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August 11, 2010


Beth W

I can do it at my own pace.I can print out all the information and if I need I can read and re-read until I understand. A blessing for my senior brain.


I just love all of the inspiration and variety the BPS offers. Thanks so much for this great class!!!

Shelly Smisek

I LOVE BSP! I loved it more when Kayce moved in next door! I wish I would have found out about the extra kit before this because I would have tried to get Kayce to give it to me first. Good luck everyone. The kit is awesome. I got to see some of the great things the teachers got for this event and I wanted to pack me a box to take back to my house but Kayce said "Get out of there". Dang it anyway!

Lucy Newton

I love that I have grown and learned a lot with you guys, I am a visual learner so its easier for me to learn watching your videos, my favorite teacher so far is Cathy Zielsky she is so much fun!!!!


I just joined and cant wait to read the lesson ;)


I love the depth of content in each of the's fantastic!!


I love that such a variety if classes can be offered at the same time. And that I can "go to class" when it works for me and wear my jammies. :)


I love the ability to take a class in my pj's if I want! I don't have a store locally to take classes so this helps me to stay current and fuel my creativity. Thanks for all you do!

Jana Patterson

I love the ability to take a class whereever you are in the world!! :) And you get to meet people from all over the world, too!


I love the inspiration. I love that I can take classes at my own past -- early in the morning or in the wee hours of the night. I love the constant source of challenges. It keeps my scrapbooking fresh and I find new ways to enjoy the hobby.


I love all the creative inspiration-I can feel it from the classes, the gallery, and everyone at BPS.


I love how Big Picture comes up with all these ideas to inspire us and give us that much needed push to create and make use of our stash instead of just staring them and putting creativity off for another day. Thank you so much for this another fabulous "FREE" class.....

Deana in No. CA

What I love about BPS in a word - INSPIRATION!

Ideas presented with enthusiasm - makes me smile and be grateful for the time I can spend here on my own schedule - no pressure.


I love the variety of inspiration that I get from the teachers and other students.

Tabitha Jones

I actually just found the site. But, what I have seen so far is DYNOMITE!!!!


You make it easy to learn. I never thought going back to "school" would be so fun. Thank you!


I like the convienience that BPS is all about!


I love the variety that BPS offers - something for every type of scrapper. I've learned so much about so many different ideas and techniques. Thanks for a chance to win before we even begin!


It actually makes me do things instead of thinking about doing them. I'm naturally a thinker not a doer!!!


What I like? Where to start! I guess I like the "Big Picture" approach! Makes me actually WANT to scrap again!


I've loved every class I've taken at BPS but my very, very favorite was Stacy Julian's Finish Line Scrapbooking IRL BPS class in Anaheim last January. Totally changed the way I make vacation albums!


There's so much to love about Big Picture Scrapbooking. Teachers who are ready to share their inspirational talents; classes of every variety and size; and the community itself that is brought together because of BPS. I love that the mundane can be brought into an art form (who'd ever have thought I'd take a picture of my sneakers!!)and poetry be found in simple conversations? Eye opening, horizon widening. I love Big Picture Scrapbooking.


I just love all of the ideas and inspiration I get from BPS classes! Thanks so much girls!!!

Julie, momto7

oh oh mememememe - pick me :) so excited about this class!


BPS is a constant source of new inpiration and easy ideas. Whenever I'm feeling sluggish or uninspired with scrapbooking I just pop on over and register for a class or revisit one of the classes I've already taken.

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