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June 21, 2010



I would love to learn some of Claudine's tips for making my work arty-er!


I just simply love Studio-acrylics and would love to learn much more about it. It would be a pleasure to play with Claudine and be inspired by her works. It is also amazing thought that I could chat with hole world here from Finland.


I am only working p/t now because I'm in between f/t jobs. The good news is that allows me extra time to create; the bad news is the low cash flow does not allow for many extra expenses. That's my sob story. I would love to learn new techniques and not only have the perspective of Claudine's mind, but the minds of other artists taking the class as well. Plus, I hope to one day go on the Great Chagall Mural Hunt with Claudine. That would be awesome, too!


I would love to win a spot on Claudine"s class. She is such an amazing teacher and i would love to learn more from here.

Andrea  Stork

I'd love to be in the class.... and am feeling very lucky!


I'd love to take the class. I am finally a full-time illustrator, but I really miss human contact, especially with other artists!

Nancy Lynn

Claudine is a wonderful teacher and person. It would be so great to be able to take this class from her and learn about all her new products and ideas. Thanks for the chance to win. I've got my fingers and toes crossed.


YES! I'm a stay at home mom now to two boys. Prior to having children, I made my living as a graphic designer. Setting aside some time for creativity is important to me but it doesn't happen too often. This online class would be perfect!


I'd LOVE to win this one!!! Thank you for the chance!

Linda Harbin

I would love to win this class with Claudine! I've recently moved to a different, lovely, but smaller home, and I'm still setting up my art studio. I'd love to spend time creating with Claudine! Thanks for the opportunity to win this class!


Thanks for offering this opportunity. I have a studio set up now and I am making time to get up there, but a structured opportunity would be good too. It's hard sometimes to justify spending time in the studio when there are so many 'worthy' things that I need to do. It would be easy for me to put all of my energies into my handicapped daughter, but that's really not good for any of us.


I'd love to join in with everyone who is going to be inspired by Claudine's abundant generosity and creativity. I would enjoy learning more of her techniques for the great, quality products she has developed.

Tracy Wilkinson

Hi Claudine!
I came to Maine last Fall, and worked with you at Artascope Studio! It was wonderful, and you taught me so much. I was there on a grant from a local organization for women. I would love to take your on-line class, but funds are no longer available this year thru the program. I know that the price is so reasonable, but still not an option for me.
I'm hoping that if I can't participate this year, perhaps you will offer the course again next year. Thanks, tracy

Jenni Beamer

I am on a mission to really dive into some new techniques this summer. This class would be a great way to do that! I love Claudine as well! Thank you for the opportunity :)

megan saunier

I just started scrapbooking and it would be so cool to learn how these techniques from Claudine :)


I have rediscovered her style and would like to dig a bit deeper into her work and techniques. What a great source of inspiration!

Natasha Leyba

I would like to win because I've never tried this before. :)

Michele T

I would LOVE to take this class! I have just recently started to dabble in art and would love to learn from Claudine! Thank you so much for the chance to win!


I love Claudine's classes and I was really hoping to take this one! Financially it's just not in the cards for me right now, major bummer. :( Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot!!!

Gail E

I would love to win this class. My bf was sent out of the state for his job for the next 3-8 months so I will have free time to devote to my crafting...just dont have the money to pay for it I win. Thanks

Kirsten Varga

This class would be so fun and a great "summer camp" for this busy mom of three little ones. Claudine is so creative and would be a joy to learn from! Thanks for the chance to win!!!


Oh I would love a Claudine class!!!! I've tried some of the projects on my own, but would love to have a more hands on approach!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Christine Toffolo

I would be so grateful to be able to take this class. I have many of Claudine's products and they are amazing! However, I know that I'm probably not using them to their full potential. Thank you for the generous prize!
Christine in Ottawa

Dave Robinson

I'm actually speaking for my wife, who loves to create: scrapbooking is a great love, she also loves cross-stitching, quilting, and knitting. She's home taking care of our four wonderful children during this summer vacation. I would love to surprise her with an art class this summer from the great Claudine.


I would love to win this class! I have taken the other two classes in this series and they were great, have learned so much. I also have always wanted to learn how to use the ranger products but there are no classes in my area so this is a great oppotunity.

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