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January 04, 2010



Aside from the usual... eat better, exercise, etc. I'm going to focus on being happy and live happy! Times have been tough money is tight, we are trying to keep our own business doors open, figure out a way to keep our house and survive this hard economic crunch. Despite all of that, I need to live a happy life. I believe I'll get what I project :) Happy year!

Jenn F.

I'm going to make better food choices and hopefully lose some weight in the process :)


My resolution for 2010 - letting go and enjoying the process of everything life has to offer! Does it really matter if I don't have the exact shade of blue to match my pattern paper? I am sure that when I am gone, people will not look at my albums and say, "I can't believe she used that blue!" Does it really matter I am three steps behind the gal in front of me in aerobics class? My body is just thankful it is moving! I am giving up the "what I should be doing" and the "what it should look like" for the "I had a great time" and "Doesn't this look grand!"


I've made a monthly plan to finish more projects this year. I'd LOVE to take Cathy Z's class to help me with designing so I don't have to spend so much time working on my layouts and can complete my goal of finishing projects. Thanks for a chance to win!

Fun Mama - Deanna

I am going to start writing practice. I've wanted to be a writer for my entire life and I'm going to move forward with that desire instead of waiting for it to happen someday.

Veronica Hugger

"what positive changes you are making in 2010?"

I have no idea.

Strangely this new year and "new" decade does nothing for me. It's just more of the same. A constant, droning attempt to stay sane, get fit, eat healthy and get organized. Yada, yada yada.

Robin W

I want to focus on the things that really matter--my family, my health, my personal goals. Sometimes other aspects of life get in the way of what's truely important. I'm going to try and stay focused this year so I can better enjoy what each day brings.

Nicole Miner

My plan for 2010 is to FOCUS. Focus on what is most important to me and my family.

~ alli ~

I am going to try to be more punctual this year. Starting TODAY!


My hope for 2010 is to focus on the priorities in my life and that includes me and getting back to scrapbooking. I have a ton of supplies but haven't made time to for me to use them. I would love to take a class and get me back to scrapbooking! Cathy's class interests me a lot from the layout design aspect.


Like everyone else I have a long lists of changes or projects I would like to accomplish this year. My biggest??? Scrap more. I have commited to scrapping a minimum of 1 full day a month.


A positive change is that I'm going to focus on getting my work (bookwork from home and housework) done first so I can 'play' guilt free. Also this will help me to stay on top of my work and not let it pile up and drown me.

Linda Shewchuk

i am working on health of the body & mind... worrying about things that matter, not just because.

using the "save for company soap" as I am worth it - using the good plates all the time as every day living is a special occasion...

then i plan on doing everything & anything I can to work my scrapbooking/cardmaking business. winning one of these classes will help.


A more can-do attitude and focusing on the positive.


My only goal is to live my present.


2010 is my year to enjoy. Enjoy the classes that I take, the pages that I create and the meals I cook. To enjoy my life.


I'm going to reduce things in my life - the amount of clutter I have about my home, the pile of unfinished projects, the amount of outside projects I take on. This year I want to simplify and take more time to enjoy the little things.

Patty Schmidt

In 2010 I plan to better my photography skills, catch up on my scrapbooking, be more patient, eat healthier and run a half marathon.


Healthier eating and better organization. More fun scrapbooking!

Kathryn Whittaker

My goals this year include:
1. Getting fit
2. Decluttering/organizing my home
3. Building my home business

There is a lot to do, but I have a whole year to work on them!


Christy Heins

I am going to work on my DEDICATION, whether it be to scrapbook projects, organizing or whatever. I plan to to try to stay dedicated to whatever I start doing and see it through to the end!


Would love to win a spot in one of the BPS classes! I'm working on FINISHING projects this year ;-)


I am being Kind This year. I am focusing on doing a kind deed everyday! I am also going to lose my baby weight. He is one and the time is right to get the weight back off!Thanks for the chance to win!

Melissa Rydjeski

My word for the year is balance. I hope to create more balance in my life by decluttering both my material possessions and my busy schedule.

~ shelley ~

I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a spot in Cathy Z's class!!! Would have signed up for the class, but unfortunately, being unemployed....can't afford it :-(

Anyway....on to my focus for 2010....getting healthier physically, emotionally, and financially. I know it's a lot on my plate, but it can be done....can't go anywhere but up! :-)

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