bottom line for me is that I’m simply happier when I do all of the above.

Lynn Hamm

My scrapbooking purpose is to organize our 20 plus years of memories so that we can go back relive those memories through our pictures.

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