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June 21, 2010


black nike shox

when I'm working, he'll do even more -- theNext I ran a gathering stitch down the center of the strips. I used a gathering foot for this, but if you do not have one you can stitch a double row of basting stitches and then gather by hand.used to it now.

keli ladd

I am farely new to Claudine and her all the wonderful things she does. I am hooked, and would absolutely love to win a free class to learn more!!

Susan Lew

I would LOVE to win a class with Claudine. I have all of her paints and products. I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them but I don't know how to paint and I don't know how to start. I will probably sign up for the class but it would be fabulous to win it! Thanks for the opportunity.

Liz F

I would love to learn some cool artist techniques. I am a scrapbooker but I dont consider myself an artist. I think this class with provide me with the tools to increase my artistic skills.

Thanks for offering a wonderful class!

Heather Owens

I admire Claudine's art, and have always wanted to try my hand at mixed media. I also love her products - have used her paints on many of my scrapbook layouts. So excited she's come to BPS. Can't wait!

I am a dabbler in all kinds of crafty projects but I've not done much collage or mixed media work. I'd just love to learn something new and expand my horizon. =)

susan inouye

Love your work. Would like to try some collage work.


I've always like her worked. I first stumbled upon her on Martha Stewart, I believe, promoting poppets. She's absolutely inspiring and I wish I had the cash to take her class


Wow to win this would be awesome to say the least. I have been working and traveling and helping our customers keep their home and there has been no playtime. My creativity has gone poof so I need this spark to get me back in my studio. Have always loved your style and sweetness. Followed the journey of Maggie and did not want to go to bed until she was there. Thank you for this oportunity. Love Linda


I recently took up art journaling and have been eying this class. I would love to spend the summer hanging out with Claudine, she is so talented and I know I would learn SO much from her class!

Judy Johnson

I took a class w/ Claudine at Angela's Happy Stamper and very much enjoyed her style and the project!

Wendy Brightbill

pick me! pick me! i am a mixed media artist. i have watched several of claudine's teaching video's and i would love to take this e-course!

pick me! pick me! i am a mixed media artist. i have watched several of claudine's teaching video's and i would love to take her e-course!


I would love to win a spot in Claudine's class. I have always admired her style of art work and have wished that someday if lucky enough could get a chance to attend her class in person. What could be more better than bringing Claudine home and learning at my own pace. Thank you for this awesome opportunity and also for this wonderful giveaway.


I'd love to add some new techniques to my art and scrapping routines, and I am ever so easily enabled by new products.

Well, there is one common denominator here and that is that the only people that haven't signed up are the ones that are out of funds (evidenced by the comments here). You can be sure that anyone that has the $ to sign up would NOT miss this amazing opportunity!! Including ME ;-) I look longingly at your site everyday (drooling) and brainstorming hoping that before it's too late a miracle will occur and I'll be able to sign up like all the other lucky individuals that have done so. Therein lies the problem, I am soooo not lucky! I am restarting my blog and wanting to paint again and do more collage, stretch my imagination - selected a new name for my biz and am stepping out there on faith that this could be my chance. Could it be? I sure hope so! Thank you for offering this amazing gift to one "lucky" gal.


Yes, I WILL win this! I'm low on money this summer, so no get-away for me, but this would be so much better than a get-away.


I would love to take this class. The only reason I haven't already signed up is that I'm financially challenged at the moment. But I am a big fan of Claudine's and a Stanley and Mabel cat groupy as well! I've followed her kitty/dog/art adventures on facebook for a while and just know this will be an awesome class - I'd be honored and thrilled to be a part of it! Please oh please pick me!!

cher is easy to YES YES YES cuz she is great! and I want to learn more from her...just can't afford one more hobby expenditure this summer...which is a total bummer! good luck to all!


Ohhh I'd love to win a spot in her class! I need some new techniques... So my creations don't all start looking the same!


Wow! This class looks absolutly fab and I couldn't imagine a better summer than 'at home with claudine'!

Robyn W

I would love to win this amazing spot in Claudine's class, am just into my mixed media ....and this class would be so cool to learn more....please pick me

amy w.

I would love to take this class! I think it would bring some much needed cheer.
Thanks for the opportunity to win a seat!


The adventure draws near ...

Blank canvases, stacked in the corner of the craft room, wait in nervous anticipation.

Paints line up, waiting to be stirred, mixed, blended & sploshed.

Brushes stand erect, whispering among themselves & wondering which will be chosen to take part in this exciting adventure.

The crafter sits wondering ..."If only someone was giving away a free place on their summer workshop, to share inspirational ideas & techniques to help me get started ..."

Is there someone who could solve this dilemma?

Cathleen Smith

Oh My Gosh! I would soooo love to take this class! You've got some techniques that I'm just dying to learn! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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