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August 30, 2010


Yvonne B.

I have alot of stories I want to tell. I've been trying to tell the story of our everyday life, the silly things the kids say and do. I I have grand ideas, but I have yet to figure out how to get it all down. This class sounds perfect for figuring it out!


I want to tell the story of my name. I am named after 3 women in my family and I love it! This is a great give away and I hope I win. :)


I need to tell the story of how we moved around alot when I was growing up. I went to 10 different schools. This is definately something my son knows nothing about.


My kids (2&4) say and do funny things all the time, I try to write them down, but often don't either because I don't take the time or I don't know how to write it down in an interesting way.


I want to tell the story about how I learned to cook. I spent summers with my grandmother who's dream job would have been to be a Betty Crocker test cook. I would spend hours sitting in the kitchen just watching her cook (she never let me do anything). Now that I have her recipes, I think this would be a great story to put as the first page to her recipe album I'll eventually do.


The stories Ihave to tell are about my dad, he was always doing fun stuff to make us laugh. The great thing for me is when I tlk to my sisters they have different funny stories about him. I need to get all these down!

** Kate **


THe stories I most need to tell are about the grandfather my children will never have the privilege to meet. He passed away when I was 20. My husband was never even able to meet him. I tell my kids little anecdotes about him but I would like to get a series of them scrap-booked so they can know him better. He would have been an amazing grandfather as he loved children and he loved to play. He was always the self appointed 'monster' and 'Santa Claus' at every family gathering.

I'm already signed up for this class, but would still love to win. : )


I signed up for this class so that I'd be "super-prepared" to make sure I don't miss any of the story thats about to follow - my little girl is due to be born sometime in the next 2 weeks and I want to capture it all!!!


I need to tell our love story that has lasted over 40 years, and there are so many stories to tell about our children and grandchildren. Then there are my parents' stories which no one has written down. We did video tape my dad telling some of the stories, but there are so many more. The older I get, the more I feel the need to tell the stories so I think it is about time!


I really want to get the story of my parents lives (before they met) and their individual family histories. Time passes so quickly and very soon there will be no one left to tell me the stories - I don't want to leave it until its too late.

Kathryn Whittaker

I would like to tell the story about my dating and courtship of my husband and myself. He really did court me, because I would go on dates with other guys, and he would come over to my home and work on it while I was out. He was ready and knew it, but I was not, so he was patient.

Margaret McGarry

One story I am dying to tell--because it reveals so much about the character of the people in it--is about my brother rescuing his 9-yr-old daughter's lovey after it got trapped inside a wall while they were on vacation and about to head home. The way the lovey got trapped there was silly. The fire-alarm-level panic that followed was classic and involved three generations of people. But my brother's crisis-mode reaction and record-breaking rescue time is what I love the most. It was both hilarious and poignant. It was the summer he and his wife were separating, and he was determined to preserve this one little piece of security for his daughter.


I am so blessed to be able to travel in the US and overseas. I would like to tell our travel stories.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Sharon Fletcher

I love this idea. I have soo many stories to tell.
Mostly about my little brother who was tragically killed in an auto accident this year. He was the family clown and I want to capture the stories and be sure to incorporate his real personality as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to win a seat.


I haven't scrapbooked my stories for quite a while because after LOM I was in organising mode. I need to get it out there. I need to feel like I have a voice. I need this class! I have my photos organised. I have my supplies organised. Now I just need to get my stories organised.


Like many, I want to tell the story of how my husband and I met, got engaged, go married... I keep waiting until I feel like I am good or skilled enough to do it "right".


Wow there are so many stories I need to tell! Mostly I just need a kick in the pants to get them down. One that I really want to tell is quite sad but it probably would be so therapeutic for me to actually get the story out. Of course, there are all kinds of everyday stories I need to tell too.


I would like to document my story. My mother has all these photographs of my brother and I that I would love to tell. Not only for my children to know about their mum but for me to spend time with my mum going over the photos and getting the stories told. Otherwise I might not get the chance....

Kimberly Ann

I would love to tell the story of how my husband and I met. It's long and funny, but not documented yet!


My mom, who is a teacher, told my boys that she needed to go home and take a nap because she was up late doing work for her students (preparing projects). My 10 year old said, "Man, I wish my teacher would do our homework!"
I am blessed with 2 delightfully creative boys and they give me plenty of stories to record!:)

Leslie W

Oh, this class is just what I'm looking for right now. I'm trying to document/scrapbook my daughter's senior year in HS and I'm afraid it's just going to just come out as a bunch of facts - I want to tell HER story - who she is, how she became who she is - all the good and the funny wonderful things about her and all of her dreams of her future. Thanks for a chance to win.

Peggy - Small Steps to Giant Leaps

As my siblings and I were growing up, my mother was not always a pleasant person. But the more research I did about her life and the more things I found out, the more it seemed that her story needed to be told so that my siblings and I could see how my mother's actions influenced our lives. It may not be the most fun-filled story to tell, but it's a story just the same.

Melinda Wilson

The great story I have to journal is about how my engagement ring was sold to someone else, returned, money given back to wrong person, etc. It is funny now but it was a stressful time way back then.


Here's the thing with stories: photos help you remember the overall event, but if you don't write down the story you forget the tiny details. And yet, when you re-read that story years later it all comes rushing back as if it happened yesterday. Words are indeed a powerful thing!

Amy K

The current story I have to tell is documenting my son having an adenoid & tonsilectomy a week ago. He was such a wonderful patient!

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