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June 08, 2010


Lindsay N

Organize your closet by COLOR. Stacy probably already does that, but I'm always looking for my "blue sweater" and the "red t-shirt" in the morning. But as Stacy says, you have to be organized the way you use things. It has helped me speed up my morning routine which is always a great idea.


My tip for simplifying life is to set up an automated email that goes to your inbox every morning reminding you to check the family calendar. It works for me! (Of course you have to keep your calendar up to date, too!)


while it's not educational,Sponge Bob does keep younger kids glued to the TV and I can get at least 30 min or more if I let them watch more, to scrapbook! :) My other organization idea is in the bathroom with kids. Instead of always asking "who left their towel on the floor" each kids gets to choose what color they want for their towels and wash clothes and now you know exactly who needs to hang up their towel. :)

Angela Weinzierl

One of the best tips I was given was to use an empty kleenex box to hold store grocery bags. The box is small enough to put in a linen closet or a car and you will always have bags for things like trash or wet clothes from the beach etc.


I try to save time whereever I can - one of my hints - buy meat in bulk. Especially ground beef. I'll buy a 10lb package - brown all of it at once then freeze into 1 pound containers (ziploc bags work well). Then when we want tacos, sloppy joes, spaghetti, chili, etc I just thaw the meat - add the rest of the ingredients and the meal is ready in no time. I also do this with boneless, skinless chicken - cube, cooked and freeze in portion sizes. When you need it, just thaw add pasta, rice, whatever other ingredients and again meal ready is much less time. This also saves a lot of time in cleanup - one cleanup session for 10lb vs. 10 separate cleanup sessions for each pound. (NOTE: In my largest skillet I can cook about 5-6 pounds at a time so I often cook a total of 20 pounds or so at a time. While one batch is cooking, one is cooling and I'm either putting another batch in containers or prepping for the next cooking session - like cubing the chicken.) Over the past couple of years I've also gotten my now 12 and 14 year old kids involved in this process - makes them appreciate all the time involved in putting meals together - and shows them that with a little planning they can save time (and money, yeah!) in the long run). Time and money management lesson rolled into one - couldn't ask for more.


I have too many times bought fabric to go with a pattern and then run out of time to get things done as planned so now I try to fold the pattern with the fabric when I put it away; that way I am not pulling out a great piece of fabric and thinking that I will do something with it only to find that I don't have enough for this or will have way too much left over( but not enough to make something else!) It helps me anyway, I just wish I could get around to sewing when I make my purchase!

Kristie Maynard

What a great idea! I will have to think about this and send some ideas in to you. Looking forward to seeing what great ideas you share with us!


My tip--Keep a craft shelf or tote for the kids. When it gets messy, I have my 9-yr.-old daughter sort the construction paper by color and size. The popsicle sticks, feathers, beads, pom poms, and yarn are all mixed in there, too. It's not long before she decides to get creative with the assortment, and I'm happily scrapping nearby.

Erin K

Your video made me laugh...I always think of a million things I need to do or want to scrap while showering, brushing my teeth and fixing my I write them on my mirror with a dry erase marker...then add them to my notebook aka MY BRAIN.

I used to have a planner, a small notebook for ideas, a to do list and a family I have my "BOOK" aka my brain. It goes everywhere with me and holds every to do, phone number, idea and appointment. With one book to keep track of I don't spend extra time finding the right one!

Jamie ~ Alabama

Yes, this is another great idea Stacy and I love to learn from others. I am been doing "Tuesday's Tips" on and off on our family blog for a while now. Here is one (see link below) where I shared how I organize my coupons.


I know this is strange: When your done with the bread in the bread sack. Turn the bag wrong side out and shake out the crumbs roll it up and stick it in the glove compartment for a quick trash can or a place to put a dirty diaper until you find a proper trash can. It is great for those unexpected accidents of any kind.

Laura P

My tip is to make twice as much pasta or rice as you need. Freeze the rest, then, next time, you can have dinner ion the table in minutes. Tonight I had dinner on the table in about 8 minutes because of frozen bowtie pasta.

kelli johnson

Anytime I read a recipe in a magazine that I want to try I pull it out and place it in an accordian file by category.

Everyweek I plan out my meals, On Sunday or Monday I go through my recipes and pull out the ones I want to try for that week, make a grocery list and off I go. I usually try maybe 4 or 5 at the most a week, and leave room for leftovers the other days :)

I try new things this way rather then always eating the same 5 staple meals each week.

My husband loves me for that ;)


I'm always looking for ways to "recycle and reuse" (and save a little $$ in the process). One thing I have found that works nicely for storing/organizing small embellishments (such as brads/buttons/even small chipboard letters/etc) are used (and cleaned LOL) glass spice jars; baby food jars and film roll cannisters (for those that still dabble in film).

Lynn Mercurio

Stacy - you are just too cute. My tip: As busy moms and housewives, daughters and friends, we are constantly on the go - doing things for people and so it's easy to forget to take time for ourselves. For instance, your ideas that come to you while in the shower are a perfect example. It's during the times when we are quiet, relaxing, reflecting - that those wonderful ideas come. So while you may allow yourself to feel guilty for taking time for you - DON'T. You can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself.


That's for the reminder...I need a shower! lol

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