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March 29, 2010


Mel H

I would like to grow more in the giving dimension...I think giving more would bring a lot of joy in my life.

Valerie Serfozo

I have been a scrapbooker/card maker for ten years, and I am always looking for an opportunity to learn something new. That's what keeps it interesting for me. I love the look of Nic's layouts!


This looks like such a terrific class and I would love to be a part of it. My dimension lately has been pretty flat (both emotionally as well as my scrapbooking style)so I'm looking to be built "up!" I need a boost!

sharon giordano

The dimension I need to grow in is balance. These days, it's so very challenging to create the right amount of balance with work, family, personal responsibilities and maintaining a sense of creativity in my life. BPS classes certainly do help with the latter. :-)

Jennifer Boehme

I would like to grow in patience in my every day life as I do when I scrapbook. I am so excited about this class and win it or not I am taking it regardless. One more day...can't wait!

Lorraine Reynolds

OK so you asked what dimension of life we would like to grow in. And right now I would say my greatest need is in the spirtual area. It seems life has just choked it out right now. For a long time I had, what I felt was a closeness to God - but it seems to have dwindled. And then I know that would help all the other dimensions drastically as it has in the past. With my husband, my children, friendships and even creativity.


I need to grow in depth - making more meaningful pages that tell my story, making smarter decisions in life that will move me forward.


I need to grow in confidence, both in regular life and my scrapbook pages. I tend to scraplift most of my pages, I like them, but don't always feel like I've accomplished much, because I just copied someone else. I would love to learn to create beautiful pages with lots of layers, dimensional embellishments created by me. :)

Dianna d.

oh my I would love to take this class :) I want to learn how to layer on my layouts. i love the look of layers and layers of embellishments and paper! :) thanks for the chance.


I would like to add dimensions to my digi-pages through learning how to layer embellishments, etc. After learning Cathy's clean techniques in Design Your Life, I'd love to try this class to add more dimensions to my layouts.

Jean Hogarth

I would love to learn to add that little extra to my layouts to move them from 2D to something special!

Roxane F.

I would love to learn new techniques and use all the great supplies that I own.


I have collect a lot of scrapbookstuff, even more pictures, some good machines, now I need good idea's to use them.


I need to grow in looking outward and not so much inward (which includes my family). I need to be a better friend. As for scrapbooking, I would like to grow in the dimension of putting more of my own creativity into my pages and less copying others' ideas.

Grandma Shelley

The past couple of months I have really tried hard to go into that 3rd dimension with my really is a challenge...I would love to win the opportunity to take this class...THANK YOU!


I think I really need inspiration to use the supplies I have in a fresh, new way.

Heather Owens

I would like to increase my ability to layer elements on my pages - I love the look of layered pages that others do, but have difficulty executing it myself. So, I guess you could say I hope to grow in the third dimension...


I need to practice the patience needed to go that extra mile with special touches on my pages. Learning how to layer in Nic's class would definitely expand my scrappin' horizons.


I'd like to learn to be able to *layer* and cluster a page with all the elements working together rather than it just looking like a blob !!


I want to grow in creating more artful pieces to display in my home and as gifts. I always have the big ideas but never the guts!!!! Not sure why..
Thanks Tracy

Kathryn Whittaker

I want to expand my layers dimensionally. I make cards and scrapbook. I have problems with using the embellishments that I have, but I know that a lot of the beauty is in the details and the layers. I would love to win this class. Either way, I am signing up for this class. Thanks for the chance.
Kathryn W.

Lisa Henderson

I'd like to learn more techniques--and actually use them!


I need to expand into a direction that allows me to experiment more. I want to try new things but seem to get bogged down in the details rather than just giving it a try!


I'd like to grow more artistically ... I tend to stay inside my comfort zone.

Ami Pilon

I love the pages with one photo and lots of embellishments but it hasn't been a natural thing for me to do. I want to be able to play freely with all of the wonder that was mine as a child.

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