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May 17, 2010


Nicole Czarnecki

When I'm bored (wait, never really get bored) I pick up my laptop or my iPhone. Email, Facebook, friends, or games are always a few seconds away!

Cherie McGuire

I'm not sure where we are supposed to comment on the what I do when the "I'm bored whine" enters our head, but I am retired and, although we are raising grand children, I have lots of things I can do when I'm bored, including, but not limited to: read, scrap, work on genealogy online, paint, craft things for a community and/or for a crafting co-op, look through my many books and magazines for inspiration, read my e-mails, call friends on the phone, crochet, quilt, garden, travel, go to yard/garage sales, look through pictures to scrap, bird watch, go for a walk in the neighborhood. I am rarely bored, just too tired sometimes to do many of those things. Cherie McGuire

Chatty Scrapper Roseville, MN

NO I don't get bored, with a 9 month ol dto chase around, and if I have the chance to be bored I usually nap. SO glad I just saw this, just getting in under the wire. Maybe I might win. That would be awesome cause I'd love to take the class but can't justify spending the money, when I just signed up for another class, with a possible strike looming at my job. Unions I love 'em & hate 'em both.

Leslie E

It is rare for me to feel bored...This time of year if I am bored I go outside to enjoy the weather. Surfing my favorite blogs is also a favorite way to entertain myself! Thanks for the chance to win!


I'm a compulsive flower doodler so I would probably do that or check out some of my favorite blogs!


I can't remember the last time I was bored! There are too many places to go and see, too much to learn, too many pictures to take and memories to make...too much art to make!


Generally when I am bored it's time for creative inspiration. Usually I look through an idea book, then I surf the web and if those don't work I GO SHOPPING!!! Usually this is done online because NY has no really good scrapbook stores but occassionally I do have to actually leave my house. Oh and since it's my birthday I was feeling lucky so PLEASE PICK ME!!!


i usually go for the colouring in distractin, print out a new colouring page from the web (nick jr u r a life saver) and let them fly

Melanie Parent

When Im bored, I like to take the doggy for a walk, or go shopping!!


No boredom or tolerance for boredom here either! I agree - life is too short - and there are so many things I want to do (let alone those things that I have to do!)

Cathy S

Books. I'll pick up one of my favorites and re-read it.


Life is just too short for boredom - I've personally have never understood how anyone could ever be bored. There's so much to do and see with family, friends and personal time that I wish I could live to be 500 years old. Maybe then I think then I could accomplish everything I'd want to do, though my husband may still disagree that it still wouldn't be time enough for me, lol.

Kathryn Whittaker

When my kids say they are BORED, I tell them to go read a book. Or go out to play in the backyard (if the weather is good). They usually think of something else to do.


when I'm bored, I either organize something or play on facebook.


I could quite happily laze the day away on the couch with a book or two or three - that would be a treat...however, when my two girls have that 'whine' starting we go on our "global" adventures. The play clothes all come out and I mean ALL of it. There is a fabulous book by Usborne " Stories from around the world" - there is a story from most countries (which have been read more than once - the New Zealand one is our favourtie !) They chose a story and once read we create our own story from our own country - since we are pirates, princesses, fairies, jungle animals etc. This idea is kept for THOSE moments as it keeps us entertained all day.


I dont get much time to be bored, but when I do I can think of lots of things to do .... play with my kids, read a book, surf the net, scrap, scrap, and scrap some more!

Andrea Friebus

When I'm bored I play Dance Dance Revolution on our Playstation 2. I end up having a lot of fun and getting some exercise in, too!!


cranking up some tunes and baking cookies is sure to ease boredom around here... but I like the idea of offering bathrooms to clean when the kids start whining, I'm keeping that tucked away for next school holidays!

ana smith

That's too funny.....when ever I hear any of the kids say they're bored my response has always been "There's a bathroom to clean". It got to the point that my son would warn his friends not to say the ' bored' around me. I can say my son has never been bored in his life. As for me, if I can't scrap there's always a book to read!


When I'm bored I call a friend!


When I get bored I find working on some of my other hobbies to be the cure. I can always find something fun to do to avoid cleaning or housework!

Heidy Sutherland

When I get board it is usually at work so no chance to get out the supplies so I go to great sites like big picture scrapbooking and Stacey Julian and check out what has been going on and what new classes are on offer. Also love Stacey's sprinkles.


Being bored isn't an option for me! Too many things to do, books to read, places to go. I'm always a little baffled when my kids try to say they're bored! How does that happen? I would actually like to be bored one day, just to see how it felt.

Rita Timmons

When I get bored I'll surf the web looking for some inspiration. If that doesn't work, you can always lose an hour (or two) trolling facebook.


Bored? I'm a mom, when is there time to be bored??! I love to surf scrapping blogs, looking for inspiration.

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