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August 04, 2010


Kary in Colorado

I have 35 years of photos that need to be scrapped! Ack! And enough product that I should never buy another piece of patterned paper! I've noticed I do much better if I scrap what I want to from right now--then I don't mind going back and doing layouts from years gone by. But there is still more product in that studio than I can ever use . . . I need all the encouragement I can get!


I hereby confess that while I buy stamps once in a while, I hardly EVER use them. I usually don't remember them, and when I do, I can't figure out what to do with them. Not too awful, I guess, but I feel guilty whenever I look at packs of unused clear stamps.

Sandy L

I have enough scrapbook supplies to fill an entire room, yet I buy more - and I don't scrap... HELP!


I love May's classes!! I've cut back on my purchasing because I realize that while I love pretty product and playing making messes, I don't like layouts that look like that anymore. I've started an art journal to get messy in and use up product, and do my simple pages (photos+words philosphy).


I confess that my scrap booking dollars now go towards classes rather than product. I haven't brought product in almost 2 years and I'll still never use all the stash I have.

lisa sanford

Confession: After scrapbooking for 11 years and more than 70 albums, I HATE SCRAPBOOKING! Well...I hate the fact that I have so many memories I'd like to get down on the page using the latet papers, tools and techniques, but the reality is I'm just having too much fun living my next few albums will be collage style of photos with a journaling box and minimal ebellishments...FREEDOM to just get those memories out of my head...clear the mental clutter.

Becky Musick

I just joined the awesome site! I am thrilled to learn that I am NOT the only person who has a collection of beautiful papers (Basic Grey is always calling me!) and not using them to there full potential! I do pull them out to daydream of my 'masterpeices' to yet be created! On my last dreaming session, the whole shelf fell with my preious stash...HeLp!! Going to try the color system that Stacy suggested, and lower shelves!


My confession ~ I seem to shop more for supplies more than I scrap. Would love to be the winner to help me use up my supplies.


Hmmmm, one of my confessions would be that I love looking at new product even though I've got some lovely things at home waiting to be used. Also, sad but true, I sometimes have trouble cutting straight lines, even with a paper trimmer.

Angela Weinzierl

I have three albums of my oldest son's first year. They are done except the journaling. And he will be 13 in two weeks. They sit on the shelf just taunting me.


I have an obsession with patterned paper, but when I sit down to make a card, I rarely remember to use it. I do, however, use it very often when scrapbooking!


So many of these confessions could currently be, or once could have been mine. I am scrapping regularly now, and have probably done over 100 LOs this year. I still have PLENTY (years worth!) of stash, but I am using it, and I feel better about buying from time to time, when I use stuff. I no longer scrap chronologically, but I do put my LOs in chronological order in my albums. And if they use pictures over a period of time, then I just put it where the most recent one goes, or when I scrapped it. So my big confession is that I have pages in albums (from my pre LOM days) that are not journaled. I decided LOs were not going into albums until they were journaled, so I have LOs in a pizza box (also pre LOM) that are not journaled. The good news, I always journal before I move on now, but I think it is largely because LOM taught me to scrap the stuff I am passionate about. Will I ever go back to journal all those LOs that have big empty spots? Because really, I would rather create a new Lo that I am passionate about! I need a BPS class to get me motivated to finish those old ones! LOVED May's Camp Scrap, and would love to take UYS!!


I'm a "cool new product" junkie! I have more supplies than I could ever hope to use, have very little time to actually scrap, and just keep buying more! Would really love to take this clas- Mae is awesome!

Missus Wookie

My confession is that even with all the photos I've got to scrap or even print.... I still itch occasionally to go back to my 1996 album and redo some of my early pages!


My confession, is that I am a hoarder!! I save my favorite papers and embellishements for that perfect layout, you know, the one that never comes! I am hoping May can help me with my hoarding addiction! Thanks for the chance, so very exited about this class.


confession 1) I have more scrapping paper & product that I will ever have time to use (even if I scrapbook every day for the rest of my life)
cofession 2) that doesn't mean I'll stop purchasing
cofession 3) I have probalby more than a half dozen projects started (all at the same time!)
cofession 4) I've tried digital (once) - and don't think I'll ever go "green"
confession 5) I get more done when I'm actively in a class - I'll even forgo sleep to try and keep up with class assignments.

Jenny McGee

I have been using up a lot of my stash, taking some of the BPS classes. But, I went to a CK Convention this past weekend and bought way to much. I did buy Stacy's Photo Freedom book there, and I just ordered her Big Picture Scrapbooking one from her blog. If I am not scrapping, I love reading about scrapping or reading blogs about scrapping.

Briana N.

My confession: Sometimes I think I like scrapbook shopping more than scrapbooking. I need to use my stash!

Barb M.

My confession is that I have too much scrap stuff but keep right on buying. I love to possibilities of new products.


Confession: I have at least 15 layouts that are completed - except for the journaling - even though the stories are the reason I scrapbook!

Lori McMurphy

I too am a scrapbook supply collector! I think patterned paper is my biggest one, I love to buy it because it is so pretty, but then almost hate to use it up because it is so pretty! I would love to take this class... thanks for the chance to win!


Confession: It's hard for me not to look at my layouts after a couple days and keep adjusting things. Most of the time I feel like it looks better after I have added/adjusted something, but still, I wish I would finish it in one sitting b/c I'm always afraid I'll ruin it by adding to it. So far, so good.


I have more patterned paper than I'll ever be able to use in my life time. And "they" keep creating MORE beautiful patterns!! And I have too many stickers, letter and otherwise (remember how wonderful stickers were?) I am tempted to do more digital pages, but I can't until I use up more of my papers and STUFF! Back in the day who even KNEW about digital possibilities??!

Haley D.

Confession: I too have more supplies than I could possibly use up and never have enough time to scrapbook! I am (finally) embracing Stacy's Library of Memories system (and I'm an alum of several years) and I love it. I haven't been able to let go of the guilt but I'm working on it. I am in the throes of trying to reorganize everything and I'm ready to throw my hands up and quit (organizing, not scrapbooking)!

Lisa Henderson

I confess that I hoard supplies and have more then I will use in the next year. I have great difficulty walking into a scrapbooking store without purchasing something. But I have been trying to use my stash a lot more lately (living a half hour from my LSS is helping! My old house was only a few blocks!)

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