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April 12, 2010



I don't know if its even possible to have chance to win a place in your class or time is passed alreadyt because I can not find wich time it is, buT i try I will, I like so much to learn more about text on my lay-outs in all its way's.

Rosalie Vos Tulp

I was excited to learn how to create shaped word art in the GO Hybrid class.


When I'm on vacation, I buy a postcard every day and write my thoughts for the day and then include them in my scrapbook for that trip.


A great way to use letters I learned from Lisa D in Product Playground here at BPS - cover a background with random leftover letter stickers. Then paint over these. Gives a really cool effect


I like to occasionally word the journaling for specific events in the style of a favorite book or tv show. For example, I did a series of layouts about the disappearance of the carpet in our home (yay! wood floors!) in the style of a Law and Order episode. My friends loved it. And yes, I am a total dork! :)


I love using color blocks (colored pencil shaded blocks right on top of certain words my journaling to make them stand out) and dingbats (when applicable) in my journaling.


I love the idea of using leftover letters as backround like in here


I love words. I have always loved writing down the bits and pieces of my life in notebooks, post-its and envelops. I love to include the random thoughts I record in my lo's or mini's. Sometimes these relate to the overall lo and sometimes they relate to the feeling or mood of the lo.

Thanks for a chance to win. Love your classes!


I did a really fun and cute layout using the cut up label from a potato chip bag as the letters. It was a purple and green mylar bag and i just cut up their letters to spell out my title, plus used part of their product description "100% natural" as part of the title too. It was a page about my kid interacting w/ my mom when he was 3.


Here's one I haven't tried, but would like to: on the computer, create a rectangular or square photo frame with words (could be sentences or a list of adjectives), then print it out and place a photo within the frame.

I'd love to win a spot in Textuality!


I'm a fan of combining different letter styles on pages ~ it adds a nice whimsical touch sometimes.


I love using direct quotes from my family in my pages- it captures exactly who they are and what they are thinking at that moment in time. As far as techniques, I like when I can fill the negative space in a photo with words, a title, or a quote (I use Photoshop Elements, but you could definitely do it the traditional way, too!)


I like to use text paper as an accent

Mel H

I like when the negative of chipboard or stickers are used as a mask to make a design, or the stickers are used as a mask...creates such a cool effect.!


I like using shapes in place of letters such as "o"s and also using the negative of an alpha sheet. I just did this on a winter layout and loved how it turned out.

Cheri Andrews

When I don't want to interrupt the flow of a page with journaling, I can tell my story on a tag placed behind a photo.

Amy Ulen

I like to incorporated stamped words with my handwritten journaling. It gives the journaling a funky look and really highlights those stamped words. Add a little chalk to make them really pop! I loved Amy's previous classes and would be thrilled to win a seat in Textuality!

Julie M.

I like to match the font or fonts to the personality of the page. This can accentuated with color and texture as well.

Heather Owens

I try to use my own handwriting on every single page I make, even if it is just noting the date. I feel like this makes my layouts a bit more personal.

Cindy Wick

I just did a layout using words divided by *'s typed in strips. I changed the document to panoramic so that I would have an 11 inch strip. Then I cut my word strings like ribbon. These were incorporated it with other ribbon patterns that I'd chosen for the layout. My 'paper' ribbon works like journaling for the page.

Brenda in Sunny SoCal

I like to write around the page making it into a border so my pictures look grounded.

Haley D.

It's fun to replace a letter in a title with an image or die cut, such as a heart for the O in "love."

Dayna Howard

I like to use up used packs of alpha's by combining the different fonts to make one word!

Peggy - Small Steps to Giant Leaps

One of the most fun ways I've used words in a layout was in the BPS class, "Celebrate Our Pets". Each layout had to do with certain things we've learned from our pets. So I used chipboard and letter stickers to accent the main word of each statement. The pages are wonderful and unlike anything I've done before.

Kimberly Ann

Use an acrostic poem for your title (one direction) and short journaling (in the other).

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