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September 08, 2010



I can't go to asleep unless I'm wearing socks. :)


I have one brown eye and 1 blue eye


I can't open my right eye for a full three minutes after I wake up in the morning.

P.s. I already got mine! I'm signed up! I want to win this for a friend. :)


I hate housework but love a clean house! I love desserts and sometimes I skip meals and just have dessert!

Cara S

I've just started running, and even though it is ridiculously hard from me and most of the time I feel like I'm going to die when I'm finished, I also really, really love it.

Carrie S.

I am almost done with a six month long project--reorganizing my scrap room. Can't wait until I'm finished!

Tami F

I'm petrified of balloons for some reason. I do let my kids have them at parties, but they freak me out. Have no idea why.


I love summer - I really do !!! But I'm over it this year - so OVER it ! I'm sick of the heat, sick of the humidity, sick of living in an air conditioned environment. I can't wait for the temps to cool so that I can be outside without melting, get my jeans out AND open windows !!! And if it could rain for a day that would be great too - I'm reading a GREAT book that I would like to finish.....


I want to go storm-chasing some day - you know, with those crazy guys who get up close to tornadoes? Which is kind of funny, as I hated the movie "The Wizard of Oz" as a kid - I used to have nightmares about my bed whirling away in space.


About me: I teach students with learning and behavior difficulties, and sometimes I'm pretty darn good at it. Also, a bite of Dove Chocolate is the first thing I put in my mouth every morning ;o)

Angie Kyle

I love to organize my scrapbooking stuff, pictures, digital goodies almost as much as actually scrapbooking! I also love disposable everything so I don't have more to, I have a huge stash of disposable bowls, cups, flatware etc. that we use EVERY day then throw away.

Angela H

I decided this year to make as much time for myself as possible. I've made the things I want to do fit into the family schedule and I'm loving being able to workout, read books, scrapbook, chill and watch tv, take a BPS class or whatever I want. I know that Cathy's class is a perfect fit for how I'm living my life this year.


I have recently started breeding chickens and I LOVE it. Weird when my entire life I have avoided living rurally. Who knew that it was the life for me...? Allie

Jean D

I love playing with paper & learning that I can draw (not well but I can).
By the way I think that they are sea gulls that say "Mine" in Nemo - unless the US version is different to Australia's


I'm a Fox News addict. Any time I am at home, I have it on in the background.


I am learning to love trying new things... My newest venture is the back seat of a Harley!!! It's never too late, just sayin':o)

Amy K

I am an organizing fanatic, and love to purchase organizing gadgets for our bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and especially for my office and craftroom.
Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Cathy's awesome class.


I'm feeling very overwhelmed lately and great blogs to read are not helping... :)


I found that's so important to think of myself enough so that I can think and take care of others. It's an often said truth but not easy to live. :) This year I've taken more time for myself, for my workout, reading and crafts and it's so worth it. OK, I admit, sometimes it was quite hard and I was feeling guilty. :) Through Big Picture Scrapbooking I've discovered the "me"-dimension in scrapbooking, I've done more pages about myself and I am very thankful for it! Thank you so much!!!


i love children and honesty and people who are real. i love puppies and fireplaces and blogging and silence. i need to record some things about me. i'd just love to win this coveted spot in cz's class. thanks for the chance to do so:)



I'm Kelly. I graduated for the first time in my life at age 44 this year. I love my job delivering babies at home...most days I'm amazed that I get paid to do this! I've missed scrapbooking at all while I was in school, but am ready to do something awesome with it now...I think I'm a pretty good subject but never seem to manage to get me in the books. Maybe this time!

Karen P

I wanted to marry Atom Ant when I was a kid. Thought he was amazing and handsome. Loved his colors. I've always been boy crazy and had many "interesting" crushes throughout my childhood.

I'll put that in a book about me!

Sue Bone

I'm allergic to chocolate.

Amber Sturgill

I'm a coffee addict and love everything about it. The smell of a fresh opened bag, it brewing, the anticipation of the liquid gold. Ahh, so amazing. Yep I'm weird I know. Thanks so much for the chance with this class.

Lynn M

I LOVE quilting and I cry at the beginning of "Finding Nemo" at the part...well you know, every time. Would love to win a spot in Cathy's class. Thanks for the chance.

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