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March 01, 2010


Karen Hess

I love to get inspired by browsing through my old photos of people, places, and things. I love to pair up old photos with new scrap materials!


I meet with a group of friends on a Friday to craft. I usually find that if I need inspiration for my project, a friend can Suggest something for me to try. I come home inspired for the weekend.


I love to look through my scrapbooks to get the creative juices flowing again. Just sorting pictures on line or into my file drawers also helps!

Jen Day~sugaredsongbird

I'm so excited about this book. (I have quite a few from ella- they are all superb!). One thing I do to boost my creativity is flip through the pages of Pottery Barn or Chasing Fireflies catalogs- I love the textures and colors used!


It doesn't really count as an "activity" cuz there's nothing active about it, but I love to blog surf. I am always inspired by the creative people I find on the internet!

Ami Pilon

It may sound strange, but I meditate each day to calm myself and get centered. It does help me to get the creative juices working. Of, course, a book with some new ideas would also be a great help.

Melissa Rhodes

I listen to music! It always gets me going!


I'd love a copy of this ebook! I would like to be more creative with my photo displays - other than regular photo frames. I'd love to have pictures of my family around me.


I am so excited about this book! Of all the things I do to get inspired about creating, I think the most effective is when I sit back and take a deep breath, let all of the "busy-ness" of life fade away, and let my eyes see my world around me with a new perspective.


i clean...somehow doing what i don't like gives me inspiration to do what i love!! having this ebook would also inspire me!


Working with my Girl Scout troop and seeing what they come up with in their crafting always surprises me - and gives me inspiration for fun projects of my own! Looks like a great book!


I would love this book- I look through my scrapbooks and my pictures, and that usually spurs me on to creativity. Also, watching my boys do things really makes me get excited about scrapping.


I check out other blogs to spark my creativity. And I go thru my "Idea Book" - which has cutouts of layouts I like & other things that inspire me.

Scrappy Angel

I would love to win a copy of this book. Whenever I need a creativity boost, I visit the galleries of some of my favourite websites, or pick a few selections from my "creativity jar" (a jar with things like use paper tearing or use 12 brads on a page, etc) or just sit in my scraproom surrounded by my supplies and let my mind float free.


I love looking at blogs and taking classes at BPS gets me in the creative mood.


An activity I do to boost my creativity... That would be talk and share with a friend anything about the latest thing we have heard about or tried and ideas just start flowing. Before I we know it we are blurting out several possibilities of what we could do with a piece of cardboard! LOL


I love your approach to scrapbooking! I am excited to see what this new publication has to offer. So I can't wait to dive in. You have helped me organize, plan, reorganize and actually do so many projects. Here I am again looking for a kick start. Perfect timing! :)
Thanks for all your dedication to this wonderful craft.


Check out some of my fav blogs and go through my photos...makes me want to scrap! :-)
Amy in CA


Whenever I am having "me" time. That could be walking home (after dropping the kids off at school), reading a book, listening to music, drinking tea (or a glass of wine) - basically ANY time whenever I have the luxury of it just being me !!


Wow, the colors here are just amazing and already have me feeling creative! When I want to boost my creativity I browse blogs, skim through my Tumblr account, or just start creating, which for me lately is usually something digital. =)


I love looking though catalogs and magazines to gain creative inspiration.

Fonda Darter

Blog hopping and browsing my old LO's. It's amazing how inspiring they can be!


I go outside and sit in the sunshine for a few minutes and just let all the sights and sounds soak in. Usually a good breathe of fresh air and sunshine gets me going. If that doesn't work, then I do something messy in a different medium. Whether it be baking sugar cookies, finger painting, or drawing on the driveway with the kids in chalk, usually just playing in a different medium is all it takes to jump start my creativity.


I try to boost my creativity by going blog hopping!


I'd say that what I do to boost my creativity is to do arts and crafts with my daughter who just turned 11. She doesn't think about the rules and just creates. It's a good approach for me to remember.

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