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August 09, 2010



Nikki, you are creative, a successful businesswoman as well as having a big heart - blessings to you, and many thanks to you and Bella Blue too! Also, continued success to BPS with all future endeavors - it's a refreshing, original approach to scrapbooking and paper crafting - thank you.

Donna Hathaway

I love this place! Where else could I take free classes, get tips, see others' layouts in the gallery and take other classes on my own time in my pjs. I'm new here, but I'm loving it already.

Amy K

Thanks for sharing your story - what wonderful work you two are doing. Love your products!


Nikki, I love your papers, especially the ones inspired by Bella Blue! My little dog, Revco, used to visit the dementia ward at a local assisted living center with me. He did a great job, even getting some reclusive patients to come out of their rooms for the first time in weeks. One man was unresponsive for the most part, but when Revco sat beside him, he stroked Rev's soft fur. I swear sometimes our dogs know better than we do, who really needs their attention. Another woman just loved having Rev sit in her lap. She had rejected all the other therapy dogs who had come in, terrified of large dogs. Apparently it's less common for little dogs to do therapy work, so every time before when she'd ask to see "a puppy" she'd darted back in her room. When she saw Revco, she smiled hugely and announced, "Now THAT'S a puppy!" (Nevermind that he was 5 at the time. :))

Sorry to ramble on.

Thank you and Bella Blue so much for the work you do and thanks for creating all these cool paper lines. I love them, and I love that they come in little sizes so I can get a little from each collection! :)

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