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February 15, 2010



I print a few pictures out at home. Sometimes I journal on the computer. Mostly I dream about taking the leap into digital scrapbooking. Hybrid sounds like a safe place to start! And I've taken BPS online classes, of course! Thanks for a chance to win a great giveaway!


I mainly use the computer for journaling although MOST of my journaling is handwritten.

Amy Egger

I would love to learn about putting "stuff" directly on my photos - frames, titles, journaling, etc.

Kimberly G

I use my computer to take online classes and PSE to edit my photos. I would love to learn more about using digital kits.


I am a digital photographer like most people today. I love photo editing in CS4. I think that actions and filters are my friends when it comes to getting images done quickly for my pages.I enjoy digital and paper scrapping, but I think that I like hybrid the best. It can give the best of both worlds. What I would most like to get out of May's class is fresh ideas for laying down journaling. I love journaling.


I started doing a little bit of hybrid scrapping after taking Cathy Z's Design Your Life class at BPS and am excited to learn more from this class now!

Linda Shewchuk

I would love learn digi scrapping. I also have a bamboo tablet (in it's box) that i would love to use - please help!


I am a mostly digital scrapper and have attended many BPS classes for both digital and paper scrapping. I have a block when it comes to combining the two. I have always done it one way or the other. I am convinced that this class will help me to break the barrier I have andI would love to have the tablet to help me create my own elements.


I use the computer/printer a lot to print out digital elements I've downloaded, especially journaling boxes. I also love to add digital frames to my photos before printing them out, especially the ones that make them look more vintage. In the past, I had also used it to print out letters which I could then trace and cut out of paper. Not so much anymore. I don't think I'll ever go fully digital. I love using my scissors and glue way too much, but I love the versatility of digital elements.


I use my internet connection to take classes at BPS (love them all!), I take photos with my digital camera, use iPhoto and LR to view, edit, and print my photos, and use Flickr and my blog to share them. I shop for scrapbooking supplies, both paper and digital, online. I use my computer to design digital layouts and print journaling for paper layouts. I can't imagine NOT using technology in scrapbooking.


What fun! I have "dabbled" in this hybrid and digital world and would LOVE to do more. My digital uses thus far include:
1. Taking BPS classes (love them!)
2. Learning from Jessica Sprague online too
3. Digital photos
4. Hubby and I just bought a Nikon D300s DSLR. I'm intimidated by it!
5. uploading photos to my photo gallery to share with family
6. made our Christmas Card 2009 digitally and ordered thru Shutterly. this year we sold our house in 12 days JUST before Christmas (contract on 12/23) so no card happened this year.
7. I will make a "we moved, family update" card after we move this week.
8. I organize all my photos with iPhoto on my iMac
9. I edit them with Photoshop Elements
10. I've actually made one digital album (but need to print it still!)

i would love love love to win! what a fun class. What a nice treat after this giant move too. :)

Nathalie (famille1999)

I've just started to dabble into digital scrapbooking but I'd love to learn more techniques, especially using brushes on my pictures and page to spice up my hybrid pages. So far, my hybrid pages have only consisted of typing my journaling and printing it directly on my pages and once in a while printing my pictutes in a grid pattern and use them on my page.


Thank goodness taking BPS classes counts!
1) I take BPS classes - have taken quite a few of them!
2) I photograph digitally
3) I store my photos on my external hard drive (a new purchase to ensure I don't lose everything!)
4) I order my photos online
5) I'm constantly searching online for ideas and layouts and reading blogs and how-to sites...
6) I'm shopping for a laptop so I can download Photoshop Elements and start digitally scrapping - my goal is to have a laptop within the next couple of weeks!


I use technology in my scrapping every time I create a page, I am a digital scrapper. I love the freedom it gives me to make choices and then change my mind, lol. I also do a few hybrid projects but get a little lost when it comes to hybrid scrap pages. I would love a chance to win this class and maybe learn to create hybrid pages. Thanks for the chance.

Marta Valdes

I would love to know how to use technology with my scrapbooking. I have recently purchased PSE 8, and have not touched it yet, because I don't know how. A friend recommend I try the Wacom Bamboo Craft Tablet. I would love to learn how to combine them both to my scrapbooking.


I am not a digital scrapbooker- however, I love fonts! I like to print stories at times. Also, I'm completely digital in pictures, so I use my computer to organize my pictures, choose what to print, etc.
I would love a seat in the class!

Nina F

BPS classes are the best!!! and beyond that I'm just a computer journal-er. Need to expand my horizons. This class looks like a great start.


I use technology in scrapbooking a lot!. I consider myself a traditional scrapbooker because I LOVE to hold the paper and embellishments in my ever ink-stained, adhesive-laden hands, but technology comes into play when I take BPS classes, print journaling and titles, download scrapbooking podcasts, post projects to my blog, browse other scrapbooking-related blogs and of course when I send my photos to Costco to be printed! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Christine H

I spend so much time on a computer for my job, I do pretty much nothing digitally related to scrapbooking except reading blogs and using my digital camera. I just don't want my outside work time to be related to a computer.


I use the computer mostly for inspiration - BPS classes, blog reading, etc. and for shopping for products!
I've started printing more journaling blocks, but usually I still write by hand.
I would love to see May's take on hybrid scrapping!

Charlotte Clark

I just retired a couple of weeks ago and now have time to put into learning something new. I am very new to the digital scrapbooking. I bought a copy of Photoshop Elements 6.0 a year ago and I have not yet loaded it. Maybe this class will give me the push I need to get going. I have dabbled with Creative Memories digital program and like what I have seen there, but would like to have more control over what I use. Thanks for the opportunity to win a class seat :)


How fun! I love, love, love my digital camera & my printer. But my computer is probably the biggest tool - my journal, digital image organization & editing, and inspiration from all those classes and online galleries out there. :)

Liz f

I have been digi scrapbooking for the past few years. It's my way to scrapbook without making a mess.

Melinda Wilson

I use my computer to check out all the scrapbooking blogs and take online courses. When I worked full-time, I used a program by Adobe called Pagemaker so I use this a lot for my journaling because I can manipulate the size, leading, etc. so much with this program. I hope to learn more from May so I can do more than journaling on the computer.

Lisa T.

Yes I do remember the days of waiting for film to be developed, all the way back to mailing the rolls to Rochester NY up to 1 hr pick up. Boy have I dated myself! I am still a traditional scrapbooker. I do however use technology for digital photos, finally made the switch to a DSLR in 2006, BPS courses, internet inspiration sites, printing some page elements and journaling boxes. I even bought May's book after taking one of her classes. I have read it but haven't taken the plunge to create pages either hybrid or 100% digital. I like to play with paper and glue too much to give it up entirely. I would love a seat in May's class to learn to blend the best of both worlds. Just getting comfortable using digital would be my one main goal for May's class.

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