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August 30, 2010


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It’s that time of the year when we celebrate life, look back at past mistake and resolve to make the future better. I wish you all late Merry xmas and a very prosperous new year.


i need to tell story of my GF i love her very much and want to Mary her but his father refused me but i never lose i try keeping convincing her father that i take care of her and at the end i won my love :)

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Jana D

I want to tell the story of each of my girls names. Each one was named with a meaningful name and I want to get that down so they will know that they had history before they got started with their own stories.

Barb M.

I would like to chronicle my life as a navy wife. I have moved more than 13 times and lived all over the US and one over-seas tour. I want our kids to remember the places they have lived and the duty stations we had before they were born.

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I'd like to tell my children the stories about their birth. I have never gotten those memories down on paper and my girls are now in their teens!


I need to tell the stories of our everyday life... just the little things my kids say. I have 4 kids, 5 and under, and it seems like our days fly by and there is SO much to record. :) I would love to have a great way to store all the "little stories" throughout our days...

Karen G

I want to write the story of how my husband and I met and our dating years. My boys don't have a clue about it.

Laura P

We just spent a week at the cottage, and got news that we are going to have a niece or nephew in the new year. I need to scrap all of the things that happened over the week.


both of my grandfathers had very interesting WWII stories. would love to have some on paper.

Melissa Martinez

wow all these are such great stories! I would love to take the class. I guess I would like to tell my story. I would love to leave a book for my daughter to pass down after I am gone about who I am and why I made the decisions I have made in my life and how a near fatal illness changed my life and perspective

Kathy Salazar

I feel so blessed to have a daughter that happens to have Down syndrome- I would love to tell the story of how she has taught all of us many lessons of life as well the joys we all share just by knowing her and the sunshine that she brings to so many with her wonderful smile.

Patti Groetsema

I'm a middle sister with lots & lots of memories of the 3 of us girls and how we have grown from being major enemies when we were younger to being best friends now!


Stories galore! I have 4 children without baby/early childhood books, I have a "Book of Me" just waiting for journaling, I have a mother-in-law who needs to know how she has enriched my life in amazing ways, I have a folder filled with snippets of page ideas & random thoughts, and it goes on and on!!! This class sounds really great and I love Karen's scrapbooking style. I know it is a process class, but I hope she gives lots of sample layouts for us to ohh and ahhh over. :-)

Tammy Perkins

My story is actually my husband's - he's a great story-teller and I would to get them down on paper.


One of the stories that is begging to be told right now is the one of my son's birth (by c-section) on a Wednesday and our subsequent appx. 250 mile trip on that Saturday to my sister's wedding. We missed most of the ceremony, but I was there to hear them pronounced "husband and wife"!


Oh so many stories to tell. I think right now I want to capture 2. First I took my daughters to their first concert and how much they loved it. While there we heard a new song that almost made me cry - about how his grandma passsed away and now who's he gonna call on Sunday (it was a Johnny Reid concert). This reminds so much of the relationship I had with my grandma and my girls have with my mom. Every Sunday to Grandma's house - such special times.


I would like to tell the stories of my grandparents. My children either didn't know them or haven't known them the way I know them and I'd love for them to have a glimpse of what their lives were like.


I want to tell the story of the traveling I was so fortunate to do before I was married and had children.


I want to tell the story of my father's family - until recently we knew nothing about them, but I need a way to take the dry facts (and very few photos) and make it into a story.


I have just finished the mother-lode story of my husband and I- a compilation of all our letters with photos that tell the tale of our friendship and then transatlantic courtship which took us from 1983 to a one way ticket to Los Angeles in 1995. Now I need to tell the tale of what happened next.

Thanks for the chance to win!


The birth of my niece is definitely a story that my entire family needs to hear about. My sister chose to have a home birth. Everything went well until my niece was born. She was not breathing and turning blue. My sister did not do well either. She was also fading fast. We had to call 911 and both were transported to the hospital. My sister had to have emergency surgery which left her with a chance of having no other children. My niece was in the NICU for 3 weeks. She had meconium aspiration. Fortunately both are just fine now. We thank God for them each and every day. Almost losing a sister and a niece at the same time was a very emotional situation.

Christina L

I want to tell the story of my son's surgery and the way God answered our prayers in healing him. Such a powerful story but I haven't been able to pull it together and document it.

Amy P.

The story I am having a hard time documenting is the childhoods of my husband and myself for our children. I want to show our boys how we grew up and what school was like for us and what is was like for us when we were younger and how we met. I think it will be important for them to be able to look back and see that we were young like them once before.

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