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June 02, 2010



Not sure what time zone you're in, so it may already be past 8am. Our summer plans are packing up our house, taking a trip to Wisconsin (near the Great Lakes) then moving to Utah from Iowa. Fun!?


I think my summer will be filled with relatives coming out here to visit. Meaning I'll be a hostess for most of the summer. Any ideas that will help make the time entertaining for everyone will be wonderful!

Lucy Newton

We are going to the beach with my mother in law and my sister in law family, we are so happy, because we had 2 years without vacations!!!


We're doing standard summer fun--museums, zoo, parks, pool, etc. No big plans for a summer vacation but hope to visit my mom and dad at their lake house plenty!


Sticking close to home to be available for any much-needed work that might come my way, and will savour the delights of summer by playing tourist in my hometown - always so much to see and do! I'll also be at camp (scrap) for a few weeks, too...


This class would be finished right before our summer vacation in July, so it would be perfect for me! We hope to enjoy a quiet, low-key week near a Vermont lake - it's our last summer before our oldest DD starts college.


We usually stay close to home, but the kids each usually attend a camp, play with friends, gather with family. I'm going to enjoy time with the kids and hubby, scrapbook, and make cards. I'm also planning to register for the Kidding Around workshop to do with my 10 yr. old daughter - we're both looking forward to it!


Since my third child is due this summer, our vacation will be a stay-cation. We are planning a trip to the zoo, planetarium, dinosaur museum, and the aquarium. Of course, we have swim lessons to look forward to and I love to sit in the backyard and watch my two kids play in the water.

renee Lecatsas

I really could use ideas for summer planning. My husband and I would like to take the week of our to be nine year old daughter's birthday (SURPRISE BECCA) for family fun time, but we don't really have any concrete plans.


We're going on a canoe trip in July. Our kids have never been and are so excited about it. My other summer start scrapping's been too long.

Jenifer Pease

Summer 2010 is finally here,
Hip Hip Horay lets give a big cheer.

We are flying to Everett PA.,
With my dads brother is where we will stay.

Myself, husband, 3yr old twins, & 15 yr old daughter makes five,
I may need summer sanity just to survive.

Ooops Eeeps I forgot my daughter is to bring a friend,
And so this brings my story to the end.


Since we just got back from a long vacation, we don't have any trips planned for the rest of the summer. We plan on organizing our house and renovations.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Outi Suominen

Hi! We are going to a long weekend in London and in St. Petersburg! And of course one week in Åland, the islands between Finland and Sweden. Have done that for the past 20 odd years with family from USA and Sweden. Great, great, great!


Summer plans...scrapbook, play, beach, visit sis in SD, read, enjoy being with my kids!!!!! :-)
Amy in CA


We are currently at the beach and will travel to others. Love the beach!

Alecia Gale Ziman

We are planning to sit at our pool every single day this summer and not miss a day (except maybe Sundays). We've actually done this before and it's the most relaxing summer we ever had!

Tran Quach

No plans here... Anime Expo in July... other than that I hope I can find a job.


I am going to try to get my yard in shape, clean the house, and do as much scrapbooking as possible!


I am taking my kids to St. George, UT for 10 days! It's gonna be HOT, but so much fun! There are so many National parks and state parks nearby. Can't wait to introduce my kids to the fun that can be had there!

Kimberly Ann

I definitely need some summer sanity saving - my husband and I are traveling together to China for work, me for a few weeks and him for four. Lots of photos to scrapbook and memories to record!


No schedule! Staying up late to enjoy the long days. Have a few concerts we are going to. Baseball games. Family vacation for a week. Maybe a weekend to the mountains too.

Rebecca Brooks

We have a weekend trip to Sea World planned, a dance class, watching So You Think You Can Dance on TV, swimming at the neighborhood pool, reading, visiting the library, NOT waking up to an alarm clock, grilling dinner outside, and catching up on some projects we were too busy to do during the school year!

Lynn M

Not sure of our plans this summer, but will be enjoying the pool, eating dinner on the deck, and taking the dog to the dog park.

Veronica Berkey

Enjoying ... NOT being in school full time, so me and the kids are spending some time at the library, the pool, planting flowers. Family trip to Niagara Falls and New Hampshire (haven't had a REAL vacation since our twins were born)....just being able to relax a little without assignments looming over the top of everything else is just blissful! :-) vb


My partner is returning to England with his father, for a months holiday together. While my partners father has been back several times, it is the first time my partner has been back to England since the family emigrated in 1974. It will be a very special trip back for both of them.

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