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August 04, 2010



My Confession: I spend time scrapping when I should be doing other cleaning the house or other chores. :) I love it!


Confession: I have more scrapbooking stuff in my stash than I could ever use in THREE LIFETIMES!!! I secretly believe I might be a "collector" of all the pretty things...instead of a "user". Help!!

Kimberly Ann

Confession: While I usually focus on layouts and have no problem finishing them, I am often inspired to start a project...and then don't finish it. I have 3 in progress mini albums in view of my computer right now :)


Confession: I have so many supplies that I loved at one time, but I like to scrap with the latest and greatest. When I go shopping, it inspires me to create, I wish I could feel that same inspiration with the older stuff! :)


I am a class junkie and have enough unfinished BPS classes and unused product to probably keep me scrapping for the next 5 years - but that won't stop me from either signing up for new classes or shopping for new supplies. At least I have decades' worth of photos, so will never run out of photos to scrap!


My biggest issue is that I have too many ideas...when I can't figure which one I want to go with...I just don't scrap.
Silly, huh?

Lucy Newton

I confess that I loove to collect scrapbook supplies more than really scrapbooking, I turn a lot to scraptflifting, and it takes days for me to finish a layout!!!!


I have had the craziest year...building a home cross country and then moving there w/ 2 little boys and a husband going into a new has been crazy stressful and my confession is...I keep saying I am going to get started today- scrapbooking again...tomorrow...during the weekend...etc. And I haven't done it! This kind of push may be what I need!


Here is my confession: I am LOM 2007 alumni and I am still on lesson 4 or somewhere close :) But it's ok. I'll get there one day.

ana smith

Me, too! I Love Pattern Paper. I can't seem to stop myself from purchasing new ones. Someday I will use it all.....I do need May's class... Use Your Stash!


Head held in shame - for some strange reason, I unconsciously believe scrapbooking means hoarding all shapes and sizes of scraps. You know, the 5 gazillion little pieces of paper that weigh you down (literally and psychologically). My hoarding is so bad, I hoard that which I really, really do not like. Papers that make me turn up my nose. And the saddest fact - I'm a tosser, a culler by nature. I keep nothing - except those ugly twists and turns of paper. Thank heavens for BPS - it is my saving grace.

jennifer hamilton

I must confess that I tend to "save" my fav products for a really special layout or project and then never get around to using them. (I am working on this:)
Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway -me and my stash need it;)


Since my stash is digital, it will never run out but I needed a bigger ehd (electronic hard drive) to store it! I love anything digital or electronic, so call me Nannie Geek .

My confession is that I really don't care for embellishments that much but then when I look at pages I have made that do have a lot, I end up liking them a lot! I think I'm just lazy about getting them together.


I have to confess to hoarding to my favorite papers, waiting for that "perfect" layout to use them on. I also confess that while I hand write most of my journaling, I'm too lazy to pencil in lines.

Jean D

I confess that I collect far more than I scrap, I waste lots of time "collecting" inspiration as well as the ususal patterned papers.

Dianne Ervin

Confessions: 1) I am a stamping dropout.....I have learned the proper way to stamp several times and still cannot do it successfully....if it needs to be ligned up perfectly or stamped perfectly.. I find another way to do it. 2) I love adding humor to my pages, I am a story writer, like the time I fell in mud and water. I wrote hubby heard "Whoosh, plop and turned around to see me sitting in the mud with my hands and feet in the air". 3) A computer is for work so digital scrapbooking is totally out for me. 4) I am also addicted to BPS because I need all the help I can get.

Amy K

Confession: I love how my daughter has become quite the little scrapbooker (we're currently participating in Tami's Kidding Around), but what I don't like how she's pretty much taken over my scrapbooking room!! Oh, and I'm also a paper hoarder!
Looking forward to starting the Big Festival.

Amy Ulen

I must admit...I'm a scraplifter! Thank goodness for all you creative types out there; I copy you and my friends and family think I'm a creative genius! I've got them fooled...LOL!

Kathryn Whittaker name is Kathryn...and I am a scrapaholic with a hoarding addiction on the side. (turning red). I really need to use my stash, but I can't seem to stop buying. Why do they (the manufacturers) have to keep making such adorable product!? Help me, BPS, and May Flaum!



My confession is that I am one of those girls who downplays compliments on her LOs. I have an ideal that I always feel I fall short of. Having done Camp Scrap I am really trying to work on it.


I'm working part time from home now.. but I find myself spending more time obsessing over scrapbooking than working!


I go nuts when HSN has craft shows with special products and appearances from Martha Stewart and Anna Griffin. They make it so easy with easy pay. I just received my recent purchases. Hope I use them enough to justify the cost.


My confession...I'm still working on the class May just finished teaching. I've done an awful lot of travelling this year and it's put me terribly behind on this class--and I haven't even touched the materials yet for the paper self-paced class I bought because I can't pass up a May Flaum class...and yet, I'm dying for her new class to begin. :) Maybe I'll stay on track this time!


Ok my confessions:

- I love looking through my stash almost as much as I love scrapbooking. So 'cleaning' my studio is bliss for me :)

- I get jealous when I make LOs about other people. I know I will have to sort this issue out before I have children. It is just that I got into scrapbooking to tell MY story.

- I love inspiration but I rarely use it. I tend to 'go-it alone'.

- We have scrapbooking in our budget and it gets more than any other 'entertainment' category as both my fiancee and I think it is vital for the future (so our potential children can see what our lives where like). It is also a great stress release for me as I dislike housework yet that is what I do!

- I buy ribbon because I love owning it. I hate using it on cards as I don't think people will value it enough :P

- I have spent thousands of dollars on my supplies over the last 5 years yet I never seem to have the right shade of cardstock or paper??? Weird.

- I broke up with my ex boyf because he didn't value my scrapbooking.

Rebecca Brooks

I have a few confessions to make.
1. I have trouble finishing my BPS classes. I start with good intetions and keep up for a few weeks and then fall behind.
2. I love shopping for embellishments but have trouble using them and making them look good on my pages.
3. I have way too much scrapbooking stuff and using up 1/4 of my stash would be a very, very good thing and I think make me more productive in the long run if I didn't have so much stuff to sort through each time I sit down to scrap.

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