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July 12, 2010



I loved The Rolling Stones concerts in Barcelona!! Both, "Bridges to babilon" and "40 licks tour"!!! Wawwwww

Karen Keiper

my favourite concert was my vrey first one. i went with my mum and saw rod stewart.(as a 13 yo girl, i only went so i could say i had been to a concert!) BUT we had the best time in the very back row standing on the chairs and dancing and i knew all the songs!!


I'm so excited!
I'm a big Jack Johnson fan. We are lucky enough to be living here in Hawaii, where Jack is from. We went to the Kokua Festival last April and got a chance to see Jack Johnson and his band live along with Jake Shimabakuro, Ziggy Marley, and rising star Anuhea.


I have several favorite concerts, but one that always stands out in my mind was Hootie and the Blowfish. Not because they're my favorite, but because the guy I'd just started dating went with me (even though he hated them I found out later- he's much more into classical music) just because he wanted to spend time with me. We've been married now for 13 years!! :-)


My favourite festival is Dauphin Countryfest in Manitoba, Canada!! The artists are amazing, the fans are fun and the people we go with are a blast!! This year Blake Shelton was the biggest hit, other years Doc Walker always rocked it!!


I love concerts! My hubby and I would like to see The Killers in concert.


So excited to hear about this festival! Signed up, but the kits are sold out . . . so sad . . .

Favorite concert was my first concert at Summerfest in Milwaukee--Hall and Oates--great fun. I started putting straws together while waiting for the music; others added to it--it snaked around the entire concert area. The things you do when you're a kid . . . another fun concert--Willie Nelson's picnic in TX. What a hoot!


The best "concert" we have been to was last spring when we took our two oldest grandkids to see The Flying Karamazov Brothers. The show was at a refurbished Fox Theatre downtown. It was one of those wonderful old movie palaces and the town has fixed it up again, surpassing its former glory. We got balcony seats that are actually love seats so we could snuggle up and really enjoy each other's company. The show is like an old time vaudeville, with lots of juggling and really bad jokes. What a blast, and what a memory!


Signed up and looking forward to it.

What do I want to see? Digital, digital, digital.


My favorite concert memory is probably the summer I saw a blues festival in Houston, Texas. I was in my twenties, and I ventured downtown alone, saw Etta James, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, and a bunch of others. It was freakin' awesome!

Who I'd like to see, who I daydream of seeing in concert, is Corey Hart, but I probably shouldn't hold my breath as he is retired and living in the Bahamas, I think. :(


My favorite concert was seseing Billy Joel. He sounds even better in person!

Angie Kyle

I'm all signed up! My favorite was Celine Dion on Vegas. Her voice in person was so beautiful that I cried.


Signed up right away - anxiously awaiting the start of the Festival!
The very first concert I went to in my teens was Heart, with my best friend...we had a blast!

Karen P

My daughter and I went to see Skillet and Hawk Nelson last year. It was so much fun. Hanging out with your 14 year old and both of us loving it was the best ever!


I have been to very few concerts in my life, I could count them on one hand, first being the Osmonds way back in my early teen years and the most recent (still several years ago) Bob Dylan (my husband's choice). My dream concert would be Bon Jovi!

Brenda in Sunny SoCal

Sting, Soul Cages Tour 1991, it was the first time my now husband held my hand... silly, but I was 15 att the time and he was -and is- my first boyfriend

Kathy Jo Camacho

I was in love with David Cassidy from the Patridge Family when I was 11. At 47 I finally got to see him in concert. Some dreams should be left alone.

Allison M.

No contest here - the best concert ever - Bon Jovi on Citadel Hill in Halifax, NS in the early 90's. Me and my best friend went and had the time of our lives. Second to that any of the Great Big Sea and Canada Day concerts on the hill. One of those concerts had me realize what a great band Blue Rodeo is.


Hands down my favourite concert experience was being asked by Billy Ray Cyrus to fly with him on his private jet to a music festival in Mobile, AL that he was headlining, and then returning home on the jet later that night - with a stop in Nashville to drop him off at home.


One of my favorite memories is of June and I attending Bumpershoot Festival in Seattle over Labor Day in the early 80's. We were able to see this new band in the opera house from Portland, Or. called Jeff Lober Fusion. It was the first time we heard Kenny G. play. He was so amazing that we thought there was an air hose up through the stage that we couldn't see. He could blow for the longest time, this little red-headed kid.

Heather Thomas

All signed up and ready to go...yippee!

Hmmm....I think my favorite festival would have to be our very own Strawberry Festival held here in Plant City, FL each year. They hold it when the strawberries are at their juiciest, so when you bite into a spoonful of strawberry shortcake (with whipped cream of course), the juice just runs down your chin. Gosh! Guess what I'm craving now?

Cindy Howard

I've been lucky enough to see the Stones and Springsteen and many others in my day. My favorite experience was probably Henry Lee Summer at Mud Island in Memphis. Not a big name but a great entertainer.


For my 14th birthday my best friends convinced my mom to drive us all 3 hours from San Antonio to Houston to see our favorite band Hanson in concert! Such a fun memory!


I'm ashamed to admit that the only concert I've ever been to (aside of garage bands) is Ricky Martin.

Excited for the ideas to come! Thanks!


Already signed up and can't wait to get started :)

Never been to a concert but if I could I would love to see Garth Brooks... I absolutely love his music.

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